FM Belfast :: Stripes

One of our favourite Icelandic electronic ensembles as of late, FM Belfast, released new single "Stripes" yesterday, and I am really loving this one. Then again, I've been a fan of pretty much everything these guys do. "Stripes" is the first track of their most recent album I Don't Want To Sleep and in true FM Belfast style, is a slightly quirky, highly enlivening, synth-studded foot-mover. Apparently a music video is coming soon as well, we'll keep you updated, but for now enjoy streaming the track below!

Elsiane :: Mechanics of Emotion

After a 5 year hiatus during which she worked with Bookashade and Cirque du Soleil Montreal trip-hop artist Elsiane is back with second album 'Mechanics of Emotion' being released earlier this month. Her reps sent along first single/video for "Underhelped" which they are giving away as a free download on her bandcamp and I'm digging the sounds. Real dark and eerie with beautiful female vocals will always be my cup of tea. You can check out/buy the rest of the album on iTunes.

Sun Sister :: Rich American White Kidz (EP)

Got sent this great lo-fi EP by Massachusetts band Sun Sister. Real fuzzy, lo-fi shoegaze goodness with great female vocals. They will be releasing a limited 100 tape run of it in the next few days that you can purchase via their bandcamp. In the meantime check out one of my faves "Growing Ur Hair Out" below to see if you like the goods first. 

Police Squad :: Gestalt (EP)

Looking for some good Brit-Pop to wrap your head around? Then be sure to check out Liverpool's Police Squad who contacted us about their debut EP Gestalt which will be seeing the light of day May 14th. In anticipation of the release they are giving away first single "Y.oung D.airy F.armers" and upon first listen I was hooked, great tune that reminds me of the 90's glory days. Dig the lead singer's voice. Check out/download that first single below and stream the rest of the EP on their soundcloud.

Y.oung D.airy F.armers by Police Squad

Junior High :: PSA

San Diego duo Junior High loves all things 80's, the synthesizers, the guitar solos, kinda just like me when I was in Junior High (who am I kidding, I still do). They sent along their latest track "PSA" an homage to the era and I'm digging it. Check it out below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking.

Junior High - PSA by wearesolidgold


Two accomplished guitarists inspired by electronic artists like Alan Brake and Daft Punk? I think we may get along just fine... Check out this sweet track "Lost Souls" sent our way by Dutch duo Sp1ral. If you like what you hear it's free for the taking. Check out more on their soundlcoud.

Lost Souls by Sp1ral

Mental Minority

There's something to be said about submissions that don't say very much, but just let the music do the talking. Like this latest submission "To M.J." a tribute to the amazing 80's icon Michael J. Fox by Germany's Mental Minority. Such an amazing dreamwave tune, I can hear this over and over. Check out the track below, plus another excellent one I spotted on his soundcloud "I Used to Feel Quite Sad at Outdoor Raves". Another feeling I can relate too. If you like what you hear they are both free for the taking. Find more on his soundcloud. Good to have you on our radar MM.

To M. J. by Mental Minority

I used to feel quite sad at outdoor raves by Mental Minority

Notic Nastic

Got sent this sweet electronic dance track "I Don't Wanna Do It Right" by new NYC/Berlin collective Notic Nastic. Funny how trends come back around every decade or so and now would be just about time for an 80's new wave/electroclash type of revival which we are seeing and was pretty big around 2001/2002. Fischerspooner anyone? When the chorus kicks in on this tune it's pretty sweet and their lead singer's got some power behind her. Can't wait to hear the rest of their album 'Fullscreen' which should be out soon. In the meantime check out the track/video for the track below and a couple remixes on their bandcamp.

Montevideo :: Horses

Belgium group Montevideo just finished recording their new album with Joakim (who was just in Miami this past weekend) recorded, engineered and produced it. The album should be seeing the light of day this year. The first single from the album is "Horses" and it is a nice piece of disco dance goodness. Stream the track below and if you like what you hear you can buy it on iTunes.

Montevideo 'Horses' Radio Edit by Smile Recordings

Little Boots :: Every Night I Say A Prayer (Tensnake Remix)

UK artist Little Boots' latest single "Every Night I Say A Prayer", a track done in collaboration with Hercules & Love Affair's Andy Butler, has been taken on by a whole slew of well known remixers on the prior to it's official release this last week. One of the most notable takes on the track is Tensnake's smooth disco rendition. Check it out/pick it up below.

Tiger Waves :: Don't Be Yourself (EP)

Austin band Tiger Waves contacted us with news of their latest EP Don't Be Yourself which they describe as akin to Beach Boys or Phil Spector sound and I think that's right on the money. Great stuff! Check out a couple of my favorite tracks "From the Start" and "I Love You George Harrison" which along with the rest of the EP are all free for the taking! Sweeet! Check out/grab the rest of that EP on their soundcloud or their bandcamp.

From The Start by Tiger Waves
I Love You George Harrison by Tiger Waves

Circle :: The Middle

Got sent the debut studio album 'The Middle' from Sydney trio Circle and I am mightilly impressed! They have a great sound that reminds me a bit of Belle & Sebastian, but with a dancier edge. In other words great stuff! Check out their first single/video for "Fashion Me a Drum" which will give you a good idea to their sound. You can stream the rest of the album on their soundcloud. Glad to have them on our radar.

Circle - Fashion me a Drum by mondayrecords

Teddy's Philly Sound :: Que Tal America

Digging this latin flavored sexy summer disco jam "Que Tal America" sent our way by Teddy's Philly Sound. Matches perfectly with Miami's latin vibe and will have you shaking it in your office or apartment. Check it below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking. Now get to dancing...

Teddy's Philly Sound - Que Tal America FREE Download! by Teddy's Philly Sound

Devin :: Masochist (Video)

"Masochist" by Brooklyn's Devin is as fresh as a slap in a face from start to finish. Makes me want to yell dance around and drop some curse words here and there. The sound is just no fuss straight rock and roll. Reminds me of one of my favorite Brooklyn bands Baby Brother, unapologetically loud, energetic, and too much fun. Devin's debut album "Romancing" came out on April 10th via Frenchkiss records and has been on heavy rotation for me. Check out the video for the first single below.

Walter Sobcek :: Hollywood Cries

Our friends Walter Sobcek have a new dark themed video for their track "Hollywood Cries", the b-side to their last single "Miami" that we posted previously here. Love this track as well! Super smooth and lovely instrumental, Walter can never do wrong by our book.

Walter Sobcek - Hollywood Cries by Walter Sobcek

Posttod :: Moon

Posttod is a Swedish electronic band that recently contacted us with news of their debut EP Moon. It is some lovely stuff! Electronic, atmospheric deliciousness. Best part is they are offering the entire EP as a free downlaod. Gotta love that. Stream the entire thing via their soundcloud player below and if you like what you hear head on over to their site and scoop up the whole thing for free like I did. Been jamming it all day. Enjoy!

Infernal Devices :: A Million Miles Above

NYC electro-pop duo Infernal Devices that we wrote about in 2010 here are back. They are getting ready to release a new 5 track EP A Million Miles Away this coming April the 24th. The first single from the record is called "Life In Stereo" and it is amazing! What a great dance track! Can't wait to play this baby out. Best part is they are offering the track as a free download, which means you guys can jam this baby out as well. Check it/download it below and be on the lookout for that EP. They sent it our way and the whole thing is excellent!

Infernal Devices - Life in Stereo by goldestegg

Levanti :: Spring Break in Bosnia

San Diego producer Levanti contacted us about some of his music and he's got some pretty cool stuff. He employs a bunch of different styles, but in particular I'm digging his latest track "Spring Break in Bosnia" which is more of the nu-disco/indie dance variety. Check out that track below which is free for the taking. Listen to more on his soundcloud

Levanti - Spring Break in Bosnia by Levanti

Reptile Youth

Well its Friday, so thought I'd give you all some new music to get the weekend party started! Really excited about this one actually, because Danish band Reptile Youth, and in particular this new single of theirs "Speed Dance", bring us back to those days several years ago when danceable indie-rock reigned supreme and bands like The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, etc, were on the top of our playlists. Check out this excellent track/vid below plus a remix by Canadian duo My Favorite Robot! A full LP is expected later this year.

Here We Go Magic

Brooklyn Indie pop band Here We Go Magic have just put out this brand new single "How do I Know" which is actually the second single off up coming album A Different Ship due out on May 8. The track, a repetitive and catchy indie pop tune with a dash of that folk rock feel, starts out simply and slowly builds in complexity. Along with next months album release, the band is embarking on a pretty epic Spring/Summer tour schedule that has them bouncing back and forth between Europe and the U.S. Check out the new single below, then check out tour info here.

How Do I Know - Here We Go Magic

Fossil Collective :: Let It Go

UK duo Fossil Collective that we posted about in 2010 here is back. Their debut EP Let It Go is scheduled for release June 11th. The first single they've released from the EP is the title track "Let It Go" and it is a hell of a beautiful track. Gorgeous strumming guitars and lovely melodies. Who can complain about that? In addition to the track they've released a great stop motion video for it that you can check out below. Talented fellows! Can't wait to hear the rest of the EP.

Let It Go by Fossil Collective

The Belligerents :: Infatuation

Got sent this excellent indie pop track "Infatuation" from Brisbane, Australia band The Belligerents. The track harkens back to the days of 90's Brit-Pop. Such an amazing chorus! They just don't make tracks like this much anymore. It is the first single from their upcoming EP She Calls the Shots which will be out in May. The band has been nice enough to let us post the track as a free download for our readers. Pretty psyched about that. Check out/grab that below and we'll be keeping our eyes on these guys who have already opened for a lot of big name acts like Metronomy, Neon Indian and Strange Talk. Keep up the great work guys!

MP3: Infatuation - The Belligerents

Waterlaso :: Heartbreak Celebration

Los Angeles band Waterlaso is back with their 4th album 'Wet' to be released soon. The first single from the record is "Heartbreak Celebration" which they sent our way. A great lo-fi track that they dedicated to John Maus, Ariel Pink, The Bee Gees, Kool & The Gang and George Benson who they cite as influences. Definitely a track that feels out of it's place and time, but sometimes those are the best tracks. Check it out below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking.

"Heartbreak Celebration" - Waterlaso by mountainfighting

Beatrice Eli :: The Conqueror (Video)

Stockholm, Sweden artist Beatrice Eli has a new video for her excellent track "The Conqueror". Digging this track, real dark and lovely. Seems she will be releasing a new single/EP soon. Definitely an artist that sparked our interest. We will be keeping an eye out for her.

Beatrice Eli - The Conqueror by BeatriceEli

Chordashian :: Black Eye + DJ Mix

Got sent this great nu-disco track "Black Eye" and DJ Mix 'Future Filter' by Brooklyn duo Chordashian the other day that left me mightily impressed. I'm always looking for good DJ Mixes to post for you guys and this one is killer! Since it's Friday figured now would be a good time to post this baby up and get you psyched for some weekend dancing. Check out the goods below. Both are free to download. Enjoy and have a great Easter weekend!

Black Eye by Chordashian

Future Filter (The Mixtape) - Chordashian by Chordashian

Drop Out Orchestra :: Psycho Killer (Remix)

Heard my friend Nelson the other day playing this amazing remix by Sweden's Drop Out Orchestra for the classic Talking Heads track "Psycho Killer" that blew me away. Got my attention right away. The bass line is so bad ass and I'm always looking for good remixes of classic tracks to play out. This is one that will definitely be making into my DJ sets. Thought I'd share the goods with our fine readers. Maybe some of you DJ's out there will find the same use for it as I do. Definitely deserving of it. Check it below, if you like what you hear it's free for the taking.

Run Run Run Awaaaaay (Drop Out Orchestra Rework) by Drop Out Orchestra


A couple of weeks ago during WMC I got to meet a certain gentleman by the name of Danilo from Colombia who does a project called Plexo. I got sent his self titled debut album recently and I am liking what I'm hearing. Great dark, electronic mostly instrumental tunes. Best part is he is offering the entire release as a free download via his bandcamp page. Check out a couple of my favorite tracks "Plex" and "Centro" below. If you like what you hear I recommend you head over to his bandcamp and pick up the rest of that. Good stuff.

Medlazik :: Somebody That I Used to Know (Remix)

Can we ever get enough of Gotye's amazing track "Somebody That I Used to Know"? The answer is NO, especially when people are still making some amazing remixes of the track. Like this latest remix by Parisian producer Medlazik that is one of the best I've heard yet. Dark, dancey and delicious. Did I mention it's free? Yep, best grab that sucker.

Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know - (MEDLAZIK Remix) by MEDLAZIK

Humans :: Traps (EP)

Got sent the latest EP Traps by Vancouver duo Humans and I am digging it! Very dancey and at times a bit experimental. Two of my favorite combinations. Check out a couple of my favorite tracks "De Ciel" which is their single and "Possession". In addition to the tracks there is also a remix by Nautiluss for their track "Horizon" that is free for the taking that you can check out here. Listen/buy the entire EP on their bandcamp for $7. Definitely a band worth checking out and getting into. Love their art work/press pics as well.

Goldroom :: Morgan's Bay (Video)

The new video for Goldroom's excellent track "Morgan's Bay" reminds me of only one thing summer, summer, summer time. It's almost that time of year and this video will transport you there now. Enjoy!

Salad :: Dracula Palms (Remix)

Austalian artist/remixer Salad that we've posted about a couple of times before most recently here sent along his latest remix for Dracula Palms track "Pretty Lady" and it's another winner! Great feel good breezy dance remix with some nice synth work. Check it out below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking.

Dracula Palms - Pretty Lady (Salad Remix) by Salad*

Theater of Delays :: Sophie

One of our faves Berlin's Theater of Delays that we've posted a bunch of his amazing remixes (check out his soundcloud here) has a new track out and this time it's his first original track. The track's called "Sophie" and just like all of his stellar remixes this one is top notch as well! When you can do so many amazing remixes it's only natural that it will translate to amazing originals as well. I think you guys are gonna love it. The guys got talent and is very prolific, too very good combinations to have. With no further ado, check out the goods... Did I mention it's a free download?

Theatre Of Delays - Sophie by Theatre Of Delays

Le Youth :: Goldroom (Remix)

Los Angeles DJ/producer/remixer Le Youth sent along his new remix for Goldroom's latest track "Angeles" and we think he did a fabulous job! Great breezy summer feeling remix that has been stuck on repeat at headquarters. Glad to have him on our Radar. Hopefully you guys will too. Check out that remix below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking.

Goldroom - Angeles (Le Youth Remix) by Le Youth

LIGHTS DC :: Tieranniesaur (Remix)

Got sent this excellent remix by Dublin artist/remixer LIGHTS DC for Tieranniesaur's track "In the Sargasso". Such a smooth remix, I can hear this over and over and never get bored. Best part is he's letting us post the remix as a free download for our readers. Score one for the people. Enjoy.

MP3: In The Sargasso (LIGHTS in the Attic Mix) - Tieranniesaur

Mr Little Jeans :: Runaway (Video)

Norwegian born and current LA resident Mr Little Jeans has a new video for her gorgeous single "Runaway" that is as fantastic as the track itself. Immaculate! Check out the goods below and I'm sure you'll become a fan. More, more, give us more...

Runaway by Mr Little Jeans

A Place to Bury Strangers Return!

One of our faves Brooklyn, NYC trio A Place to Bury Strangers are back with a new album 'Worship' scheduled for release in June. The first taste of the new album is first single "You Are the One" which pretty much blew me away. Amazing dark psychedelic rock track that definitely got me excited for the new album. Check it out below and see if you agree. Best part is the track is a free download! Thanks guys, I hope June comes quick because I will playing this one incessantly till then.

A Place To Bury Strangers - "You Are The One" by Dead Oceans

Marina & the Diamonds :: Primadonna (BURNS Remix)

British DJ/Producer BURNS has manipulated the lovely Welsh popstar Marina & the Diamonds' latest "Primadonna" into an epic, pulsing electro dance-floor killer. The original of the single officially drops on the 16th of this month, with her new album titled Electra Heart to follow soon after on the 30th. See the video below the remix if you want to hear the original track.