Leitbur :: Think of Tomorrow

You know a lot of times we get emails for bands/artists with their PR people comparing them to other bands or artists and most of the times I don't see the comparisons and/or they are not nearly as good as the bands they are comparing them too. Los Angeles artist Leitbur is an exception to the rule. His reps compared him to a mixture of M83, Animal Collective and Postal Service. Listening to title track "Think of Tomorrow" from their forthcoming EP of the same name I can totally see the comparisons (particularly M83 and Animal Collective) and am mightilly impressed! The track's a sweeping reverb drenched 80's influenced delight. Real good stuff!

Check out the track below as well as a video clip for it. You can sample the rest of the EP which will be out June 26th on his soundcloud here. Glad to have this talented fellow on our Radar.

Leitbur - Think of Tomorrow [PREVIEW - EP out JUNE 26] by Leitbur

Mighty Mouse :: Prince "Controversy" Re-Edit

London artist Mighty Mouse sent us this sweet re-edit of the Prince classic "Controversy" that I play from time to time in my DJ Sets. Always looking for good remixes of classic tracks to play out and this is one of them. Thought I'd share with you fine folks. If you like what you hear it's free for the taking.

Prince - Controversy (Mighty Mouse Re-Edit) by Mighty Mouse

Tesla Boy :: Fantasy

I'm a sucker for 80's new wave sounds. Good thing there's been a revival of that lately. Cue Moscow, Russia artist Tesla Boy and his excellent new track "Fantasy". Choice tune that totally has that 80's synth vibe that I dig so much. His reps are working on some shows for him in NYC & LA for the summer. So be on the lookout for those if you live in those areas. For now check out the stream of the track below and if you like what you hear it can be purchased on iTunes for .99. A bargain I say.

Fantasy by Tesla Boy (Official)

Yan Wagner :: Forty Eight Hours

Got sent this really cool video by Parisian artist Yan Wagner for his new track "Forty Eight Hours" from his upcoming debut EP of the same name which will be released June 4th. Real cool track! Love his deep voice, kinda a sucker for that. Check it out below, his debut album should be seeing the light of day later in the year in October as well.

Mirror City :: Someone to Count On

Not really sure exactly where Mirror City is from minus a general UK listing posted on their soundcloud, but one thing's for sure, their music is top notch. "Someone to Count On" is a great instrumental dance track with great synths that should work wonders on a dance floor near you, peak time preferably. Check out the track below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking.

Mirror City - Someone To Count On by Mirror City

James & Evander :: Bummer Pop

The ironic thing about Oakland, California electro-pop duo James & Evander's new album title is that the music is anything, but a bummer. Their new album 'Bummer Pop' which was just released the 15th of May does have that melancholia which I can see why they chose the name, but melancholia has always been my thing, can probably thank Morrissey for that one. If pretty lo-fi electro-pop is your thing chances are this will be right up your alley. Stream the entire record below via their soundcloud and they have been kind enough to let us post album opener "Ambigamy" as a free download for our readers. Who loves ya?!?!! Enjoy and have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone!

MP3: Ambigamy - James & Evander

JAMES & EVANDER - Bummer Pop by velvetblue

Lindbergh Palace :: Days Don't Fade (Johan Agebjorn & Le Prix Remix)

Speaking of Norway we have a neighbor, Sweden's Johan Agebjorn that we've posted about many times before who sent us another amazing remix. This time it's for Brooklyn band Lindbergh Palace's track "Day's Don't Fade" that he did with frequent collaborator Le Prix. I'm not sure what the original track sounds like, but this remix is gorgeous stuff! You can never go wrong with Johan. Dude's a genious. Check it out below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking.

MP3: Days Don't Fade (Johan Agebjorn & Le Prix Remix) - Lindbergh Palace

Amish 82 :: Even Stardom ft Anana

If you check out OTR regularly you know how much we love Norwegian pop. They just get it like no other area when it comes to beautiful pop music. We got another one for you by way of Norwegian trio Amish 82. They have a new album out today called 'So We Must Meet Apart'. The first single from the record is this lovely electro-pop gem "Even Stardom" ft guest vocals by Anana. Real pretty track that I'm sure you guys are gonna dig. Best part is they are allowing us to post the track as a free download for our readers! Yay! Check it below and if you dig it I'd look into getting the rest of that album.

MP3: Even Stardom ft Anana - Amish 82

Rebel EP Release Party Friday (5/25) @ The Vagabond

Miami indie rock oufit/friends Rebel that we've written about a few times before (check out their Karate Kid inspired video for "Warning Signs" here) are getting ready to release their new EP Locations and are gonna be celebrating the release with a Live Performance tomorrow (5/25) at The Vagabond with Boxwood. Check out the Facebook invite here. They have been kind enough to send over the opening track from the EP "Time" for our readers to check out/download and get you psyched for the gig. Real cool dark brooding rock track. Possibly the best track I've heard from them yet, which means the boys are only getting better. Can't wait to check out the rest of that EP and their set tomorrow. For now wrap your heads around "Time".

MP3: Time - Rebel

Blood Orange :: Sorry We Lied (Video)

UK born New Yorker Blood Orange premiered his brand new video for "Sorry We Lied" today on The video is a bleak, awesome and epic short film that makes the perfect back drop for this dark 80's pop inspired track. I've really been getting into Blood Orange's stuff lately, and this is a prime example why.

Blood Orange: I'm Sorry We Lied on

Lemonade :: Neptune (Video)

Lemonade, who we posted about two years ago here, will be putting out their new album Diver in six days (5/29). As an appetizer, they have released this new video for the album's slow and sensual second track "Neptune". Also, they've offered the albums closing track "Soft Kiss" as a free download, so be sure an pick that up below as well!

Paradis :: Hémisphère

French electronic pop duo Paradis released a pair of soothingly formulated tracks today, "Hémisphère" and "Je m'ennuie". This is their follow up to the debut last fall on Beats In Space. The A-Side, "Hémisphère", wraps mesmerizing pop melodies around a smooth driven bassline to deliver you quite the love story. Treat yourself to this one.

Trails and Ways :: Tereza

Oakland, California band Trails and Ways sent us their new single "Tereza" which is their first offering from their upcoming album 'Trilingual' that will feature vocals in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Digging this first single! Real dream poppy with pretty female vocals. Check it out below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking. They also did a cool almost unrecognizable cover of M83's big hit "Midnight City" that you can check out/dl below as well. Enjoy!


Midnight City (M83 Cover) by TRAILS AND WAYS

Stroik :: In the Fresh

Not many social networks out there for North Carolina artist Stroik. In fact his website is just a picture of him that clicks to his video for his track "In the Fresh". Good thing that track is pretty amazing. Check out the video below and hopefully he gives us more soon. He does have a bio page here that goes into a little more depth if you'd like to find out more.

Fairchild Republic :: Arcadia

Got sent this really cool stop motion video by Australian indie rock band Fairchild Republic for their latest single "Arcadia". Hard to find good indie rock these days. Good to have these guys on our radar. Check it...

Fairchild Republic - Arcadia by Fairchild Republic

SLAP & TICKLE, Tues May 22nd @ Electric Pickle :: Jose De Las Casas

Tuesday SLAP & TICKLE is back at The Electric Pickle and as always, FREE! Jose De Las Casas will be joining Troy Kurtz, Santiago Caballero and Pirate Stereo upstairs, taking you dark and deep into the night. Last Tuesday was an amazing turnout with a great vibe, and listening to some of Jose's stuff on his SoundCloud we're certain this week will be the same. Till tomorrow night, we leave you with this mix he did live at the Wine Vault a few months ago.

Sharkoffs :: Club Cinema LIVE Set

Driving up to Club Cinema last week was a highlight of ours. Electro-House producer/DJ Sharkoffs, a South Florida native was set to open up for Steve Aoki. Thinking we were prepared for the madness was a mistake, just after Sharkoffs took over, around 11pm pure insanity broke loose amongst 2,500 of some of the most energetic people we've ever seen on a Tuesday! Chalked full of a diverse assortment of heart-pumping tracks, his selection impressed us and kept the entire crowd in a feeding frenzy for what was coming next. Perfect for getting ready to go out, this live mix is sure to make some waves for this 19 year old. Definitely giving his all to entertain and energize, we were overwhelmed with the ride Shakoffs took us on for the hour, and did not stay for Aoki (reason: being completely content). If this hour long wickedness doesn't satisfy your appetite, check out Sharkoffs SoundCloud.

Brass Knuckles :: Live @ Amnesia Saturday, May 19

This Saturday we are finally going to Amnesia! We're extremely excited we waited, as now we'll be introduced to the venue by the kinetic sounds of South Florida's Brass Knuckles, who will be playing alongside Joachim Garraud. We continue to be very impressed with Brass Knuckles, and consistently use them as an example when mentioning the evolution of emerging artists and EDM acts over a short period of time. After seeing these guys in an array of venues, Miami get ready, because this dynamic trio will be sure to keep you from dwelling on your responsibilities for the week to come. New original tracks from Brass Knuckles are due for release over the next few months, as well as a summer tour through Asia (see dates below). See you Saturday evening.

Summer 2012 Asia Tour Dates ::

June 7   @ Mint, Shanghai
June 15 @ Spark, Beijing
June 16 @ Republiq, Manila
June 21 @ Play, Hong Kong
June 23 @ Mink, Singapore

Andrew Ward :: Slap & Tickle LIVE @ The Electric Pickle

If you weren't at The Electric Pickle this past Tuesday for Slap & Tickle, this live set from Andrew Ward is surely going to make you wonder where you'll be this Tuesday evening. Perfect for the weekend, the impeccable track selection and outstanding continuity will have you at full throttle. No tracklist available, so we're all going to have to work together to uncover some of the gems in this one! Have a fantastic weekend and enjoy!

Van She :: Idea Of Happiness (SebastiAn Remix)


Finally, Van She returns! It's been 3 years since their last Ze Vemixes EP and I'm pretty stoked to see what they've got up their sleeves. This is the first track from their new album, coming out on Modular July 6th (Aus), 9th (EU/UK) and the 10th (USA). The SebastiAn Remix was definitely the bread winner for me. I also included the very interesting video directed by Andreas Nilsson.

Ruby Frost :: Water to Ice

What are the odds that we'd do back to back posts on New Zealand artists? Probably not that likely, but as I was setting up this latest post for Ruby Frost that's what I noticed. We previously wrote about Ruby last year here. Her new single/video for her track "Water to Ice" is pretty sweet anthemic type of jam. Check those out below, plus a remix of the track by Golden Age. Both free for the taking. Her debut album 'Volition' is scheduled for release in the next few months. Be on the lookout.

Water to Ice by pieinthesky

Water to Ice (Golden Age Remix) by pieinthesky

Zowie :: My Calculator (Video)

New Zealand electro-pop artist Zowie that we posted her new single "My Calculator" previously here just made a new video for the track that you can check out below. Real colorful poppy affair. This track totally reminds me of early 2000's electroclash, even has that trademark simple hand clap. Real stylish girl. Her debut album 'Love Demolition' is out now in New Zealand. Not sure when it'll be out for the rest of us, hopefully soon.


This Tuesday May 15th SLAP & TICKLE is back at The Electric Pickle, and as always FREE! Andrew Ward will be joining Troy Kurtz, Santiago Caballero and Pirate Stereo upstairs, taking you dark and deep into the night. We're anticipating a handful of fresh new tracks and mixes from Andrew Ward this summer, here's his soundcloud where you can keep yourself updated of all his material. Till tomorrow night, we leave you with this WMC mix he did for Off the Radar a few months ago in case you missed it.

Remixes :: Flight Facilites With You feat. Grovesnor

Remixes are in to Flight Facilites new track With You feat. Grovesnor (Hot Chip's drummer), posted about here. Miami's Danny Daze's 5am Mix is leading the way for me, though MAM's and David August's remixes are outstanding, as is Flight Facilites Extended Mix of the track. Enjoy!

Grimes :: Night Music (Video)

Canadians are weird. I can say that because I happen to be one. But lets take for example Montreal's Grimes' recent video for her track "Night Music". It is a heaping helping of all around strangeness from the track itself, in all its otherworldly, abstract electronic glory, to the dark, surreal and enchanting video. What do you all think?

Flight Facilites :: With You feat. Grovesnor

Here it is! I figured one of the most anticipated releases of the year was as good as time any to come back from my hiatus, sorry I've been lost. Flight Facilities is here with their 3rd hit, With You feat. Grovesnor. After seeing them live with Jess in March for conference, I witnessed first hand the raw talent that these two Australians have, as well as the boundless amounts of energy and joy that radiates from them to the audience. This one is a summer smash. Be back tomorrow with remixes from Miami's Danny Daze, Berlin's David August and perhaps others!

Goldroom :: Fifteen

LA's Goldroom that we've written about many times has a sweet new single that he just released yesterday called "Fifteen". Great little down-tempo electro-pop track with guest vocals by Chela that already has over 24K plays in one day?! Pretty amazing. Check it out below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking on their soundcloud

Goldroom - Fifteen (ft Chela) by Goldroom

Le Youth :: Dance With Me

Since we're on the subject of Goldroom thought I'd post this new track "Dance With Me" by LA's Le Youth who we previously posted a great remix he did for Goldroom's track "Angeles" here. This new original track is super nu-disco goodness with some slight hip hop elements that I can't wait to play in my DJ Sets. You can get the track for free just by liking his facebook page. Not a bad deal. Check it...

Le Youth - Dance With Me by Le Youth

We Can't Enjoy Ourselves :: Devil in the Old Folks Home

Brooklyn indie band We Can't Enjoy Ourselves that we posted about last year here are back! They are getting ready to release new album 'Make a Mess of Sacred Ground' later this year (check out album art above). The first taste of the new album is first single "Devil in the Old Folks Home" and just as everything I've heard from them it is top notch! Super poppy brit-pop sounding track that has been stuck on repeat. Why music like this isn't mainstream versus what is, I will never know. The band has been nice enough to let us post the single as a free download for our readers. Happy us! Grab that sucker below and be on the lookout for that album when it's released, it's bound to be glorious.

MP3: Devil in the Old Folks Home - We Can't Enjoy Ourselves

The Red Channels :: Blinded by The Sound (EP)

Got sent this lovely EP Blinded by The Sound by new Miami duo The Red Channels. Real smooth lo-fi dreamwave goodness that they are giving away for free on their soundcloud. Gotta love that! Check out a couple of my favorite tracks "Lincoln Road" (one of my favorite spots on the beach) and EP opener "Mine". Those two should give you a good idea of their sound. Also be sure to check out the lovely instrumental nugget the EP title track "Blinded by The Sound". Good to have these guys on our radar and representing our lovely city with such pretty tunes.

Electric Guest :: Mondo

Obsession has struck me again in the form of the Dangermouse produced duo Electric Guest. The brainchild Asa Taccone, a bay area Los Angeles transplant, had been working on the album for years finally dropped the L.P. "Mondo" at the end of April after teaming up with Matthew Compton. I have been rocking it non stop. From the soulful slow burn first track "Holes" all the way through, this debut is stunning. A blend of pop, rock, and R&B so perfect that it reminds me of early Michael Jackson. Kudos Dangermouse, you know how to pick and perfect 'em.

Mickey :: In the Mix #3 (DJ Mix)

Since it's Friday I figured I'd leave you guys with a DJ Mix to get you psyched for some weekend dancing. This week we have Belgian producer Mickey who's new DJ Mix In the Mix #3 is pretty top notch nu-disco heaven. A very smooth affair, that definitely gets me in a dancing mood. Check it below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking. The tracklisting's up on his soundcloud. Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone!

Mickey 'In the Mix' #3 by Mickey

The Lovely Few :: The Orionids

Got sent this gorgeous EP The Orionids by South Carolina indie pop outfit The Lovely Few. It's the second in a series called 'The Meteor Series' dedicated to meteor showers. Subtle, pretty electronic pop that should appeal to fans of bands like Postal Service, Lali Puna or The Go Find. Loving this! Best part is they are giving away the entire EP for free on their bandcamp page. Check out a couple of my favorites "Orion" and "Sci-Fi Novels" then go pick up the EP. You won't be disappointed. Happy to have these guys on our radar.

Gottfried Beyer :: Uhura

Dublin, Ireland producer Gottfried Beyer that we posted about his excellent remix for Charlotte Gainsbourg's "Paradisco" here is back with new single "Uhura". It's his first original track in a year and it is ace! Solid sounding electronic dance jam that is an homage to the 80's synth sounds and Pat Benatar. Can't go wrong with that. Check it out below and if you like what you hear it's a free for the taking. Best download that sucker!

Uhura by Gottfried Beyer

Drunk Robots :: We Are the Drunk Robots

Not sure where Drunk Robots are from (probably the future), but one thing's for sure, they are amazing! Electronic, experimental even industrial elements provide for a pretty amazing futuristic soundscape in their album 'We Are the Drunk Robots'. Check out a couple of my favorite tracks "Next Train in 4 Minutes" and "Assembly Line" below. If you like these chances are you will dig the whole record which you can check out/buy on their bandcamp page. Obviously drinking helps these bots a whole lot. Enjoy!

Warrior ft Kimbra, Mark Foster & A-Trak

Converse is at it again! Back in February they released the great Gorillaz track "Do Ya Thing" ft James Murphy and Andre 3000 as part of their campaign that we posted here. Well this month they put together another great collaboration featuring one of my current obsessions Kimbra with Mark Foster and A-Trak for the track "Warrior" and it is the jam! Accompanying the track is this great wrestling video for it that is pretty amazing. Check those out below and if you like what you hear you can grab the mp3 on the Converse site for free. Thanks for the shoes and now the music Converse. Someone up there knows what's up.

MP3: Warrior - Ft Kimbra, Mark Foster & A-Trak

Metric :: Youth Without Youth

Metric is back!! Their new album 'Synthetica' is scheduled for release June 12th. The first taste of the new album is first single "Youth Without Youth" and just like almost everything I've ever heard from them it is top notch! Can't wait to hear the rest of the album. For now this first single will have to suffice. There's also a little commentary from the sexy Emily Haines herself on this soundcloud as well. Enjoy!

Youth Without Youth by Metric

My Tiger My Timing :: Celeste

London indie pop band My Tiger My Timing that Mike has written about several times last time back in 2009 here are getting ready to release new album 'Celeste' in July. The first taste of the new record is opening track "Wasteland" which is a sweet little pop tune that you can stream below via the band's soundcloud.   

Wasteland by mytigermytiming

Sensual Harrassment :: Strangers (Remix)

Brooklyn band Sensual Harrassment has some time on their hands as they wait for the mastering for their forthcoming album to arrive so they decided to tackle some remixes. The first one they sent our way was for UK band Strangers track "Shine on You" and they did a fabulous job. Turning the original into a synth laden dance floor stomper. Check that out below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking. We'll be keeping an eye out for these fellows. As should you, as should you.

Shine On You (Sensual Harassment Remix) by [STRANGERS]

Modernage :: Live @ Bardot (Friday, May 4th)

Miami indie veterans Modernage have been laying low for quite some time. This Friday, May the 4th they will be making a return to the live arena with a show at Bardot. To get you guys excited for the gig they have recorded an exclusive acoustic version of their track "Unrest" which they will be performing with full band Friday, specifically for OTR and our readers. Check that out below then be sure to make a stop Friday and support these super cool hombres. I still remember when they opened for The Walkmen, Elefant, Bloc Party and many others. Do you? Rock on brothers...