Dragonette :: Rocket Ship

Care for some new Dragonette? Yeah I figured you probably wouldn't mind. Here's her new single "Rocket Ship" from her upcoming album 'Bodyparts' which will be released September 25th. It's just as catchy as anything I've heard from her and you can bet there will be tons of amazing remixes coming out for this and all her singles. Her voice just lends itself to those. Anyways if you like the track she's giving it away as a free download. Thank you Dragonette!

Dragonette - Rocket Ship by Dragonette

The Presets :: Youth in Trouble (Video)

4 years is a long time to go without new music by Australian duo The Presets, but that's exactly how long it's been. Well the wait is over as yesterday they released their new video for first single "Youth in Trouble" from their upcoming album 'Pacifica' being released September 14th. This new track seems a bit more subdued, with less vocals and ravier than their previous releases. We shall see if this is the general direction they are going in or if it's just this track. For now, enjoy the goods!

Diamond Rings :: I'm Just Me

Diamond Rings has come a long way since we first posted about him back in 2010 here. Pitchfork was tweeting about him the other day and even saw an advertisement on the side bar of Facebook. Check out his new single/video for "I'm Just Me" from his upcoming album below. It's a flashy laser light show extravaganza.

Diamond Rings - I'm Just Me by diamondrings

Poolside :: Slow Down

LA duo Poolside that gave us the amazing track "Do You Believe" are getting ready to release their debut album 'Pacific Standard Time' July 9th. The first taste of their new record is first single "Slow Down" which as the name implies sees them slowing down the tempo and imploring us to take it easy. Another great chill track from this duo that I caught opening for The Rapture on their last tour. Their new album has got some early love by the likes of James Murphy, Aeroplane and The Magician who called it "one of the best of 2012". The Magician knows his stuff, so it must be good! Can't wait to check out the rest of the album. For now check out "Slow Down" which they are offering as a free download and the video for the track which sees the duo taking it easy by a pool. As all of us should be doing around this time of the year.

Poolside - Slow Down by Poolside Music

Da Chick :: Cocktail

Got sent this great little funky nu-disco jam "Cocktail" by Portugal artist Da Chick. It's off her new maxi single 'Curly Mess'. Just by watching her video I can tell this is one colorful charismatic lady who is well on her way. Already getting praise from Aeroplane and Demetri from Paris this is one track that will surely get you shaking it on the dance floor. Check out the goods below and if you like what you hear you can buy the track, plus a couple other originals on iTunes.

Da Chick - Cocktail (Original Mix) by Discotexas

Rebecca & Fiona :: Bullets (Video)

I love me some Swedish electro-pop, especially when it's two lovely ladies behind the mics. Check out Rebecca & Fiona's latest video for their new single "Bullets". Jumping around in a bathtub/hotel room in their underwear. You know, normal everyday type of stuff haha, but seriously it's a great tune! It's from their upcoming US debut album 'I Love You, Man' scheduled for release July 10th on Ultra Records.

Rebecca & Fiona - Bullets by Rebecca & Fiona

Yeti Lane :: Warning Sensations

You know sometimes it can be hard to describe a band/artists genre's. A good example would be Paris duo Yeti Lane. They have a new single/video for their track "Warning Sensations" from their new album 'The Echo Show'. Not sure exactly what genre it would be (electronic? experimental?), one thing's for sure, it is good stuff! Loving this track! It kind of reminds me of Grandaddy. Wondering what the rest of that record sounds like. Might have to investigate further. For now check out their latest single/video and maybe it will spark your curiosity as well.


The Mystic Underground :: Remember Me

The Mystic Underground are a Brooklyn, NYC electronic duo. Recently they sent us their latest single "Remember Me" from their upcoming EP Dreamers and Lovers coming out in August. Digging the track! Their sound reminds me of a cross between TV on the Radio and Twin Shadow and should appeal to fans of both those bands. Check out the track/video below and if you like what you hear you can download the track for free simply by liking their Facebook page here. Sounds like a deal to me.

The Mystic Underground - Remember Me by TheMysticUnderground

Oli Chang :: Maaam

NYC's Oli Chang from the band High Highs that we posted about previously here sent us his latest track "Maaam" and it is one gorgeous track! Electro-pop dreamy deliciousness that has been stuck on repeat. Check out the track below and if you like what you hear he is offering it as a free download. Now it'd be outright dumb not to scoop that baby up. Enjoy and keep up the great work Oli!

P.S. his band High Highs recently signed to Elton John's management label Rocket Music and are gearing up to release their debut record in the coming months. Keep an eye out for that.

Maaam by olichang

Erika Spring :: Hidden

Erika Spring singer/keyboardist from Au Revoir Simone has a new solo side project. Her self titled debut EP is set for release July 10th on Cascine. The first taste from the EP is first single "Hidden" and it is a pretty little indie pop number. I have no doubt the rest of the EP will be just as special. Definitely something to hold us off until their return and who knows, she could take off even further than they did. Crazier things have been known to happen. Check out the track below which she is offering as a free download.

RAC :: Hollywood ft Penguin Prison

RAC & Penguin Prison working together??? Hell yes! The RAC video for their latest track "Hollywood" featuring one of our faves Penguin Prison caught my attention when I saw them post it on their Facebook over the weekend. I had a hangover, but this video/track made me forget all about it. Such a feel good summer jam. When the vocals kick in around the .48 second mark I was transported to a tropical beach with a cold drink in my hand. Maybe it'll do the same for you. If the video's not good enough how about getting the track for free, plus a remix by The Magician? Yep, today just got a whole lot better.

Santigold :: The Keepers (The Knocks Remix)

This is what I'm talking about! NYC electro/dance duo The Knocks have put out some fabulous works before, but I think they've outdone themselves with this brand new take on Santigold's latest single "The Keepers". An absolutely brilliant remix harkening back to those glory days of smokey club back rooms at 3am when the DJ throws on an electro banger that kicks that Miller High Life fueled party energy into top gear! Ah, wait, we're still in those glory days! So pick the track up below (free download!) as it's an essential for that Party-All-Night playlist.

White Light Parade :: Want You To Know

Got sent this great new indie rock track "Want You To Know" by Bradford, UK band White Light Parade. Not too many great indie rock bands or tracks being put out these days with the proliferation of electronic music, but this one is pretty sweet. The track is scheduled for release July 2nd. Check out the video for the track below, plus an excellent remix of the track by Is Tropical that they are offering as a free download! Thank you very much. Enjoy!

White Light Parade - Want You To Know (IS TROPICAL RMX) by White Light Parade

Twin Shadow :: Five Seconds (Video)

A few days ago indie-pop artist Twin Shadow released this great new video for his latest single "Five Seconds" from forthcoming album Confess, set to drop July 11. The video appears to be the first installment of what seems to be an epic series of videos from the album, so we'll be sure and keep you updated there. Check out the video below, and if you don't already have the track, pick that up below as well!

Clancy :: Lightbox

London artist Clancy that we've written about a couple of times before most recently in March here sent us his new single "Lightbox" and just like everything I've heard from him it's another quality electronic dance tune. Check it out below and if you like what you hear it's available for purchase on iTunes. New singles/remixes in the works.

Clancy - Lightbox by Clancymusic

Boz Boorer :: Slippery Forces

Any Morrissey fan should be familiar with the name Boz Boorer. One of Morrissey's main song writing partners for the last couple decades who along with Alain Whyte are responsible for most of the classic Morrissey tracks we all know and love. For me particularly the albums 'Your Arsenal' and 'Vauxhall & I' which are two of my fave Morrissey solo records in which he was a big part of. Fast forward to 2012 and Boz has a new solo single "Slippery Forces" which in addition to writing the track also handles vocal duties and lo and behold it's pretty good stuff, but I am biased as to me he is a living legend just like the Moz man himself. His upcoming album 'Some of the Parts' is scheduled for release later in the year.

Check out the video for "Slippery Forces" which has him playing multiple roles, plus a remix by Konsorten TM. If you like what you hear you can check out/buy the release with additional remixes on iTunes here.

BOZ BOORER - Slippery Forces (Konsorten TM Remix) by Fabrique Records

Sacred Caves :: On The Outside

Looking for a good indie pop jam to wrap your head around? Then check out this great little indie jam sent our way "On The Outside" by California duo Sacred Caves. It's from their upcoming EP Sanctuarium being released July 31st. Great layered indie pop track that I can hear over and over. Got me curious to hear what else they may have up their sleeves. One thing's for sure, things are looking promising. Check out the track below and if you like what you hear they are offering the track as a free download! Best grab that bad boy.

On The Outside by sacredcaves

Dublin Aunts :: Heartbreak Reputation

Got sent this great new maxi single "Heartbreak Reputation" by Melbourne, Australia band Dublin Aunts. Great little housey/disco track that is my favorite kind of tempo, mid-tempo. Perfect for starting up or winding down rooms in the business I'm in of DJ'in. Thought I'd share the goods with our amazing readers. Included in the release are a bunch of great remixes by the likes of Drop Out Orchestra, Flash Mode & DJ Agent 86 which is being offered as a free download. Check out those remixes on their soundcloud. Below is the original and that freebie for ya. Enjoy!

Dublin Aunts - Heartbreak Reputation (Original Mix) by Lightspeed Recordings

Goldroom :: Verano Mix (DJ Set)

Summer is here and with it comes some sweet DJ mixes like this latest by one of our faves LA's Goldroom. This guy has impeccable taste in music, love all his DJ mixes and this one is no different. Excellent stuff! Been jamming it all day. Check it out below and if you like what you hear you can download it for free on his facebook page here. You can get the tracklisting on his soundlcoud. Now get to grooving. Enjoy!

Goldroom - Verano Mix 2012 by Goldroom

Compuphonic feat. Marques Toliver :: Sunset

At last a new original by the Belgian producer Compuphonic! This new track called Sunset featuring Marques Toliver will certainty guide us straight out on the boat and to the beach for the rest of the summer especially with a remix like the one DJ T. did for this summer gem. I'm also adding another track by Compuphonic that I've been following for a few months now called My House My School, out on beatport here. AND including his Goyte "Somebody I Used To Know" remix, of which he was one of the first in the world to add his touch to. It is personally my favorite of ALL the Gotye remixes, and is free for the taking. Get down!

DIGITALISM :: New Remix & DJ Set @ Grand Central 6.16

Here is Digitalism's new remix to Stimming's Funkworm. Just up on SoundCloud and just in time for their show in Miami tonight! Also included is an exclusive new track called Simply Dead, out soon on the German electro house duo's upcoming DJ Kicks album. See you all tonight!


Wild Nothing :: Shadow

Indie dream-pop band Wild Nothing, who's music I have been a huge fan of for a while now, recently dropped this new single "Shadow" from their upcoming LP Nocturne due out August 27. The track falls in line with the super chill dreamy rock they've come to be known for, and is ideal for these lazy summer days. Check it out below.

Lifelike :: June Mixtape (DJ Mix)

One of our favorite artists Lifelike just released a brand new DJ Mix for June and just like everything this man touches it is gold! Another fine DJ Mix that I will be listening to incessantly. Since it's Friday I figured today would be the perfect time to post this baby up. Get you guys in the mood for some weekend dancing. Great way to burn off calories you know. If you like what you hear it's a free download. Best grab that sucker! You can get the tracklisting on his soundcloud. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

LIFELIKE - DJ Set - June 2012 by LIFELIKE

Geoffrey O'Connor :: Proud (Video / Remix)

Austalian artist Geoffrey O'Connor who's amazing track "Whatever Leads Me To You" made it onto our top singles of 2011 (check out the post here) is back with new single "Proud". Another fine track! Really love his voice! Can't get enough of it. Check out his new video for it below, plus a remix by Broadway Sounds that is pretty sweet and totally free for the taking. Keep'em coming Geoffrey, keep'em coming...

Geoffrey OConnor - Proud (Broadway Sounds Reboot) by Geoffrey O'Connor

Peter & The Magician :: Memory


Today Peter a.k.a. Yuksek & The Magician smacked us with a phenomenal new track called "Memory". You can expect a release July 9th on Kitsuné Music with a club version and 3 remixes from Le Crayon, NSFW and Pointdexter.

Swimming :: All Things Made New (Stand)

Nottingham, UK band Swimming that we've posted a couple times before most recently last year here are back with a new double a-side single "All Things Made New (Stand)"/"I Do (Come True)" that was just released June 11th. Both tracks are from their latest album 'Ecstatics International' (see art above). Digging the tunes particularly "All Things Made New (Stand)" and their trippy video for it. Check those out below, hear the other track here.

01 All Things Made New (Stand) by Partisan PR

Metric :: Youth Without Youth (Video)

Hey look it's the new Metric video for "Youth Without Youth" from their new album 'Synthetica' out now. Love them! Will you marry me Emily Haines? They'll be playing in Miami at The Fillmore on September 28th. M83 two days before! That's gonna be a great week! We will be doing tix giveaways for those shows as the dates gets closer. Downloading the album now...


How this Australian 3-piece slipped my radar for the last couple of years I won't ever know (sidenote: they were in my iTunes already). Not wanting to contemplate it much, just going to let the flood gates to their dirty dreamy electro/rock open. Art vs. Science is LIVE at Bardot (Miami) tonight, and there couldn't be a more intimately intense place to catch their live show. After seeing them at Bonnaroo this past weekend I can surely say this band has taken "having great energy" to new levels. Even though listening to their tracks on whatever outstanding equipment you may use still gives you a charge, you won't grasp full appreciation for these guys until you see them live in their silver metallic moon suits. This afternoon we'll be giving away 2 tickets to Art vs. Science's show tonight on OTR's facebook, otherwise you can get your tickets here if you're in Miami tonight.

SOLDOUT :: Wazabi

SOLDOUT is an electronic pop duo from Brussels, Belgium. Recently they sent us their latest track/video for "Wazabi" and it's good stuff! Think you guys are gonna dig it. Check it out below and if you like what you hear you can buy the track on iTunes. A full album is in the works for release later in the fall. Be on the lookout.

SOLDOUT - Wazabi (Edit) by SOLDOUT

SirAiva :: Miss Tery ft Laura

Sir Aiva (aka Pedro Saraiva) is an artist/producer based in Porto, Portugal. Recently he sent us his first original track "Miss Tery" ft Laura and we're digging what we're hearing. It has a funny little opening and then settles into a great little housey/nu-disco number perfect for your summer soundtrack. Check it out below. If you wanna hear more, check out his soundcloud.

SirAiva Feat. Laura - Miss Tery (Original Mix) by SirAiva

Mighty Mouse :: June Mixtape

Mighty Mouse who sent his his great re-edit of the classic Prince track "Controversy" that we posted here sent us his latest June DJ Mix and it's pretty sweet. A great housey/disco mix that will surely help get you through your work week and right into your weekend. Test her out for size below. If you like what you hear it's free to download.

Mighty Mouse June 2012 Mixtape by Mighty Mouse


1. Mighty Mouse - Kids In Space
2. Toxez - Boring Bar (Serj V Remix)
3. Danism - Love The Way (Crazy P Remix)
4. Different Points - Got What You Need (Original Mix)
5. Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge - It's All Right (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
6. Scandal - Just Let Me Dance (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
7. feat. Daniel Wilde - Mind Your Head (Original Mix)
8. Glass Diamond - Girls & Boys (E-Street Dub Mix)
9. Province - Take It Easy (Original Mix)
10. RAC feat. Penguin Prison - Hollywood (The Magician Remix)
11. Hervé feat. Ronika - How Can I Live Without Your (Make It Right) (Mighty 12. Mouse Remix)
13. Mighty Mouse - Electric Moonshine
14. Uner - Bassboot
15. Tonyboy - Do It (Original Mix)

Spiritualized :: Sweet Heart Sweet Light

In keeping with the soulful theme of Soulsavers I wanted to post about another great album that came out recently Spiritualized latest 'Sweet Heart Sweet Light'. The amazing Jason Pierce has another winner on his hand. First single "Hey Jane" is pretty upbeat and dancey, prob the happiest I've heard him in a long time. For me Spiritualized is an acquired taste, I kinda have to be in the right mood to enjoy him and it seems like this one came out at the right time as I'm really digging it.

Check out a couple tracks from the record first single "Hey Jane" and "Little Girl" below, but it was hard to choose cause there's a bunch of great ones. "Too Late", "I Am What I Am" and "Mary" are also top notch. An album best heard in it's entirety really. If you like what you hear you can buy the whole thing on Amazon for $5. A bargain I say. 

Spiritualized, "Hey Jane" by selftitledmag

Soulsavers ft Dave Gahan :: The Light The Dead See

The new Soulsavers album 'The Light The Dead See' was recently released and it features one of my all time favorites Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode handling vocal duties. I got the record and am mightilly impressed. Real soulful record. It's nice to hear Dave singing in a bit of a different style than the usual DM style. Check out "Longest Day" and "Presence of God" below. You can sample/buy the album on Amazon or iTunes.

Soulsavers - Longest Day by Cooperative Music

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs :: Stronger (Miguel Campbell Remix)

Only a few more days till Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs drops his debut album Trouble on June 11th and the anticipation is killing me. Miguel Campbell delivers us with his very smooth take on the track "Stronger". This remix will be available exclusively on Beatport the 18th of June. You can also peep the total banger, "American Dream Part II" and the video below.

Cassian :: The Love Cuts EP & Country Club


Cassian is a man on fire! The Sydney based artist is set to release his third solo EP this month. The Love Cuts EP will be out June 19th on Nürvous Records (part of Nervous NYC). "Reach For Love" and "I Love It" are two bass driven bangers set to take any dance floor deep. This year Cassian also teamed up with fellow Aussie producer Shazam to bring you their new project Country Club. The debut EP will be released to the world on June 25th on Moda. To top this off, Cassian has been dubbed the triple j June resident DJ for Mix Up Exclusives!

Get People :: Something Better

London trio Get People that we've written about a few times before, most recently here, have released a new track called "Something Better". It's from their upcoming EP Harmonize out July 2nd on Luv Luv Luv Records. Real pretty, down tempo dreamy tune that I can hear over and over. Check that out below, plus their beautiful animated video for the track as well. Keep an eye out for that EP, I have a feeling it will be something special.

Something Better by GET PEOPLE

Proximo :: Cut Copy (Remix)

San Diego artist Proximo sent us his remix for Cut Copy's "Glittering Clouds" and we think he did a fabulous job! Great housey remix that will work great on a dance floor near you. Best part is he is offering it as a free download. Best grab that sucker.

Cut Copy - Glittering Clouds (Proximo "Acid" Remix) by Proximo

GRVRBBRS :: Futurecop! Remix

Brooklyn duo GRVRBBRS sent us their latest remix of Futurecop's "The Only Way" ft Keenhouse and I am digging the sounds, especially the fact that it's a free download and that it will making it's way into my DJ sets. Maybe yours as well? Check that out below...

P.S. Love that their bio says they are influenced by marijuana, skateboarding, classical music and metal. Ha, good combo!

Futurecop! The Only Way (ft. Keenhouse) (GRVRBBRS Remix) by GRVRBBRS

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster :: Singing My Heart Out

Swedish duo Lissi Dancefloor Disaster that we've written about a bunch of times have a great new video for their latest track "Singing My Heart Out". A literal rather than figurative interpretation of the lyrics, which is right on cue with all the zombie references going on in Miami at the moment. Check that out below as well as a couple sweet remixes by Le Prix & Den Svenska Bjornstammen.

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster - Singing My Heart Out by Lissi Dancefloor Disaster

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster - Singing My Heart Out (Le Prix Remix) by Lissi Dancefloor Disaster

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster - Singing My Heart Out (Den Svenska Björnstammen Remix) by Lissi Dancefloor Disaster

Fear of Theydon :: Myheadisaballoon (Remix)

I've been following Fear of Theydon, an East London producer since I first heard his remix to Grand National's 'Rub Your Potion' and have been hooked ever since. Julian Peck (Fear of Theydon) got his start at UK indie record lable Sunday Best, and since then has received copious amounts of critical acclaim, especially for his 2007 debut release, 'This is Fear of Theydon EP'. Out today is his new remix of Treefella by Myheadisaballoon (free download below), which has been on repeat for most of my Saturday. In regards to Fear of Theydon's sound, I don't think it could be better described then as is stated in Julian's about section on his web page, "As ‘Fear of Theydon’, he produces and disc-jockeys esoteric Yoga music to placate troubled children." Check out his Soundcloud for more FREE goodies. Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend. ENJOY!

Yeasayer :: Henrietta

One of my favourite bands of 2010, psychedelic rockers Yeasayer, are back and as awesome as ever with this amazing new first single from their forthcoming third LP Fragrant World due out August 20! The new single "Henrietta" is just as much of a psychedelic trip as any of their previous works and is catchy as hell. Been stuck on repeat in my iTunes since picking it up a few days ago! It always makes me nervous when these bands take semi-long sabbaticals from the limelight because their new stuff has to be really amazing to maintain that momentum, and I can honestly say these guys haven't missed a beat! Really looking forward to this new LP in which band member Anand Wilder has coined it's sound as "Sci-Fi soul music". Of course, a new album means new tour dates and, believe me, these guys are fantastic live! Check out/pick up tickets for all upcoming shows here.

Yeasayer - "Henrietta"