Crystal Castles :: Plague

Care for some new Crystal Castles? Yea figured you wouldn't mind. Ran into their track "Plague" the other day as I was doing a little blog run. Seems it was just released a couple days ago. It's pretty much classic them with their trademark soft/heavy sound. Pretty sweet track. Not sure if it will be included in their upcoming album or not, but they are offering it as a free download which is awful kind of them, so best get to downloading.

Crystal Castles - Plague by Crystal Castles

Moon Boots :: Sugar

French Express has been on a roll lately. Perseus, Chris Malinchak and now Moon Boots, who's latest track "Sugar" is a nu-disco gem. Is that Janet Jackson vocals I hear? If this track doesn't make you wanna get up and dance you might wanna check your pulse cause you might be dead. Best part is they are offering the track as a free download. Right on time for some weekend dancing. Get to it...

Moon Boots - Sugar by FRENCH EXPRESS

Hot Chip :: Look At Where We Are (Video/Major Lazer Remix)

Really digging the the new Hot Chip album 'In Our Heads' which I'm sure will be topping many best of lists when December comes along. They just released a new video directed by Danny Perez for their latest single "Look At Where We Are" which would be considered a ballad for them. Great track/video! They also got the remix treatment for the track by Major Lazer. Not a big fan of theirs, but they did a good job of turning the track into a reggae jam and are rather subdued about it. Check out the goods below. Finger's crossed that my fave track "In Chains" will be the next single.

Hot Chip - Look at Where We Are (Major Lazer vs Junior Blender Remix) by Major Lazer [OFFICIAL]

The Raveonettes :: She Owns The Streets (Video)

Great news everyone! Danish duo The Raveonettes have just released the first video from their upcoming and much anticipated new album Observator (out September 11) for the track "She Owns The Streets". The the track is the second single released from the upcoming album and the track/video, shot in NYC, is based on the star of the video, a New York street dancer. Really enjoying everything I'm hearing and seeing from this new album so far! Keep them coming Raveonettes!

The Raveonettes, She Owns the Streets

Chris Malinchak :: Beside Me

New Chris Malinchak track? Yes please! Love this dude. His latest track "Beside Me" is another gorgeous groovy nu disco tune. This time we have some lovely female vocals which I assume is the girl in the art work above, but I could be wrong. Anyways it's a great track that will work equally great lounging by a pool this summer or on a dance floor near you. Check it out below and if you like what you hear it's free to download! Sweeeet, enjoy...

Malinchak - Beside Me by FRENCH EXPRESS

Theater of Delays :: XX (Remix)

One of our favorite remixers Theater of Delays is back with another solid remix. This time he remixed the new XX single "Angels". Not really loving the new XX track (too mellow for my taste), but this Theater of Delays remix is just right. Giving the track the right amount of uumph and movement that it needed. Check it out below and if you like what you hear it's free to download. Keep up the good work Mr. Delay!

The XX - Angels (Theatre Of Delays Remix) free download by Theatre Of Delays

The Belligerents :: She Calls The Shots (EP)

Posted about Australian band The Belligerents and their amazing track "Infatuation" last year here. Well the boys are back with a new EP called 'She Calls The Shots' and she certainly knows what she's doing, whomever she may be. Check out the new single/video for "Steal Money". Another great indie pop/rock gem from the Aussie boys. Sample the rest of EP below as well.

She Calls The Shots - EP by The Belligerents

Zonen :: Resan Mot Psykets Brytpunkt

You might remember experimental electronic Swedish band Zonen that we posted about last year here. The boys have a new album out called 'Resan Mot Psykets Brytpunkt' and just like their first one it continues with their eerie movie soundtrack vibe that they do so well. Seriously they are like a modern day reincarnation of Goblin. Someone should hire these guys to score their next horror movie. I have no doubt they would do a fabulously frightening job.

Check out a couple of my favorite tracks below and if you like what you hear you can sample the rest of the release on their bandcamp where you can pick up the whole thing as a name your own price option which can also include $0, but why not drop them a few bucks for all their hard work.

01 Det ofattbara by zonenljud

03 Vilse by zonenljud

A Band Called Mondrian :: Tea Boy, Dry Biscuits & Roller Disco Beat

Paris band A Band Called Mondrian contacted us about the release this week of their new EP Tea Boy, Dry Biscuits & Roller Disco Beat. The first single from the release is "Euphoria" and I am digging the sounds! Great electro-pop dancey number that they are offering as a free download. Check that out below and if you like what you hear you can check out/buy the rest of the EP on their bandcamp. Good to have you guys on our Radar.


Two Door Cinema Club :: Sleep Alone

Two Door Cinema Club fans unite and take over! For 24 hours (21 hours left) Two Door Cinema Club are giving away new single "Sleep Alone" from their much anticipated sophomore album Beacon which will be released September 3rd. You know I jumped all over that offer. I recommend you guys do the same. Great classic sounding Two Door Cinema track! Check it out below and if you like what you hear go to their site here and grab that baby, but be quick about it, the clock is ticking...

Sleep Alone (edit) by Two Door Cinema Club

Being Cool Is Lonely :: Bones + Boots

Phoenix, Arizona electronic duo Being Cool is Lonely sent us their latest single "Bones + Boots" and I'm digging what I'm hearing. Dark, atmospheric electronic track complete with remixes in different styles to accomodate different palettes. Check them out below, I'm sure you'll find a version you prefer. The first two are free for the taking. Check out more on their soundcloud.

BONES + BOOTS by Being Cool is Lonely

BONES + BOOTS (joe berelli darkened room remix) by Being Cool is Lonely

Being Cool Is Lonely - boots and bones - Michael Hooker remix clip by Michael Hooker

Goldroom :: Fifteen (Video/Remix)

Ray posted Goldroom's nostalgic electronic track "Fifteen" back in May here. Now, enjoy the great new video plus this awesome remix of the feel-good summer song.

Goldroom feat Chela - Fifteen (Oxford remix) by Oxfordsounds

Elton John Vs PNAU :: Good Morning to the Night

Must be nice to have famous friends like Elton John. Australian duo PNAU who Elton John is a big fan of and signed them to his label gave them access to his 70'-76' catalog of material for the duo to re-work in their own vision and so far everything I've heard is pretty amazing! The first video/track I saw for the project was "Sad" and I was blown away! Gorgeous re-work/video and I'm not even a big Elton John fan. What their doing with these tunes is pretty special. The album was just released yesterday and is called "Good Morning to the Night". You can buy the album through various outlets off their site.

Check out the goods below as well as the track listing with all the Elton originals they used for each. Pretty impressive...

Elton John vs Pnau - Sad by Fatlicious!

Elton John Versus Pnau - Good Morning To The Night by Elton John Versus Pnau


1. Good Morning To The Night
Includes Elements from the following original Elton John Sound Recordings:
Philadelphia Freedom
Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters
Funeral for a Friend
Gulliver/It's Hay Chewed
Sixty Years On (Live in Australia)
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Someone Saved my Life Tonight

2. Sad
Includes Elements from the following original Elton John Sound Recordings:
Nice and Slow
Crazy Water
Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word

3. Black Icy Stare
(Includes Elements from the following original Elton John Sound Recordings:
Cold Highway
You're So Static
Solar Prestige a Gammon

4. Foreign Fields
Includes Elements from the following original Elton John Sound Recordings:
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
High Flying Bird
Sweet Painted Lady
Cage the Songbird

5. Telegraph to the Afterlife
Includes Elements from the following original Elton John Sound Recordings:
We All Fall in Love Sometimes
Funeral for a Friend
Sweet Painted Lady
I’ve Seen That Movie Too
Love Song
Indian Sunset

6. Phoenix
Includes Elements from the following original Elton John Sound Recordings:
Grey Seal
Are You Ready for Love
Benny and the Jets
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Where to Now St Peter?
Love Lies Bleeding
Border Song
Country Love Song
Three Way Love Affair

7. Karmatron
Includes Elements from the following original Elton John Sound Recordings:
Madman Across The Water
Funeral for a Friend
The Ballad of Danny Bailey (1909-1934)
One Horse Town
Screw You

8. Sixty
Includes Elements from the following original Elton John Sound Recordings:
Sixty Years On
Sixty Years On (Live in Australia)
Sixty Years On (Live 17-11-70)
Indian Sunset

I'm Not a Band :: Woody

Been a while since we last heard from Berlin electronic duo I'm Not a Band. Well the good news is the wait is over! They recently sent us their new single "Woody" from their upcoming album BandBand scheduled for release August 24th and I'm here to tell you it is a winner! Great up beat poppy dance track with beautiful female vocals! Can't wait to hear the rest of the album, sure it will not disappoint. For now wrap your head around "Woody".

Woody by I'M NOT A BAND


Back from vacay! Did you miss me? I sure needed that, nothing like taking a vacation to clear your head and re-energize you. Well let's get right back into it shall we...

Got sent these two great electronic tracks "Light Falls" and "White Sun Re-Vision" by Colin from Walter Meego's new side project MagicHour. Magic indeed! Got me in a good mood and shaking my head on this ho-hum Monday. Check them out below and if you like what you hear they are free for the taking! Can't beat that...

Light Falls by MagicHour

White Sun Re-Vision by MagicHour

TRAILS AND WAYS :: Miracle (Split-Single) + Nunca (Remix)

Summer has been beyond hot, and with little time to make it to any nautical activities I've relied much on Oakland California's, Trail and Ways (posted before here). Their new placid poppy track 'Nunca' has been in my rotation for the last month, a great summer grab for free here. Now their back for the second half of the summer with 'Miracle', a dreamy beach going split-single with Ghost Beach. With crowd chants weaved in and their bassist Emma singing a beautiful verse in spanish, this track will have you believing you definitely just took a running jump off that pier into the ocean. Need to dance? You'll be taken care of by Ghost Beach's remix to 'Nunca' in which you'll loose yourself in the 80's dance synths, striking drum beats, and splendid electronically mangled vocal hooks. If your digging these 3 tracks be sure to check out Trail and Way's Soundcloud and Facebook, you'll find more free treats!

The Raveonettes :: Observations

The Raveonettes have recently released this great new bleak shoegazey single "Observations" which is the lead track off their upcoming album Observator, due out in September. I've long been a fan of the consistently solid, dark, cali-surf-style shoegaze these guys keep putting out, and this stays true to their form. Look forward to hearing much more from this album in the months to come, and for now, enjoy this track which they've made available as a freebie!

The Raveonettes - Observations

The Magician :: Magic Tape 24 (DJ Mix)

New Magician DJ Mix anyone? Yea figured you wouldn't mind, especially since the weekend is upon us. His latest mix #24 as everything he touches is pretty much magic and will surely get you in a dancing mood. Didn't see a tracklisting on his soundcloud so you might have to just enjoy the mix/music, which is fine by me. Enjoy and have a fab weekend everyone!

P.S. I will going on a much needed vacation next week from July 9th to the 13th to Puerto Rico. So won't be posting next week, but hopefully the crew can hold the fort till I get back. Till then it's rest, relaxation and tropical drinks for me :)  See ya when I get back...

Magic Tape Twenty-Four by TheMagician

Starcat :: Eyes

Don't have much info on Starcat, except that he is a long time reader of OTR and it seems he might be based out of our home state of Florida from a reference I noticed on his bandcamp page, but one thing's for sure he's one talented fellow! Loving the track he sent our way "Eyes" which is an instrumental dreamwave track that I can hear over and over. Really lovely tune. Check it out below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking. Keep up the good work SC, meow!


Avec Sans :: Heartbreak Hi

Avec Sans are a new electronic duo from London. Recently they contacted us with their first single "Heartbreak Hi" and we are mightilly impressed! Great electronic pop dance track with beautiful female vocals that has been stuck on repeat. Best part is they are offering a free mediafire download link for the track on their soundcloud page. If this is just their first track we are excited to see what else they will have in store for us in the months/years to come. Good to have you on our Radar.

Avec Sans - Heartbreak Hi by Avec Sans

Pinemarten :: Can't Go Back Again (EP)

Got sent this new EP Can't Go Back Again by UK electronic artist Pinemarten. Really digging the dreamwave sounds. Check out first single "I Can See" below which is my favorite track. If you like what you hear it's free for the taking. Check out the rest of the 3 track EP on his bandcamp page where the whole release is available as a name your own price option. Another stellar deal.

I Can See by Pinemarten

Stars :: The Theory of Relativity

Canadian indie pop band the Stars are back with a new album 'The North' scheduled for release September the 4th. The first taste of the new album is first single "The Theory of Relativity" and if this is any indication of what's to come with the new record we are in for a treat! Such a great indie pop tune, but then again I don't think I've ever heard the Stars put out anything bad. Check out the track via their soundcloud below and if you like what you hear you can scoop up the track for free via their site here in exchange for your DOB and email. Sounds like a deal to me. Enjoy!

The Theory of Relativity by Stars

Summer Camp :: Always

UK indie pop duo Summer Camp that we've written about a couple of times before most recently here are getting ready to release New EP Always. They have a video for the title track which is pretty cute, but I dig the song even better than the video. These guys definitely have great pop sensibility. Check those out below and be on the lookout for the EP when it comes out on Moshi Moshi July the 10th. You can pre-order the EP here.

Summer Camp - Always by moshi moshi music

SLAP & TICKLE, TODAY @ Electric Pickle :: Independence Day Edition

You know how sometimes you struggle to remember what you did 3 or 4 Fourth of July's ago, or New Year's for that matter. This afternoon and evening is definitely not going to be one of those holidays. Slap & Tickle at The Electric Pickle is getting an early start on Independence Day opening the doors THIS AFTERNOON at 5pm. There will be BBQ - FREE BEER TILL 8PM - $2SHOTS & FIREWORKS plus lots of surprise goodies! Musically wise your sure to be pleased, as there is something for everyone. Upstairs, SAFE is bringing you the astounding house producer/DJ Danny Howells (Dig Deeper/London) who will be playing upwards of five hours. Outside and downstairs will be just as dynamic, as DJ's from the Slap & Tickle parties over the past few months lay it down all night, as well as live performances by Le Blorr, Millionyoung, and Kurtz & Bomber. For more info click HERE. See you tonight!

Miami Mayhem Presents Slap & Tickle from Miami Mayhem on Vimeo.