Fiona Apple :: Live @ The Fillmore Sun, Sept 30th (Ticket Giveaway)

Fiona Apple. Need I say more? Because she's back and ready to deliver! Fiona's return to the current music scene and stage has been a very anticipated one indeed. With her first album in 7 years titled 'The Idler Wheel is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do' released June 19th and her first tour in 6 years. Fans and lovers world wide have been ignited by her presence once more. She has recently made the headlines for other reasons other than her comeback, however. The "Criminal" singer was arrested on September 19th in Sierra Blanca,Texas for possession of Hash and Marijuana. Luckily she spent no more than one night behind bars and was bailed out in time to resume her concert activities. Now we could sit here and focus on her arrest, but why? (Let's be honest, there are far worse drugs for you at Walgreens and in the perscription papers doctors hand you after a money draining visit). In reality we should be putting our attention into the hard work and effort that has been spilled on this new compilation of work and tour that has been organized with passion from both herself and her crew, which is what the singer herself wishes the audience keeps their focus on. The lead single "Every Single Night" of her new album is an excellent reminder of her talent and skill at manufacturing musical pieces that are unique, eccentric and drenched with the signature sound of her soul. Now hold on to your clothing because (and I'm excited to announce) We'll be giving away a pair of tickets to Sunday's show at the Fillmore Miami Beach, make sure you follow the directions in order below. See everyone there!

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The Wonderful Sound of Induce! :: Halfway Between Me and You

Miami's Induce (aka) Ryan Smith who I've had the pleasure of knowing/working with throughout my DJ career the past decade or so just released his new album 'Halfway Between Me and You'. He sent us a copy for review and I'm digging the sounds. He incorporates a lot of different styles from funk to disco, pop, hip hop and more, but the track that really caught my attention is new single "Pretty". With heavy Prince vibes it reminds me of classic tracks from yesteryear by the purple one. One thing's for sure Induce has got them singing chops!

Check out the video for "Pretty" below and as a special bonus he's let us post the mp3 as a free download for our readers! Just right click and save as. Check out the rest of his sounds on his soundcloud and the album is available to purchase on Amazon and other retailers. You can get more info about the release on his press page here. Enjoy!

MP3: Pretty - The Wonderful Sounds of Induce    

Kyla La Grange :: Vampire Smile

Born and raised in London, Kyla La Grange comes to us fierce and ready to deliver classic indie/goth pop. Her sound can be rather infectious packed with dramatic interpretation. She mixes it up with mystical tones and melodies that give you nostalgic feelings of lost emotions. Her words are carried and delivered by passionate expression,making her contribution to music one to be talked about. She solidly places herself in the list of most promising female singer-songwriters to emerge in London's current music scene machine. Check her vibe out and enjoy.

Metric :: Live @ The Fillmore Fri, Sept 28 (Ticket Giveaway)

Another great show coming up this Friday, September the 28th at The Fillmore is indie dance band Metric! Never seen them live, so kinda psyched for this one as well. Our friends at Live Nation have been kind enough to let us give away a couple of tickets to the show to one lucky winner. As usual just follow the directions below and then come back Thursday when we will be announcing a winner.

To get you psyched for the show here are a few of their most popular tunes. "Dead Disco" (first track I used to play from them back in the day), the excellent Twelves remix of "Help I'm Alive", plus their latest single/video for "Youth Without Youth" off their excellent new album 'Synthetica' out now.  If these don't get you pumped for the show I don't know what will. Can't wait! See you there...

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Metric - Youth Without Youth by Partisan PR

Dead Disco by Metric

METRIC - Help I'm Alive (The Twelves Remix) by Metric

Gigamesh :: Take My Pain Away (Remix)

Funny how the universe works sometimes. My friend just sent me a copy of the excellent new Moullinex album 'Flora' yesterday and this morning I awake to find this gorgeous nu-disco Gigamesh remix of Moullinex's single "Take My Pain Away" in our inbox. What an amazing job he did! Can't wait to play this baby out in my DJ sets. Check out the track via his soundcloud below and if you like what you hear it will be available to buy on Gomma Records October 12th. Save the date!

P.S. If you happen to live in Australia Gigamesh will be starting a tour soon through your neck of the woods. Check out the dates on his Facebook

Moullinex - Take My Pain Away (Gigamesh Remix) by GIGAMESH

Strange Talk :: Cast Away

Australian band Strange Talk that we've posted about a couple times before have a new video for their latest single "Cast Away". It is the first single from their upcoming as yet untitled debut album scheduled for release in early 2013. It is indie pop goodness that shows that these boys from down under are no fluke. Check out the track/video below and be on the lookout for more from these boys. Have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more from them in the months/years to come.

Cast Away by Strange Talk

Pompeya :: Foursome

A group that a friend recently recommended to me is Moscow band Pompeya. They have a great chill indie pop sound that's hard to resist. Hard to believe they are from Russia. I can't hear an accent or anything. Anyways good music is universal and this is very good!

Check out a couple of my favorite tracks "Clear My Mind" and "Wait" from their latest release 'Foursome'. If you like what you hear they are both free for the taking. In fact the whole 7 track release is available as free download and definitely worth getting. Grab those on their soundcloud.

POMPEYA - My Mind Is Clear by POMPEYA


M83 :: LIVE @ The Fillmore Wed, Sept 26th (Ticket Giveaway)

One of the most anticipated shows to hit Miami in awhile is for M83 who will be performing this Wednesday, Sept the 26th at The Fillmore on Miami Beach. I know I for one am super excited to catch them live for the first time! Last time they were in Miami they had sound issues at Ultra and only ended up playing two tracks, so I'm sure that left a lot of people wanting more. Now after months of wait the day is almost upon us and your friends at OTR have a couple of ticket giveaways for the show!

Here's some tracks/video for them that you should be pretty familiar with, particularly "Midnight City" which was our pick for favorite song of 2011 and been huge this year. Also "Couleurs" and "Kim & Jessie" both two of our favorite tracks off their excellent album Saturdays = Youth. The rules are pretty simple just follow them below and come back Monday when we will be announcing the winner. Good luck and see you guys at the show!

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PillowTalk (Live) @ The Vagabond - Sat. Sept 22 (Ticket Giveaway)

Tomorrow night (Saturday), while The Electric Pickle undergoes renovations. PillowTalk (Live) relocates just a few streets south to The Vagabond on N.E. 14th st. Try not to completely exhaust yourselves tonight as a performance by PillowTalk is not to be missed. After seeing the guys during Winter Music Conference this past spring, I can affirm that the trio from San Francisco promises to be as much of deep energetic dance party as they are an intimate serenade (a lot of both!) In addition to PillowTalk's live set, there will be a guest Dj set by Sammy D as well as residents Brad Strickland, Ray Milian (OTR), Ryan Evans, Carmel Ophir, and Wasabi. Included below are some original productions by PillowTalk, a link to purchase tickets, and a ticket giveaway for 2 to tomorrow nights show. See you all there!

Advance Tickets Available via wantickets -

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We will be giving away 1 pair of tickets to PillowTalk (Live) @ The Vagabond  Saturday  September 22nd. (tomorrow)

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Cat Power :: Cherokee (Video)

Digging the new Cat Power album 'Sun' that we posted about recently here. Here's her new video for album opener "Cherokee" which was just released a few days ago. It's set in a post apocalyptic Mad Max kinda world complete with zombies and in the end good friends. Great tune! Check it...

SLAP & TICKLE - Thurs Sept 20th @ The Garret :: Edit Murphy (Ticket Giveaway)


This Thursday, while The Electric Pickle undergoes renovations. Slap & Tickle takes the party down a few streets south on North Miami Avenue to The Garret. Your not going to want to miss this weeks edition, as OM Records / Smoke N Mirrors champion Edit Murphy adds his unique deep-soulful sound to what's becoming a treasure chest of brilliant gems that Slap & Tickle has brought to Miami. Included are a couple of Edit Murphy's original productions, but be sure to check out his soundcloud for more great remixes. To carry you over till tomorrow night are also two brand new top-notch mixes by Slap & Tickle Dj's, Pirate Stereo and Andrew Ward. See you tomorrow night at The Garret!

Event info via facebook

We will be giving away 1 pair of tickets to Slap & Tickle - Edit Murphy @ The Garret  Thursday 9.20.12 

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Le Youth :: Cool

LA's Le Youth that we've posted about a couple of times before, most recently here for his excellent track "Dance With Me" is back. His latest track "Cool" is just that, ultra cool and smooth dance gem. With some lyrics that Sam tells me comes from a track called "Me & You" released by Cassie in 2006 on Bad Boy Records. Beats me, but it sure is good! Possibly his best track yet. Check it out below and if you like what you hear he's giving it away as a free download. Can't complain about that.

Castratii :: Eora LP

You can't help but love the heavy, dramatic shoe-gaze of Aussie band Castratii's debut LP Eora. Released midsummer, the LP is a masterpiece of seven gorgeously epic tracks, described as "gloom-gaze", that they say represent the extreme, vast and mysterious landscape in which they are a part of and for which the album derives its title: Eora, the aboriginal name for Sydney, where Castratii hails from. Check out a few of my faves from the album below as well as the sexy video for the albums track "Kingdom".

Asbjorn :: The Criminal

Hello Everyone! My name is Natalia, Argentina born, but a Florida local now and I am very excited to be given the opportunity to write for Off the Radar. I'm looking forward to delivering as many new artists and sounds as possible to you all that will range from all over the globe. Cheers to my first post and to many more! So let's begin with one of my most recent encounters:

Nineteen years old and creating a mark of his own. Asbjorn comes straight from Aarhus, Denmark promising great musical delivery of electronic/modern pop. The air of vulnerability yet dominance he offers through his presence and performance are enough to captivate the eyes and ears of many who come across his sound. Asbjorn easily paints many colors and imagery with his songs, lyrics fall so naturally from his lips with a unique aura that traps attention. The future of his music looks to be on the right track to success.

Michael Mayer :: Good Times (Smartphone Version)

Michael Mayer has been part of Germany's ever growing electronic music scene since the 90's. He has worked on everything from electronica to ambient techno. The track "Good Times" is a mix of 80's industrual synths with a 90's techno house feel. Overall, the track is ready to be played on the dance floor. So get your dancing shoes on and let's see what you have. If you like the track it's available as a free download.

Michael Mayer - Good Times (Smartphone Version) by Kompakt

Fool's Gold :: Leave No Trace

Fool's Gold is a band out of Los Angeles I recently became aware off in my travels to San Francisco. The band, which is mainly composed of Luke Top, Lewis Pesacov, Garrett Ray, Brad Caulkins and Salvador Placencia, incorporates different types of influences in their music. Their sound ranges from Ethopian to African to 80's dance pop and krautrock.

"Leave No Trace" reminded me of The Smiths. For a second I thought I was hearing an unreleased Smiths or Morrissey track. Check out the tune below. Enjoy!

Fantastic Mr Fox :: Power (12" Edit)

Manchester producer Fantastic Mr Fox is on repeat for me this weekend. Check out his latest vinyl only release, Power (12" Edit) out on Back Acre Records. "Power" hits you with a stiff but deep bassline, definitive cutting vocals that do a tremendous job of not overshadowing the synths, and even has a bit of rattlesnake tail action laced into the track. What more do you need? Also included is a XLR8R podcast that Fantastic Mr Fox did a few months back. Enjoy.

Follow Me :: Peanut Butter (Remix)

Follow Me that we've written about a couple times before most recently for their original track "A Mission Nocturnal" here are back. This time they sent us a dreamy remix of Alison Valentine's debut track "Peanut Butter". Silky smooth and beautiful tune that I'm sure you guys are gonna dig. Best part is they are offering the track as a free download just for liking their facebook page. Sounds like a deal to me! Keep up the great work fellas!

Peanut Butter (Follow Me Remix) by Follow Me

Air Zaire :: All For You

Our friend Air Zaire (aka Adam Santucci) who recently made the move from South Florida to NYC sent us his latest track "All For You" and it is one smooth nu-disco tune that will surely get you moving on the dance floor with your special honey. Check out the track below and if you like what you hear he's got a free download link for it on his soundcloud. I grabbed it pronto, I recommend you do the same. Enjoy and keep up the good work homie!

ALL FOR YOU by Air Zaïre

Lights DC :: Nuages

Dublin artist/remixer Lights DC that we posted his excellent Tieranniesaur remix earlier this year here is back with a great original tune called "Nuages". A breezy beautiful instrumental house tune complete with silky flute action. Really digging the vibe. He has been kind enough to let us post the track as a free download for our readers which was very kind of him as this is one solid tune. Check out the goods below then get to downloading.
Nuages by LIGHTS DC

Estate :: She's So Devine (Rework)

Minnesota artists Estate that we posted their excellent track "Nuclear City" a couple years ago here are back. They sent us their latest rework/remix for The Limit track "She's So Devine" and they did a fabulous job! A nu-disco jam that will surely work wonders at a dance floor near you. Check out the track below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking.

The Limit - She's So Divine (Estate Rework) by Estate

Amtrac :: Hey There Kiddo

If you remember the days of samples and dancey beats ala Fatboy Slim & Mylo chances are you will love this newest release 'Hey There Kiddo' by Kentucky artist Amtrac. A friend of mine posted this on my facebook wall the other day and I am loving it! Figured I'd share the goods with you fine OTR readers. Not only is it amazing collection of dance tracks, but it is also free to download! 16 tracks of pure awesomeness in one quick zip download. Sample the goods below and if you like what you hear you can download it directly from his soundcloud.

I said this before and I'll say it again, friend recommendations are one of the best ways of finding out about cool new music. Always has and always will. Keep spreading the good music love everyone.


Cat Power :: Sun

Never been a huge Cat Power fan, but what I've been hearing so far from her new album "Sun" (her first original music album since 2006's critically acclaimed The Greatest) was just released September the 4th and has really caught my attention. Seems like the new record is a bit more upbeat than I remember her and that is a good thing in my book. Check out the first single from the album "Ruin" below and if you like what you hear I'd look into the rest of the album as it has a similar upbeat feel. The album is available online at Amazon and a bunch of other retailers like Best Buy & Target and stuff. Way to go Chan!

P.S. A friend of ours with South Florida ties Gregg Foreman has a been a member of her live band for quite a few years now. Keep up the great work brother!

Cat Power-Ruin by Sound it Out

Visitor :: Coming Home / RNB (EP)

London electronic pop duo Visitor that we've written about many times before just released a new EP for "Coming Home" & "RNB". It is supported by remixes by some of our favorites like Lifelike, FM Attack & Viceroy. They sent the entire EP for us to review and it is excellent! Digging both tracks and all the remixes! I am definitely gonna be playing some of these in my DJ mixes. Check out the entire EP via their soundcloud below. You can download the excellent Viceroy Remix for "Coming Home" for free. If you like what you hear you can purchase the rest of the release on iTunes for $4.99. A deal I tell you.


Mansions on the Moon :: Radio + Tour Dates

LA indie pop trio Mansions on the Moon that we posted about last year here are back with a new track "Radio" that they sent our way. Just like everything we've heard from them this one is another beaut! Check it out below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking.

Mansions on the Moon-Radio by Mansions on the Moon

MOTM are currently on a US Tour with Cherub. Here's where you can check them out. More dates to be announced soon...

9/11 Iowa City, IA The Mill
9/12 Omaha, NE The Waiting Room
9/14 Atlanta, GA The Compound
9/15 Columbia, MO The Blue Note
9/16 St. Louis, MO The Gramophone
9/18 Lawrence, KS The Bottleneck
9/19 Little Rock, AR Jaunita's
9/20 Dallas, TX The Palladium
9/21 Austin, TX The Belmont
9/22 Houston, TX Fitzgerald's
9/23 New Orleans, LA Maison
9/25 Mobile, AL Alabama Music Box
9/26 Jackson, MS Hal and Mal's
9/27 Houston, TX Warehouse Live

Parenthetical Girls :: Curtains

Portland-based experimental pop darlings Parenthetical Girls are releasing the final installment of their "Privilege" 12'' series. To celebrate this, they've released a new music video for "Curtains".

See striking images of a viking funeral procession going through Portland, Oregon. Complete with beautiful greek goddesses and set to a luscious new track that's dripping with shoegaze, synth honey. I love it and I think you will too.

The Miracles Club :: The Wheel

Lots of great things happening this week in Portland music. I'll start by featuring a new music video for "The Wheel" that The Miracles Club just dropped yesterday. This incredible Portland electronic group takes us back to the late '80s/early '90s era of disco-house. A classy keyboard-synth sound with the aesthetic to match.

This trio (if you count their official dancer) are simply one of the best dance-acts to come out of Portland in the last few years. They put on an incredible live show, are awesome DJs and release some of the coolest music videos. Check out The Miracles Club's video library after watching their latest video release above.

Cosmonaut Grechko (Remixes) :: Love Track + Small Way Through

Last month Russian producer Cosmonaut Grechko released two top-notch remixes that definitely did not get as much love as they deserved. Grechko turned Chris Cowie's "Love Track" into a what a kaleidoscope would sound like if it made noise. Sounding magical, "Love Track" is a beautiful mixture of poppy indie-electro nu-disco with hints of garage giving way to Rai's distinctively beautiful female vocals laced throughout the remix. Also included is the Russian's take of Christa Vi's "Small Way Through," a fantastic dreamy down-tempo track which he's made available for a free download. Although the download key is not visible on the SoundCloud link below, if you click on the title of the track or visit Cosmonaut Grechko's SoundCloud here you can grab it. Enjoy!

Chris Cowie ft. Rai - Love Trak (Cosmonaut Grechko Remix) from Rai Knight on Vimeo.

The Magician :: Magic Tape 25 (DJ Mix)

Ready for some weekend dancing?? If you're not, try this latest Magician DJ Mix that will surely to do the trick (haha). Just like every mix he posts this one is another winner. Seems he's gonna be in Miami for Halloween. Can't wait for that! For now press play and watch those feet start tapping. If you like what you hear it's free for the taking. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Magic Tape Twenty-Five by TheMagician

Jonquil :: Mexico (EP)

Oxford, UK band Jonquil recently sent us their new EP Mexico which is really a maxi single. It features their track "Mexico", plus three remixes from the likes of Chad Valley (who is in the band), Fort Romeau & Rush Midnight. Digging the track and all the remixes which all have a different flavor. I'm sure you'll find one that appeals to you. The track is from their latest album 'Point of Go' that was released earlier this year. Digging the lead singers voice and their melodies. You can sample/buy the record on iTunes or Amazon.

Check out the EP/Remixes which are all free for the taking below as well as their video for an earlier single "Run". If you live in Europe they are gonna be starting a little European tour starting in a couple of days. Check out the dates below. 

Jonquil - Mexico EP by Blessing Force

Jonquil European Tour Dates ::

9/8/12 - Santiago, Spain - Cidade da Cultura
9/14/12 - Bergen, Norway - Phono Festival
9/25/12 - Zurich, Switzerland - This is Tigerr
9/27/12 - Barcelona, Spain - Razmatazz
9/28/12 - Madrid, Spain - Moby Dick
11/17/12 - Paris, France - Point Ephemere

Dead Rock Machine :: Hot Chip "Night & Day" (Remix)

Parisian electronic duo Dead Rock Machine that we posted about last year here are busy working on their debut album. In the meantime they sent us an excellent remix they did for Hot Chip's "Night & Day" that I've been playing out tons in my DJ sets. Thought I'd share the goods with our fine readers. Not only did they do a great job, but it's also free for the taking! Scoop it up...

Hot Chip - Night And Day (Dead Rock Machine Remix) by deadrockmachine

The Presets :: Ghosts

A couple days behind on this one, but if you haven't heard/seen the new video for the latest single from Aussie duo The Presets titled "Ghosts" yet, then here you go. Not gonna lie, at first I was a bit taken back by the prevalent sea-shanty/tribal sound in this, but its actually really grown on me and now I kinda love it. The track is the latest single from their upcoming album Pacifica, which is officially released tomorrow (September 7). Check out the video plus a preview of an awesome house banger of a remix from Swedish artist Adrian Lux below!

Palmas :: Good Together

It's a beautiful sunny September here in Portland, Oregon and the annual MusicfestNW has just started! So many amazing bands, just look at this lineup! I'm excited to see several of the groups scheduled to play but I'm most stoked for the local talent.

The organizers at MusicfestNW do an excellent job providing opportunities for talented local Portland bands to share the stage with national acts. Case in point - one of my favorite groups to start up within the last couple years, Palmas, is sharing the stage with Tanlines on Sept. 6. I'll be there, at Holocene, DJing with some friends before and after the music.

I always look forward to seeing Joshua Fulfs and Sully Alaatar come together on stage, as it's truly a special thing. Palmas blends together a unique variety of bouncy, latin-inspired percussive beats and clever dance grooves. It's full of hooks that suck you in and keep your finger on the repeat button. I could write on and on trying to describe their sound and still not do it justice. The best thing you could do is give 'em a listen.

So far, Palmas have managed to generate quite a bit of excitement with their infectious 4-song Dead Beat Demos. Last January, it was pretty much the soundtrack of my Florida vacation. It really is hard to believe these are just demos and we've been patiently waiting to see what Palmas can do in the studio. Word on the streets is, a proper full length is in the works. Enjoy.

Gigamesh :: Dance to the Music (Remix)

Sorry haven't been able to post this week. Been a little hectic, even now, but wanted to post a little something just so you guys know we haven't forgotten about you. I have tons to post this week which I will try to get to later today or tomorrow at latest.

Here's a new remix from Gigamesh who will be starting a European Tour at the end of October. He turned this 80's pop tune "Dance to the Music" by Junior Byron into a nu-disco gem! Best part is he is offering the track as a free download just by liking his facebook page. Sounds like a deal to me. Can't wait to play this baby out in my DJ sets. Enjoy!

Junior Byron - Dance To The Music (Gigamesh Version) [DL link in info] by GIGAMESH