Diamond Rings :: Free Dimensional

Toronto artist Diamond Rings that we have been big fans of since 2010 has recently released his new album Free Dimensional, and just like everything we've heard from him it is top notch! A great mixture of electro-pop, dancey beats and catchy vocals are hard to resist. Check out his latest single/video for "Runaway Love" below as well as one of my fave tracks from the new album "All The Time". You can check out the rest of the album on his soundcloud here and if you like what you hear it's available for purchase at your usual digital retailers like iTunes. Enjoy!

Edwin Van Cleef :: All I Think About Is You + October DJ Mix

One of our faves at OTR Edwin Van Cleef has been busy working on his new EP You Don't Know What Love Means scheduled for release in December. In the meantime he is giving away a new track "All I Think About Is You" as well as his always excellent monthly DJ mixes, this one for October. Check out both of those below sure to help your work week right along into Halloween Wednesday and then the weekend soon thereafter.

Matt & Kim :: Now

Matt & Kim came into the music scene with an energizing sound that had everyone singing, "Yea, Yeah." Sadly, they became overexposed and their second album, "Grand" had tracks that appeared on commercials and movies, "Sidewalks", their follow up kind of slumped and "Lighting", their newest album lacks the energy that made their first two albums hits.

I really wanted to like the Brooklyn duo's latest album. There are moments were the band could incorporate a chorus with multiple harmonies and different instrumentation. However, they stay true to their two-piece sound, which is also a drawback.

Either way, the latest single is Now from the album "Lightning", which sounds a bit like electronic-punk laced with anthem rock.

Don't let this detour you from seeing them live. They put on an amazing energy on stage. Enjoy!

Allah-Las :: Catamaran

A musical friend told me to check out this band named Allah-Las , especifically the song Catamaran. The song is very 40's California rock with very nice harmonies and bridges.

The band describes their music as "Old, weird Los Angeles: strains of true surfing music, American harmonies, sunset strip backbeat, desert ramble filtered through goldstar sessioneers; That pre-fuzz pedal ‘electrified folk’ music and pop groups hitting that California sound with the tambourine on just the right beat."

The more I got into their self-titled album, "Allah-Las", I realized this band is actually pretty good. Not only do they have tracks with vocals, but also instrumental tracks that paints a picture of driving through the desert.

Mighty Mouse :: October (DJ Mix)

Mighty Mouse recently released their October DJ Mix and just like last month's it's another beaut! Smooth and funky, it will surely get you in a dancing mood as this weekend's Halloween festivities get underway. Check out the mix below and if you like what you hear it's available as a free download. If you wanna check out the tracklisting it's available here. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Clancy :: Vampire (SuperNoir Remix)

One of our favorites, London artist Clancy that we've posted about several times before, most recently earlier this month here for his excellent Little Dragon remix is back. This time he sent us his latest remix for Beaumont's track "Vampire" and it's another winner. Such a great jam! Instrumental electronic deliciousness that I can hear over and over and is primed for the dance floor. Check it our below. Keep up the great work!

Asbjorn :: Bones Bad Bones (Video)

Denmark artist Asbjorn that we posted about last month here is back with a new video for his upcoming single "Bones Bad Bones" scheduled for release October 30th. It's the second single from his album Sunken Ships released earlier this year. Gorgeous video/track that was inspired by watching old 1930's Mickey Mouse movies during his downtime while in the recording studio. It inspired him to work with Danish illustrator Terese Skovhus, who in his words "created this silly universe around my melancholic tune about feeling absolutely out of control!" Check it out below. If you like what you hear the albums/tracks are available for purchase on iTunes.

Mirror People :: Kaleidoscope

Portugal solo artist Mirror People has a new single out called "Kaleidoscope" that his reps sent our way. Great instrumental electronic track that should work wonders on a dance floor near you and is getting DJ support by some of our favorites; Moullinex, Bag Raiders, The Magician, Zimmer, Drop Out Orchestra & Mighty Mouse. Maybe they're on to something? Check out the track, plus a remix by Xinobi below. If you like what you hear the track/remix are available for purchase on Beatport.

Sylver Tongue :: Something Big (EP/Video)

London artist Charlotte Hatherley (aka) Sylver Tongue is getting ready to release her debut EP Something Big November 5th. She recently released her video for the title track "Something Big" that you can check out below. Real spacey and other worldly. Digging her sound. Seems she is also opening up for Bats For Lashes on their upcoming UK tour that you can check out here. She is well on her way.

Movement Ten

UK duo Movement Ten are getting ready to release their self titled debut album November 5th. They sent along some of their tracks for us to review and am I am digging their sound. A great mixture of electronics and traditional instruments. From synthpop to brit-pop, I can hear a bunch of different styles and influences. The future's looking bright for these fellows. Check out their soundcloud player below with four tracks from the upcoming album, then be on the lookout for that release come next week.

Guards :: Silver Lining (Video)

New York band Guards recently put out this brand new psychedelic video for their fantastic indie pop single "Silver Lining" directed by the bands own Kaylie Church. The video is pretty great, and a bit gross once you figure out that the "kaleidoscope" in the background is a mouth consuming and regurgitating food whilst pressed onto glass, but it looks kinda pretty when you dont know what it is I guess. Sorry if I ruined it for you! Anyway, Guards' debut full length In Guards We Trust comes out February 5th, so you'll wanna be keeping an eye out for more great tracks/vids from these guys between now and then!

Guards - Silver Lining by Guards

No Ceremony :: Feelsolow

Not that much info out there about Manchester band No Ceremony, which is kinda how they want it. They prefer to let the music do the talking. Got sent their latest single "Feelsolow" and it's a beaut! Particularly when the beat kicks in around the 1:49 mark and she starts wailing away. Watch out, gorgeous stuff. Check out the track/video below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking. While looking up their soundcloud I came across a remix for the track from one of our favorite remixers Theater of Delays, so thought I'd include that remix in here as well. Enjoy!

Saskatchewan :: Venom

Care for a lovely dreampop tune? Then look no further than Orlando band Saskatchewan. They contacted us about their latest single "Venom" and upon first listen I was smitten. I can put this track on repeat and never get tired of it. So smooth and lovely. Best part is they are offering this beaut as a free download in full wave quality. What more could we possibly want? Except maybe even more material. Can't wait for that, especially if this track is any indication of what's to come. Keep'em coming fellas, you got our attention.

From the Airport :: Colors

One place where we don't get many submissions from is South Korea, which is where electro-pop duo From the Airport resides. They sent along their first single "Colors" and I am digging it. Poppy and catchy just the way I like it. I'm not sure if people speak English in SK, but they did a fine job, I mean there's no way I would even be able to pull off Korean. One thing's for sure, good music is universal. Check out the track/video for "Colors" below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking on their soundcloud. Score one for us.

LexiconDon :: Pretending

LA synthpop act LexiconDon that I posted about back in 2010 here is back with new single "Pretending". A gorgeous tune that they are giving away as a free download. Can't pass that up. Check it out below and if you like what hear go ahead and grab that baby. Should get you pumped for some weekend dancing. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

David Byrne & St. Vincent :: Who

David Byrne (Talking Heads)  & St. Vincent have come together to give birth to Love this Giant. The collaboration is somewhat odd to tell you the truth. Then again, Byrne is not known for having "normal" sense of music panache. The album cover, which was inspired by Beauty and the Beast,  also speaks to the type of music they gave birth to.

The album, in itself, uses a lot of brass instruments, which gives the music a natural feeling around its heavy techonology loops and computerized instrumentation.

The video is in black and white, and you also get to see the Talking Heads singer strut his dancing shoes.

Either way, enjoy the track and let us know what you think. We LOVE comments.

Carla Morrison :: Eres Tú

Carla Morrison is from Mexico. Her music is very 1930's esque with a mixture of pop-rock and in Spanish. Si, en español. "Eres Tú" is the third single from her album Dejame Llorar.

The Mexican singer's song can best be described as something you listen to while waking up on the sunny side of a beautiful Sunday morning. Enjoy!

Life Size Maps :: Excavate (EP)

Got sent this EP Excavate by Brooklyn band Life Size Maps and I am mightilly impressed! They have a great progressive sound. They call it noise pop, but I don't really hear the noise part much, more like beautiful harmonies and big expansive sounds. Really great stuff and I dig the lead singers voice. Check out a couple of my favorite tracks "Abstract Speed" and title track "Excavate" below that will give you a good idea of their sound. If you like these, pick up the other tracks from the EP on their soundcloud. All but one are free for the taking. Good to have you guys on our Radar.

Toro & Moi :: So Many Details

Toro & Moi just released new single "So Many Details" from his upcoming album Anything in Return scheduled for release January 22nd. The track is a pretty sweet atmospheric downtempo tune. Get's us excited for what's to come with the full release. Check it out below.

Holy Ghost! :: It Gets Dark

Care for some new Holy Ghost? Yes please! Today they released new single "It Gets Dark" and it continues their tradition of excellent dark, nu-disco sounds. Perfect for the dance floor as always. I'm already swaying in my apt as I write this. Check out the track below and if you like what you hear you can buy it on iTunes.

Moullinex :: Take My Pain Away (Video)

One of my favorite new dance jams to play out in my DJ sets lately is Moullinex's "Take My Pain Away". It's from his upcoming album Flora scheduled for release Oct 26th. It got the video treatment this past weekend, and he managed to get it featured on the front page of NME. Not too shabby! The video reminds me a bit of the pop aesthetics of something like Simian Mobile Disco's "Audacity of Huge". Artsy pop with some cool stop motion effects. One thing's for sure, he's definitely got a hit on his hands. Check it...

P.S. Sorry for the small video imbed, but I couldn't find it on youtube or vimeo yet. Just expand it to see it in full screen.

Two Door Cinema Club :: Sun

Two Door Cinema Club just released a second single "Sun" from their new album Beacon. More of a chill track than we're accustomed to hearing from them, but still with their familiar sound and trademark vocals. Check out the video below, plus an excellent dance floor remix by the always amazing Gigamesh. If you like what you hear, the track plus additional remixes including Fred Falke and Alex Metric can be purchased on iTunes. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Feed Me + Crystal Fighters :: Love Is All I Got

Here is a nice little feel good electro-pop collab of UK's Feed Me and Crystal Fighters. The single, "Love Is All I Got", is available now in the UK, and I hear there is a video in the works as well, so we'll keep you updated there. For now, check out and enjoy the original track below as well as the more drum & bass(y) Friction remix.

Palmbomen :: Black Safari

Our friend Palmbomen (aka Kai Hugo) from Berlin who I recently got to meet here in Miami just released his new single "Black Safari". It's an amazing dreamy tropical tune that I can hear over and over. Can't wait to hear what else he has in store for us as his debut album is on the horizon. For now this tune should hold us up nicely. Check it out below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking.

Clancy :: Little Dragon (Remix)

London artist Clancy that we've written about a few times before sent us his latest remix of Little Dragon's track "Little Man". He did a great job. Real smooth and groovy remix. Check out the track below and if you like what you hear there's a free download link for it on his soundcloud.

Stockers! :: Times Before

You know it's hard to come by a good new indie rock band these days. The musical landscape is just nothing like what it was circa 2004 when indie rock was king. When acts like Franz Ferdinand, The Editors, The Strokes, Bloc Party, The Killers, etc ruled the charts and dance floors. Cue Helsinki, Finland band Stockers! who contacted us the other day and who I believe would fit right in with that top notch tier of bands. They sent along their new single "Times Before" from their upcoming debut album 'We Are the Numbers' scheduled for release October 19th and made believers of me. Just like with fashion, most musical trends tend to come and go and I'm sure indie rock will trek back around one of these days. These guys are a good reminder of what some good guitars, solid vocals and danceable beats can do. Namely create mayhem on the dance floor.

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster :: Kill the Winner

One of our favorites at OTR, Swedish electro-pop duo Lissi Dancefloor Disaster which we've written about many times before have just released a new single called "Kill the Winner." Another solid track from this talented duo, be sure to check out the video/soundcloud for the track below, then watch your head start bopping.

Friends :: Mind Control

Coming straight out of Brooklyn, New York it's Friends. The dance punk band came out with their debut album 'Manifest!' this past June. According to the band's Facebook page, they list their genre as weird pop. Though I'm assuming the Brooklyn quintet were just having fun.

They first came out with the hit single, "I'm his Girl", which gained a lot of airplay in the UK. Either way, enough typing and enjoy!

Let The Machines Do The Work :: Hegelian Dialectic (Live 3)

Brighton, UK act Let The Machines Do The Work love all things analog, electronic and dancey, kinda like us at OTR. About once a month they release a live recorded track and this month they released an epic 10 min jam called "Hegelian Dialectic" that they have been kind enough to let us post for our readers as a free download. I suggest you give this baby a listen, I'm sure you'll become instant fans like we did. Can't wait to play it out in my DJ sets. Check out the first two tracks of the series on their site here, plus a video they put together for this latest track as well. Enjoy!

Gotye :: LIVE @ Bayfront Park :: Sun, Oct 7th (Ticket Giveaway)

Lately the great shows have been coming fast and hard in Miami and this weekend we have another biggie. Gotye will be making his Miami debut this Sunday, October the 7th at Bayfront Park. I have to say like most of you we loved "Somebody I Used To Know". We picked the track as our favorite track of 2011 along with M83's "Midnight City" (who recently played in Miami at The Fillmore and blew us away!!!). Months after we picked both these tracks as our faves of 2011, they broke into the mainstream where they became huge hits in the spring of 2012, particularly "Somebody I Used To Know" that made it to #1 on tons of international charts and broke Itunes records. He even made it to SNL where he did an amazing job with the lovely Kimbra who's career is blossoming as well. The funny thing is he is an amazing artist with lots of great tracks/albums. I hope he doesn't get pigeonholed as a one hit wonder, because he is far from it.

Eventually after hearing "Somebody" about a million times I finally grew weary of it, but that's not to say it isn't an amazing track to begin with, otherwise the whole world wouldn't have fallen in love with it. Here's to hoping he can keep the momentum going with future albums as the pressure mounts. Something hard to do in today's rapidly changing pop music world, but if anyone can do it I think he can. If not I think he will still have a great underground following which I'm sure is all he probably wanted in the first place. This weekend let's forget about all that and celebrate the triumph of this Australian making it to the top of the pop world. A hard feat indeed and well deserved! 

Check out a few great tracks/remixes/videos from him below (not posting the famous "Somebody" video which I'm sure we've all seen by now, but a great dark Medlazik video for the track) to get you psyched for the show. Then follow the rules below for a chance to win a free pair of tixs! Tixs are still available to purchase on Live Nation's site here. Enjoy and see you at the show....

How to Enter :: 

1. Like the Off the Radar Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter
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The winner will be chosen Saturday, October 6th.
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Boyscout Discovery :: Coyote In The Bronx

Just ran across this great bit of 8-bit, instrumental electronica from Portland's Boyscout Discovery. Highly reminiscent of Ratatat, this new single "Coyote in the Bronx" is super smooth and a great atmospheric jam. Enjoy!

Haim :: Forever

 When it comes to the West coast, it rarely disappoints with musical discoveries. Something about the land? Maybe so. Here I introduce Haim. Made up of three sisters Danielle,Este and Alana Haim. Accompanied by a mister, Dash Hutton on drums. They are California natives and have been playing music pretty much their whole lives. In their younger years they spent their time playing and gaining experience in a cover band with their parents. All three play a variety of instruments and their voices all blend together naturally executing smooth three part harmonies. Their sound is definitely a very modern type of 80's pop fused with melodic r&b influence.  They released their very first EP 'Forever' in February of 2012 which has generated a buzz, and have also recently signed to Polydor records. These girls are on to something. Listen and enjoy the fresh new music.

Avatism (Live) + Fabrizio Maurizi :: Fri, Oct. 5th @ The Electric Pickle

Tomorrow Oct. 5th The Electric Pickle is back! There could not be a better fitting act for the highly anticipated return, that of course is Avatism, the brilliant producer/Dj from Milan, Italy. Currently one of the most dark, unique and appealing sounds out of Europe, Avatism delivers first-rate material in every category. I am most impressed with the track selection in his mixes and the massive amount of thought that must complement that process. Check out his Soundcloud and grab some great podcasts (free downloads) with tracklists for proof. Fellow countrymen, Fabrizio Maurizi who's perfected his dark, and sometimes funky take on Detroit Techno will also be joining Avatism on Friday. This event is a treat, as this sage does not make it state-side all that often. We will be giving away 2 pairs of tickets (4 total), winners will be announced tomorrow (Friday) at 4pm. See you!

Event info via facebook: Harry Klein Night (Avatism) | 10.5

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The winner will be chosen on Friday, October 5th.
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The Walkmen :: Dance With Your Partner / Vermeer ’65

Where I live, the autumn season is really doing wacky things to me. I've been going bed earlier, relaxing on my porch, staring at the leaves, wearing hoodies, and feeling more nostalgic than ever.

It's the perfect sweater weather climate for these two new Walkmen tracks. I'll admit that I've had difficulty caring much for anything after their 2004 masterpiece, "Bows + Arrows." Their later releases have been solid but just a bit boring for my tastes. However, I've got to hand it to an indie rock band that stays in the game and releases consistently.

They've saved a couple gems from their last recording session for their upcoming fall tour. I prefer "Dance With Your Partner," with its classic Walkmen bipolar  mood swings. Quiet and tender moments that segue into upbeat waltz movements. "Vermeer '65" gets more of a standard indie rock, folk treatment. Great for chilly October nights.

I just have to mention that Hamilton Leithauser's vocals drive me crazy. I've loved this band from the moment I heard his voice piercing through a car commercial, years ago. It's nice that I can always rely on that guy to sing the same on every album. Instantly recognizable, familiar and always a little unsettling.

Jacques Renault :: Thursday Oct 4th (Today) @ Bardot-Miami

Have not heard of disco-house producer/Dj Jacques Renault? Get on board. A product of the post-punk Washington DC scene, who now resides in Brooklyn, NY. Jacques Renault is blazing ahead of the pack in the global Nu-disco scene, while leaving a trail of top-notch remixes and productions for others to follow in his wake. Renault is also a founder/owner of On The Prowl Records, with releases out from Azari & Ill, Tensnake, Coyote and more. Lucky people of Miami, tonight he hits town and continues his seasonal residency at Bardot-Miami. Check out some great remixes of his below, as well as his Soundcloud for more mixes and originals. See everyone tonight!

Purchase tickets in advance: Jacques Renault - Thursday Oct 4th (Today) @ Bardot-Miami

Event info via facebook: Jacques Renault | 10.4

Bat for Lashes :: All Your Gold (Video)

Ever since I heard Bat for Lashes "What's a Girl To Do", I have been a fan of Nastasha Khan. In the video for the single "All Your Gold", the British singer is seen dancing to this very passionate song on the beach by herself. The scenery and cinematrography reminded me a bit of Ingmar Bergman's "7 Seal" and U2's "Electrical Storm"

Bat for Lashes new album 'Haunted Man' is scheduled for release October 23, 2012

Tell us what you think of the video/track.

Bat For Lashes - All Your Gold by Bat for Lashes

Throttle :: French Kiss

Melbourne, Australia artist Throttle (aka Robbie Bergin) recently sent us his latest track "French Kiss" and we are digging the sounds. Great instrumental electronic dance tune that he's giving away just by liking his Facebook page. Sounds like a deal to me! Seems like he is a fan of OTR and now we are fans of his as well. Check out the tune below then get to downloading...

Throttle - French Kiss by Throttle

The Penelopes :: Remixes + Summer Life (Video) + Tour News

French duo The Penelopes that we posted their excellent track "Now Now Now" late last year here are back with some excellent remixes. One is for The Chevin's "Champion" and the other for Figure of 8's "Bittersweet". Digging them both! Real smooth dance remixes. Shows these Frenchies know what they're doing. Check them out below and if you like what you hear they are both free for the taking. In addition below is their latest video for their track "Summer Life" which is just ending, unless you live in Miami, then it's almost a year long affair. Enjoy!

P.S. If you happen to live in Europe The Penelopes are gonna be opening up for synthpop pioneers The Human League in their upcoming tour starting in November. Check out the dates here.

The Chevin - Champion (The Penelopes Remix) by The Chevin

Figure of 8 - Bittersweet (The Penelopes Remix) by Figure Of 8

Le Roi Crocodile :: Youth Decay

Got sent this excellent electronic pop track "Youth Decay" by 16 year old artist from Vancouver, Canada going under the moniker of Le Roi Crocodile. Hard to believe he is 16 and already making music this good. Can you imagine how good he'll be in another 10 years when he'll be the ripe old age of 26? Kids nowadays. Check out the tune below and if you like what you hear he's giving it away as a free download. Check out another track "Ghost Speak" on his soundcloud which he is offering as a freebie as well.

Youth Decay by Le Roi Crocodile

Labyrinth Ear :: Apparitions EP + Live in the Boiler Room

Labyrinth Ear is an excellent sounding duo out of London. Having had many shows throughout Europe over the past few months, they finally find themselves coming to North America. Later this month Labyrinth Ear will play CMJ Music Marathon at Cameo Gallery, NYC on October 20th.

Check out their new Apparations EP, as well as the new single "Urchin," free via their Soundcloud. Included is also a 22 minute live mix and video of their outstanding performance at the Boiler Room earlier this year.

YOUNG HEARTS - Tues Oct 2nd @ The Delano :: Tiger & Woods

It's officially October and summer is behind us. Now commences the annual finger-crossing and hoping that at some point throughout the next few months your favorite music act hits Miami so you don't have to wait out the long winter till WMC or Ultra to catch them. Starting tomorrow the chances just got a lot better with the launch of Young Hearts, the new monthly Tuesday party at the Delano Hotel. Together with over 25 years of experience in music, Inbal Lankry and Kloud IX Entertainment bring you a party comprised of innovative underground music selection, and a southeastern breeze that creates the weightless vibe currently missing from your week. An intimate poolside Nu-disco retreat, Young Hearts is something that is nowhere to be found in Miami. Take the plunge into the pool or stay dry, either way your sure to groove effortlessly into Wednesday.

First up tomorrow (Tues Oct. 2nd) is production duo, Tiger & Woods. Not much is known about them and they seem to like it that way. However their sound speaks volumes, answering all possible questions you might have about dancing on a Tuesday, or in the pool. Check out some of Tiger & Wood's original productions below, as well as a remix of a Tensnake track they did and their recent set at Movement Festival in Detroit (free download). If by chance the weather turns typical Miami, the party will be relocated to the Delano's FDR. See everyone tomorrow!

Event is FREE with RSVP -

The Burning Hotels :: Beard

The Burning Hotels list their influences as  The Stills, The Clash, Depeche Mode, French Kicks, and The Cure. You are in pretty good company if you are able to come out with music that innovates and makes us want to dance.

I really enjoyed the array of sounds and colors their album, Burning Hotels, has. And they do have sounds that dip into industrial, electro rock, and indie rock.

The track 'Beard' reminds me of the The Killers a bit. I recommend you check out their whole album. They do have some good tracks.

Skip The Use :: Antislavery

Skip The Use is a band from France with an interesting sound. They have no boundaries in their sound.  On their Facebook page they list their genre as 'PUNK, ROCK, POP.' It's really hard to place them in a category. And maybe - just maybe - they might like that.

'Antislavery' is my favorite track from the French group. It reminded me of old Bloc Party. Enjoy!