Röyksopp :: Running To The Sea feat. Susanne Sundfør

Is your recent playlist starting to get a little repetitive? It's about to be a new year, start to make a new one! When this track is soon released it will definitely be one you'll want to add to your newly created list. The electronic duo from Norway, Röyksopp has done a fantastic job on their new song "Running To The Sea" which is complimented with resonating vocals from Susanne Sundfør. The song was written and recorded in just 2 days, and was performed live on Lydverket on November 28th.

Francis Neve :: Calls

London artist Francis Neve's reps sent us his latest single "Calls" and I am digging it. A great indie pop track that is sure to take this up and comer up the indie ranks in no time flat. In addition to the track there's also a great Clean Death Remix that takes the track in a complete 180 degree different direction from the original. Much darker and menacing in a Matthew Dear kinda way. I'm not sure if it's officially released yet, but the email said free download, so I'm gonna go ahead and link you to the soundcloud here. Enjoy!

Right after I posted I spotted the video for "Calls". Check that out below.

Sky Ferreira :: Everything is Embarrassing

Sky Ferreira is an artist I came across, while watching one of my many guilty pleasure shows. The track that was playing was "Red Lips", however, after looking through her catalogue of songs I found "Everything is Embarrassing".

According to various online sources, Ferreira lists her influences as :: Spice Girls member Emma Bunton, Michael Jackson, Prince, Blondie, Elton John, David Bowie, Serge Gainsbourg, Meja, Lil' Kim, Madonna, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Alice Cooper, Nancy Sinatra, and The Runaways. That's a nice list of influences. The model/actress/singer's family was also close friends of Michael Jackson.

Either way, the song is pretty nice. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Modernage :: It's Never Easy (Premiere)

Miami indie rock band Modernage has been laying low for quite some time. Only recently doing one off shows here and there in 2012 after a long hiatus. Now it seems the live shows have inspired the band to get back into the studio to record some new material, their first new music in 4 years.

The first glimpse of their new sound is first single "It's Never Easy" which they were nice enough to send our way before anyone else, and I'm glad to report it is really good! Crisp guitar work and lively vocals by lead singer Mario Giancarlo make for a memorable first single. Check out the goods below. Hopefully this will lead to an EP/album down the road and more live shows around town. We'll keep you updated.

Flight Facilities :: Clair De Lune (Video)

Flight Facilities latest single the much darker/minimal "Clair De Lune" that Mike posted about here, just put the finishing touches on their video for the track. They did a great job as we follow two lovely ladies through a night out on the town. The music and cinematography of this kinda reminds me of the movie Drive. Check it out below...

Seyra :: To the Playground

Looking for some sweet indie pop for your musical diet? Then look no further than Singapore band Seyra who sent us their latest single "To The Playground". A real pretty indie pop tune with lovely female vocals. It definitely caught my attention and kinda flattered that our site is reaching those parts of the world. Check out the track below, more on their bandcamp.

M. Ward :: Watch The Show

Western Rock is not everyone's cup of tea. There are very few people who could come off as cool as Johnny Cash and be respected for crossing the boundaries. Now I'm not stating that M. Ward is as good as Cash or that he can do that often with his work, but mad respect for the track, "Watch The Show". The song is something that would be used in a David Lynch movie, while the main character is driving through the desert focused on that metaphorical, unattained, but almost attainable piece of rationality. Then again, maybe I just have an active imagination. Either way, you guys be the judge.

Interesting Fact :: M. Ward is half of She & Him with Zooey Deschanel.

Charlie XCX :: Nuclear Seasons

I'm a fan of visual swipes and MTV, when MTV played music videos. Charlie XCX's video for the single, "Nuclear Seasons" does not disappoint. I guess the point of the video is that we live in a nuclear apocalyptic world. Either way, I actually like the song. The British singer is not too bad and "Nuclear Seasons" is quite catchy.

Digits :: Street Violence

It seems every so often an artist comes along and discovers a new way to distribute their work to the masses. DigitsAlt Altman is releasing a track a week on different music blogs. The track, "Street Violence" is my favorite track from In The City Of The Dead concept album. According to Mr. Altman, "In the City of the Dead is a serialized story that I am writing/recording and releasing as I go." Pretty cool idea. Not to mention that every week he has fans waiting in agony for the newest and latest track. Without further ado here is "Street Violence".

Krychek :: EP + DJ Mix

NYC's Krychek recently sent us his latest self titled EP + new DJ Mix The Kronicles of Krychek: Le Cinquième. The DJ mix is a deep house lover's dream come true and is available as a free download, but what really caught my attention is his own original music. Instrumental, electronic, dance goodness with a little 80's flair. He even named one of the tracks "John Hughes". Digging all 4 of the tracks, so thought I'd share with our fine readers. Maybe he will make fans of you as well. Check it...

Amtrac :: How Can She

One of my recent favorites Amtrac that I posted about his excellent album a couple of months ago here, sent us his latest single "How Can She" and it is another certifiable winner! Soo good, samples a bunch of things including a little Smokey Robinson. Can't go wrong with that, or the fact that he's giving it away as a free download. I can picture this track tearing up holes on a dance floor near you. I know I for one will be incorporating it into my DJ sets. See if you guys agree.

Von Haze :: Mother Mountain

Brooklyn psychedelic duo Von Haze that we posted about back in 2010 here sent us their latest video for their track "Mother Mountain" and we are loving it! A dark, minimal, ominous sounding track that would fit perfectly in a horror movie, kinda like the video they did for it. Check out the goods below...

El Perro Del Mar :: Walk On By

El Perro Del Mar is out with a new track called "Walk On By" from the album Pale Fire. The track has a late 80's - early 90's mainstream R&B sound to it. El Perro Del Mar (aka Sarah Assbring) started out making lo-fi indie pop, and in many ways Pale Fire continues in that tradition, but it's also a departure from her regular sound. Overall, it's a chill track to play in the afternoon, while having a good drink.

The KDMS :: Circles

The KDMS is a duo consisting of Polish producer Max Skiba and British singer Kathy Diamond. The group has been traveling Europe supporting their hit single "Circles". According to their Facebook page, they "combine hypnotic rhythms with addictive pop melodies carrying clever lyrics - a rare achievement in today's formulaic world of club-inspired pop music." I don't know about all that, but their Facebook description is rather humorous to read. In my honest opinion, any video that is disco-esque and has drag queens is bound to be a hit. Enjoy!

Palmbomen :: Stock

Shitty news day got me bummed, but this great track "Stock" just released by Berlin artist Palmbomen who we posted about previously here helped make my day a little brighter. Thought I'd share with our fine readers, maybe it will do the same for some of you. Music heals after all. Cheers and have a great weekend!

Animal Collective :: Crimson + UR1 Festival Performance

Surprise! Animal Collective have just released a new single. "Crimson" is available on the B-side of a 10-inch single for "Applesauce," a track from the latest album, Centipede Hz, released in September.

How many of you realized there was a new Animal Collective album out this year? I'm a little disappointed that their latest release, Centipede Hz, isn't getting as much attention, but I'm also not entirely surprised. 2009's Merriweather Post Pavilion is a tough act to follow and Centipede isn't stocked with dance hits like the former.

This is exactly what I like about it. Having spent two months listening to it, I can finally say that I think it's a classic - and I mean that literally because it feels like the Animal Collective from days of old, when they were just a weird experimental freak folk act playing small venues in Miami - anybody remember that one show at I/O? Was it like 2003 or 2002? 

Centipede Hz is dense and cluttered, which is what many music critics site when giving it a mixed score. However, this to me is the Collective's strong point, and a journey back to their roots. It's a pretty crazy album, no doubt but if you're a fan of their earlier work as I am, you'll feel right at home with Centipede.

Definitely looking forward to seeing some of these tracks performed live in Miami next month. The UR1 Festival will have Animal Collective playing alongside a diverse range of artists from all styles of music. It should be an interesting performance, especially if they get a spot right after Kanye West. I've always wanted to see a collaboration between those two!

Check out the crazy videos Animal Collective released. For a time, they had an entire "video stream" of the album with 11 unique animated videos for each track. Too bad it's not available in full anymore because that noise was choice.

Off the Radar + Tropicult @ The Vagabond (Fri, Nov 16)

This Friday, November the 16th Off the Radar is happy to join forces with Tropicult to celebrate the birthday of Tropicult / Vagabond's own Stef Vidal! We love her so we've put together a pretty sweet line up of local Miami talent to celebrate this special occasion. This includes a Live Performance by Miami favorites Krisp, Bad Dreams (Debut Performance), Afrobeta (DJ Set) & Andrew Ward (DJ Set)! This in addition to Art Exhibits by Jessynite, plus a Live Garden Mural Painting by Val Simon as well as the excellent Fridays at the Vagabond Resident DJ's, including yours truly ;)

Check out the Facebook invite for the event/flyer here and check out some tunes below to get you acquainted with the bands that will be performing. The event starts at 10 PM and we don't stop till 5 AM. Hope to see you there! Cheers!

Teen Mom :: Mean Tom

Love, love, LOVE this track I just stumbled upon from the DC based lo-fi/fuzz pop outfit who call themselves Teen Mom. The track titled "I Wanna Go Out" is from their forthcoming debut album Mean Tom, which drops later this month on the 27th via Analog Edition. It's shoegaze, garage rock at its finest with comforting hazy vocals paired with melodies that almost sound reminiscent of The Smiths which evolve into some pretty dance-worthy beefy guitar riffs. I freaking love it! Gonna keep a close eye on these guys now, really looking forward to hearing what else this debut album has to offer! Check out the track and its accompanying video below.

Solid Gold :: All The Way Until It Stops

Solid Gold, whom we've written about before recently released their sophomore album Eat Your Young on October 30th. One of my favorite tracks from the album is "All The Way Until It Stops".

The quartet from Minnesota should be touring the states soon. In the meantime, sneak a peek at my favorite tune...

Future Islands :: Balance

On Tuesday of last week, Future Islands played a show in Miami. The band from Baltimore is composed of three members: William Cashion (bass, acoustic and electric guitars), Gerrit Welmers (keyboards and programming) and Samuel Herring (lyrics and vocals).

Before the show, Herring was just sitting on the couch checking the election coverage. I talked to him for a bit. He was very approachable and even introduced himself. He was wearing a light olive, long sleeved button up shirt, with blue dress pants - very not rock and roll.

They played through their catalog of songs, with the animated singer showing his very theatrical postures and moves. The crowd was very much into it. The intimate setting at the bar made the occasion even better. During the middle of the concert someone screamed, "Obama won!" to loud cheers from the crowd.

Future Islands is a good band to see live. The band projects a high level of enthusiasm and it just makes you want to be a part of it. If you were there, I hope you enjoyed the concert as much as I did. Check out their track/video for "Balance".

Flight Facilities :: Clair De Lune

Aussie electronic artists Flight Facilities recently released their much anticipated gorgeous new single "Clair De Lune" that takes a whole new direction from the duo than what we are used to. They had mentioned it briefly last month in an interview with the Miami New Times saying that they love Claude Debussy's famous classical piece of the same name, so this upcoming track was kind of their ode to him. The single, featuring vocals from New York's Christine Hoberg, is officially available for purchase here in the U.S. tomorrow, but you can stream it below. Plus check out the short teaser video for the track. There's a full length vid coming soon, we'll keep you posted.  Enjoy.

Tanlines :: All Of Me + UR1 Festival Performance

I had almost forgotten about seeing Tanlines perform in September! It must've been those boozy slushys that Holocene was serving up that night, almost two months ago. I was attending one of the many events for Musicfest NW, where the Brooklyn-based duo performed as headliners at the Portland indie music venue.

What a treat to see Tanlines in person. You never quite know what you're going to get when it's just two guys and electronic music. Could be some laptops and Abelton or it could be an elaborately awesome live show that had the entire crowd shaking for what seemed like hours - which was actually more like 30 or 40 minutes. In drunk-slushy dance mode, time kind of slows down.

The hype machine for Tanlines shows no signs of slowing down. Recently, Christina Applegate's character on NBC's new hit sitcom "Up All Night" tossed a nod their way when she proclaimed that "All Of Me was her jam!" Pretty great for a group who only just released their first full length earlier this year.

This upcoming December, they'll be performing alongside artists like Lou Reed, Animal Collective, Peter Murphy, Kanye West and more at the UR1 Festival, a brand new music bonanza in Miami, FL. I might just have to take a trip down to Florida for the holidays this year. Just don't tell my parents I'm only really coming down for the UR 1 Festival!

Hot Hot Hawk

My DJ buddy Nelson (aka Essential Six) who I spin with Wednesdays at our (786) party at Purdy Lounge is always amazing me with all the cool tracks/remixes he plays out. It's as if we both share the same taste in music. Last night he played this great track which as usual got me asking "who is this??" The track was "Atlanta Skyline" by Russian electronic duo Hot Hot Hawk. They have such a great electronic italo 80's movie soundtrack type of vibe which they freely admit to loving. They even name some of their tracks with 80's movie references like "Snake Pliskken is the Only Hope" & "Running Man Fever".

Check out "Atlanta Skyline" which their label is offering as a free download and another one of my favorites "Midnight Thunder", but really all their tracks are amazing and I recommend you spend some time on their soundcloud, especially if you dig these. You'll thank me later.

Classixx :: Take a Walk (Remix)

Been a while since we last posted about LA duo Classixx. Today they released this beautiful remix of Passion Pit's track "Take a Walk" that I had to share with our lovely readers, especially since they are offering this beaut as a free download. That's right, it's a good day. Get to saving to this baby to your hard drives, I predict many a play from this one.

French Horn Rebellion :: Poster Girl (EP)

Our friends over at French Horn Rebellion recently sent us their latest EP for Poster Girl which is basically a maxi single for us old timers that remember those. A new single "Poster Girl", plus remixes by the likes of Justin Faust & Peter Wade, which is currently sitting pretty on the Hype Machine Top 20! Not too shabby. Digging the track and remixes! Check those out below and if you like what you hear they are available as free downloads in exchange for your email. Fair trade I'd say. Keep up the great work fellas and come back to Miami soon!

Monsieur Adi :: Born to Die (Remix)

One of our favorites at OTR that we've been covering for years Monsieur Adi just sent us his latest remix for Lana Del Rey's "Born to Die" and it is one smooth affair. Silky smooth downtempo remix that I can hear over and over. Best part is he is offering the track as a free download! Can't complain about that. Check it out below then get ready to press play many a times.

Mickey ft Billie :: Weekend

Sorry haven't posted in a bit, but been real sick... :(  Feeling better this week though so I will be digging through your submissions to bring you the cream of the crop. Speaking of which I'm not usually a big house guy, but this track sent to us by Mickey ft Billie called "Weekend" is top notch and also probably a cross with electro-pop which is why I dig it so. Check out the track below. You can check out a couple remixes as well as an instrumental version on their soundcloud. If you wanna purchase the track/remixes they're available on beatport.