Off the Radar's :: 25 Favorite Albums of 2012

Another year comes to an end and with it another great collection of albums and amazing music! Which ones will stand the test of time? We shall see, but here are our picks for favorite albums of 2012!!

As for the process, it was pretty simple. I just rounded up all our contributors and had them each send me their fave albums, then I combined them with mine and here's what we came up with in no particular order (except that maybe I tried to get the art works to match up a bit). I linked each artists Facebook and iTunes so you can do a little more investigating.

After looking at some of the other Best Of lists out there I am pretty happy with our selections. Of course there will probably be some records that we missed, but all in all it's a pretty fine representation of what we do at Off the Radar.

Thanks for all your support throughout the year and we wish you all a Happy New Year! 


Céline Ollivier :: Mes Adieux

Céline Ollivier is a French singer I recently came across in the early hours of a hangover. "Mes Adieux" was playing and it reminded me of European winters. I really miss those living in Miami. Her music is a bit folksy and soothing. The type of music that could motivate your laziness to stay in bed. Her album, La Femme A l'Eventail, is pretty good. Happy Holidays everyone! Jouir!

Mistereric :: Holiday on Ice (DJ Mix)

Working on our favorite albums for 2012 this week, but in the meantime wanted to leave you guys with this great DJ Mix sent our way called 'Holiday on Ice' by Dublin DJ/producer Mistereric. A great french house mix that features many of our favorites like Lifelike, Fred Falke, Alex Gopher, Thomas Bangalter, Daft Punk, G.L.O.V.E.S. and more. Best part is the mix is available as a free download and in full 320 bit rate quality. Best get to downloading. The tracklisting can be found on his soundcloud. Enjoy!

EIMIC :: Illusion

Got sent this really cool indie pop/rock track "Illusion" by Moscow band EIMIC (short for Everything is Made in China). Really digging it! Real mellow and groovy track that get's even better with repeated listens. Check out the soundlcoud/video for it below.

Husky Rescue :: Deep Forest Green (EP)

Been some time since I last heard from Finland band Husky Rescue. Back in 2004 I had their debut album 'Country Falls' which I listened to incessantly. Then as happens sometimes and for reasons unknown they kinda dropped off my radar. Fast forward to 2012 and it looks like they are getting ready to release a new EP Deep Forest Green as well as a new album in 2013. Got a chance to listen to the EP and I'm digging it. In particular the title track "Deep Forest Green" is pretty special and reminds me why I loved them so. Seems they have also trimmed their line up and now consist of a 3 piece.

Check out the soundcloud/video for "Deep Forest Green" below which they are offering as a free download and check out the rest of the EP on their soundcloud. Good to have you back on our radar, forgot how great you guys are. Won't happen again.

Living Days :: Let My Love Open The Door (Cover)

Got sent this great cover for Pete Townshend's "Let My Love Open the Door" by Brooklyn band Living Days. Uber catchy new wave sounding dance tune means of course I love it! They've been getting a lot of press love recently including a great plug from Bats for Lashes lead singer Natasha Khan who says "And then there is this singer called Stephonik Youth. She’s so amazing. She’s literally I think the most amazing artist I’ve ever seen, and her voice is incredible." Not too shabby endorsement and after hearing this track it only makes me crave more.

We can expect to get a new album from them in early 2013. For now check out the soundcloud/video for "Let My Love Open the Door" which uses footage from the 1985 Sam Raimi movie Crimewave.

Work Drugs :: Young Lungs

Gotta say I've been a fan of pretty much everything Work Drugs has put out, and this new single "Young Lungs" from the Philly duo does not disappoint. Its a shining example of synth-pop at its finest, with some bonus sexy sax thrown in at the end for good measure. Best part is its being given away as a free download! So check out/pick up the track below, and enjoy the single's entertaining extreme sports video as well.

Tame Impala :: Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Being a connoisseur of good music can feel like a part time job at times, especially with so many bands in so many countries. However, one thing that has been a constant is the quality of good music that comes out of Australia.

The psychedelic band Tame Impala is out of Perth. Kevin Parker, who is the lead singer, says he got the name  because the band see themselves as "a steady flowing psychedelic groove rock band that emphasizes dream-like melody."

Their sophomore album, 'Lonerism' is definitely an album to check out. Have a listen to "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards".

Update:: Sorry about the confusion. The sophomore album is 'Lonerism' not 'Innerspeaker'.

Silenk :: Space Love : The Remixes

Absolutely loving the new Silenk Space Love remixes, including remixes by Follow Me, 80's Stallone, Keenhouse & Final DJ's. They are all excellent, especially if you love 80's new wave inspired sounds as much as I do. Can't wait for this to be out (12/17) so I can grab the whole thing. Check out the amazing-ness below, then be on the lookout.

INK :: Twin Shadow : Five Seconds (Cover)

One of my favorite records of 2012 is Twin Shadow's excellent sophomore record 'Confess'. London band INK sent us their cover of his single "Five Seconds" and they did a fabulous job! With the female vocals it gives the track a nice change of pace. Check it out below and if you like what you hear it's available as a free download just by liking their Facebook page here.

NO :: The Long Haul

NO is a band from Echo Park, Los Angeles. Their single "The Long Haul" from their EP Don't Worry, You'll Be Here Forever has a striking sound to something Interpol would come up with. The trio, sometimes quartet is currently touring Europe. They have shows in Barcelona tonight and in Madrid tomorrow. Let us know what you think.

YACHT :: Second Summer

Oh. My. God. The new YACHT track is dope.

I could almost stop right there. That's how much I like "Second Summer," the new single from these Portland, OR electropop geniuses. I actually had plans to write about something else today but this new single caught me by surprise and kind of blows my mind so, here we are.

If this is any indication of what their new material is going to sound like, everyone should be stoked. I've really enjoyed listening to this band progress through the years and this is a great next step off their excellent 2011 release, "Shangir-La."

Along with the new track, which is available as a totally free download on YACHT's Soundcloud, they've released a crazy animated music video. It's directed by ADHD, who will be debuting new animated material on Fox next year.

2013 is going to be awesome.

Steed Lord :: The Prophecy

Icelandic synth-pop trio Steed Lord has just released the first part of their two part The Prophecy chronicle. The project is described as an "electric love story full of obsession, lust, heartbreak and cosmic religion."  The Prophecy Pt. 1 is available now here. Check out their track "New Religion" below, plus the vid for the album intro "Another World".

Johnny Marr :: The Messenger

After all these years of working with bands it looks like Johnny Marr of Smiths fame finally decided to take a stab at doing his own solo album and if first single "The Messenger" is any indication of what's to come, we are in for a treat. Great tune! Not sure who did the vocals, but it sure is a pretty track. Now if we could only get a Smiths reu... nah just forget it.

Jeremy Hills :: Radiohead (Remix)

As a DJ I'm always looking for cool remixes to play out so I got pretty excited when we got sent this remix for Radiohead's "Everything in it's Right Place" by Parisian producer Jeremy Hills. Really cool remix which kinda still keeps the essence of the original, but with a little bit of a dancier edge when it kicks in. Just what you look for in a good remix. Best part is he's offering it as a free download. Check it, then get to downloading.

Applescal :: Dreaming in Key

Applescal is a producer from the Netherlands who contacted us about his upcoming album 'Dreaming in Key' which is scheduled for release February 5th. Prior to the release he is releasing the first 3 tracks from the album as previews, including giving away the first track "Boys" on his soundcloud here. Really loving the sounds. Silky electronic goodness. At only 24 this young upstart has already released 3 albums and gotten tons of press. I can see why.

Check out the 3 tracks below and I'm sure you'll become a fan as well. Keep an eye out for the rest of that album come February, I know we will.

Russell Dean Stone :: I Don't Need You

London artist Russell Dean Stone who we posted about previously here contacted us with news of his latest single "I Don't Need You". He's been writing with Dimitri Tokovoi who's worked with some of our faves The Horrors and Placebo, which I can hear some similarities to and probably why I like it so (I can never get enough of that goth pop/rock sound). We also briefly chatted about our mutual love for Depeche Mode, who he also cites as an influence. Can't wait to hear more from this up and comer in the months/years to come. For now sink your teeth into "I Don't Need You" and follow him on his Facebook page I linked above.

Xinobi :: Bronze (Mr. Mitsuhirato Rework)

Hectic week in Miami as the amazing annual week long Art Basel event is here. For me it's literally right outside my door steps as many of the exhibits are all around the area where I live. Which means I don't know how many posts I'm gonna be able to do this week with all the art to see in addition to my DJ gigs. Got a little time today before it gets real hectic tomorrow, so here goes...

Got sent this really cool rework of Xinobi's "Bronze" a b-side for "Pirates" by Discotexas head Mr. Mitsuhirato that is mighty fine instrumental, electronic goodness. Best part they are offering the track as a free download. Can't complain about that. Enjoy!