STRFKR :: While I'm Alive

STRFKR (Starfucker) is about to drop their new album, Miracle Mile! This post has been in the pipeline for a while, but since the release date is coming up - February 19 - I figured I'd stop dragging my heels.

The Portland-based electronica group has been slowly leaking tracks from the upcoming record and it sounds really promising. (Actually, you can stream the whole thing at the AV Club.) The first track on the album, "While I'm Alive" stands out as an early favorite. It reaches back to a funkier, more avant-garde disco sound, bringing to mind artists like Arthur Russell

I've always admired that about STRFKR - they take their time, slow and easy. The climaxes are just more exciting that way. On these new Miracle Mile tracks, you can really hear the progression from prior material. It's, by far, their most solid and developed work to date. I can appreciate a band that ages well. 

STRFKR is also about to embark on a tour of the US with Blackbird Blackbird (another awesome group). They've been playing to sell-out crowds in the Pacific NW recently so it's a safe bet that these upcoming shows are not to be missed. I'm looking forward to the group's hometown stop in Portland on February 27. 

Also I really love the obscure, probably unintentional Miami-Portland connection. Miracle Mile will only make sense in that light to those us from South Florida. 

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