Tame Impala :: Mind Mischief (Video)

This shiny new video for Tame Impala's latest single "Mind Mischief", the third official single off their Lonerism album, is one of the more awesome music vids I've seen in quite some time. Loving the Britain-in-the-60's throw back feel combined with the great psychedelic space sex animation. Check out the Urban Outfitters and Modular co-produced video below and enjoy!

Monarchy :: Disintegration

Monarchy is a great band that we've covered before. They just came out with what is sure to be their most popular track/video for "Disintegration" by working with the infamous Dita Von Teese. They got her to come out in this very provocative video that is sure be a hit.

The duo, from England, have previously remixed songs from Ellie Goulding, Kelis, Lady Gaga, Marina and the Diamonds, Jamiroquai, Kylie Minogue, OMD and Fyfe Dangerfield.

Check out the goods...

The Knife :: Full of Fire

The wait for new music from The Knife is finally over! Woke up this morning to news of their new single "Full of Fire" getting the video treatment and getting ready for release next week! The track is pretty epic and classic them. It clocks in at a lengthy 9:54 mins, so the video is like a short movie. It is from their upcoming album 'Shaking the Habitual' scheduled for release April 8th/9th. After listening to this track it is obvious they have not lost a step. Cannot wait to hear the full album! It has been too long since 'Silent Shout' came out. You can pre-order the album on their site here. For now check out the new single/video below.

Happy Monday everyone!

The Strokes :: One Way Trigger

I was about to take it easy for the weekend, finished my posting for the week when I spot this amazing new track from The Strokes, "One Way Trigger" that was too good to pass up. It's the first track released from their upcoming album. Best part is they are offering the track as a free download in exchange for your email on their site here. Can't beat it!

Seems their official first single will be called "All the Time" and will be seeing the light of day very soon as well. Can't wait! Time to get excited Strokes fans.

Pulp :: After You

One of my favorites of all time Pulp are getting ready to officially release a new track "After You" via iTunes January 28th. They gave away the track as a free download to fans who attended their homecoming Sheffield gig last Christmas, but now all of us who weren't fortunate enough to be there get to own it. It was produced by the one and only James Murphy and definitely has a bit of his trademark disco vibe. Hopefully this will inspire them to record a new album then possibly a tour? I for one have never seen them play live, this must be changed. Check out the tune via the soundcloud below.

Lissi Dancefloor Disaster :: Try

The second of my melodic posts today is from someone who is no stranger to OTR, Lissi Dancefloor Disaster. We have championed this electronic pop duo for many years. They are getting ready to release their debut album 'Waves' on February the 27th. The first single to come out from the new album is the lovely "Try". The softest and prettiest track I've ever heard from them. Simply gorgeous tune! I will be pressing play many times on this one.

Can't wait to see what else is in store for us in that debut album, beautiful and fun things I am sure. For now check out the soundcloud/video for "Try".

Delix :: Sold

I'm feeling the beautiful melody vibe today, so I got two tracks that definitely fit the bill. First off I got sent this great tune "Sold" by Manchester trio Delix. Such a pretty indie pop track with gorgeous female vocals, reminds me how amazing music can be. Makes you feel emotions and feelings just from hearing certain sounds. This one definitely does it for me. So lovely, I am an instant fan, maybe it will do the same for you. Press play and prepare to fall in love.

Kamp! :: Melt

Polish electro-pop trio Kamp! that we've written about a couple times in the past, most recently in 2011 here for their excellent track "Cairo" (still play the Moullinex remix of that in my DJ sets), are getting ready to release new single "Melt" on the Discotexas label February the 15th. The track is an excellent subdued jam that will be backed by remixes by Midnight Magic, Xinobi & Zimmer. Can't wait for that, they are bound to be amazing!

Check out the soundcloud for the track below as well as the brand spanking new video for the track just released yesterday. Good to have you guys back on our Radar.

Giant Fang :: Aqualung

Giant Fang (aka Douglas Wilson) is a 26 year old Glasgow musician/producer who after having spent several years as a tour manager/touring musician decided to have a go at it on his own. His first single "Aqualung" is from his forthcoming debut album 'Kingdom'. If this track is any indication of what's to come we are in for a treat! A grand sweeping indie pop track that I can hear over and over. So good! We will definitely be keeping an eye on this up and comer.

Clancy :: How To Hold On To You

London electronic artist Clancy that we've written about many times before, most recently in August here for his track "Make Up" has just sent us his latest track "How To Hold On To You". Just like everything he puts out, it's another dancey gem that will fit in nicely into my DJ sets. Maybe for you as well? Check out the goods below and if you like what you hear it's free for the taking.

Stu & the Joo :: Creased by the East (DJ Mix)

Newly moved to London by way of South Africa duo Stu & the Joo who have sent us a couple of great DJ mixes in the past (check here), have just sent us their latest DJ mix "Creased by the East". Just like their other mixes it is top notch and definitely gets me in a groove. Thought I'd share with our fine readers. Maybe it will help get your work week off to a great start. I have no doubt that these boys will be making a name for themselves in London in no time flat. Download this bad boy and say "I remember them way back when".

Dan Deacon :: Guilford Avenue Bridge (Video)

Electronic freakout artist Dan Deacon released what I believe to be his finest work to date last summer. America is an older release, but it's my unsung hero of 2012. Here, Deacon's absurdist sound comes full circle in the most consistent, thoughtful and mature work he's ever produced. 

Over the weekend, I had a strange urge to revisit America so I drove around an unusually foggy Portland with this short, 9-track album destroying my shitty car speakers. Then I wake up this morning to discover that a new video has been released for the intense opening track, "Guilford Avenue Bridge." 

Coincidence? I think not! Perhaps I'm tuned into to some resounding frequency in Mr. Deacon's strange and beautiful mind? I kind of look like him too - maybe we're long lost brothers, separated at birth?

Anyway, the video is exactly what I imagined it would be. Taking cues from the time-lapse dream (or nightmare?) of the Koyaanisqatsi film. It's a mind-blowing fast-paced assembly of footage mostly taken from a camera fixed atop his veggie-oil powered tour bus. 

There's really nothing else to say except, damn! Aren't you jealous that you didn't go to one of those live performances?

Chapel Club :: Good Together (Video)

Sorry been a little hectic this week. Haven't been able to post/catch up on emails. Promise I will get on the ball next week. Before the weekend is upon us though I wanted to share this great new video from London band Chapel Club for their track "Good Together". Such a great tune! Hopefully it will get you in a good mood for the weekend, that is if it just being Friday doesn't do that already. Enjoy and see ya soon.

Santigold :: Girls

Santigold is just a bad ass. Her album 'Master of My Make-Believe' was amazing. Then she did this song for the HBO series Girls' soundtrack. The track, which is titled after the show is just 2:14 long, but it's incredible.

Rudimental :: Not Giving In (ft. John Newman & Alex Clare)

There are certain songs that just sound like England. "Not Giving In" by Rudimental featuring John Newman and Alex Clare is one of those songs. The song starts off with an R&B intro and then it just goes crazy into a drum and bass type of dubstep bridge. The song and is just pure energy, though it does take you through its paces.

Clubfeet :: Heartbreak (feat Chela)

The collaboration between Clubfeet and Chela has produced a gem of a track. "Heartbreak" is the type of song that reminds me of summer. If memory serves me correct, that's the current season in Australia. This is just a fun song to start off the week.

Southerly :: Do We Believe?

Southerly is the solo project from Wisconsinite Krist Kreuger. The song "Do We Believe?" is really chill and kind of inspirational. After a long weekend with perfect Miami weather the prospect of a work week is just a bit depressing. So it's always nice to listen to a hopeful song that will carry your hopes through the work week into the weekend. I hope this tune does that for you.

Foals :: My Number

Foals is a fun band. You can tell by their awesome videos and photo shoot wardrobes. So it's only appropriate they come out with a song titled after two words mostly said at a bar or club, "My Number."

The British band has come out with solid albums before and this one looks no different. 'Holy Fire' is slated for release February 11th

Hey Champ :: Cliche

Chicago electro-pop trio Hey Champ that we've posted about before, but haven't heard from in a minute just released a new track this week called "Cliche". Just like everything I've heard from them it's another catchy electro-pop gem that should get you psyched for some weekend dancing, particulary since they are offering the track as a free download. They promise us lots of new music in 2013 as well as a video for "Celebrate" in the coming months. Good news all around.

Ultraísta :: Small Talk + Four Tet (Remix)

I often wondered what a band helmed by Nigel Godrich would sound like. I always loved his contribution as a producer to the Radiohead albums. In many ways he has been partially responsible for Radiohead's success.

Well I guess, I don't have to wait any longer. Godrich has formed Ultraísta. The group is also composed of Joey Waronker and artist Laura Bettinson. The band was "conceived from a love of Afro-beat, electronica, art and inspired by Tequila." I really enjoyed the original version of "Small Talk", but found the remix by Four Tet even sexier.

EONS :: Moonlight

It is January and 82 degrees here in Miami. Naturally I am eager to see what sounds are going to be carrying us into the summer. Eons is a 3 piece electronic indie dance band out of Miami, FL, that has already started a buzz amongst local music taste makers. Carrying out 2012 with a steady stream of live performances, the group's 2013 is starting with a bang. 3 upcoming shows this month, first of which is tomorrow Jan. 9th at The Stage Miami.

Singer/songwriter/producer of Eons, Johnny Deezal elected to give the debut Time and Space EP for free, as well as the single "Moonlight". It is tough imagining the effects of what a cold slushy winter would feel like here in Miami, tracks like "Moonlight" just keep those thoughts at more of a distance.

'Time and Space' will be released on Jan 29th, with a release party just days before at The Vagabond Miami, Friday Jan 25th where you will be able to snag a free hard copy! For more free Eons tracks hit up their Soundcloud/Facebook.

Amercia :: Rushing Into You

What better way to kick off a new year than to dive straight back into that consistent treasure-trove of amazing music that is Sweden. Stockholm duo Amercia, consisting of Emelie Norenberg & Gustaf Törling, have started it off right by giving us this excellent little indie-rock single called "Rushing Into You", complete with a simple, sexy little video shot entirely with an iPhone.

Suede :: Barriers

Legendary Brit-Pop band Suede (or London Suede as they were forced to do in the U.S.) is getting ready to release new album 'Bloodsports' this March. It is their first new album since 2002's rather disappointing 'New Morning', which also ended up being their last album before breaking up.

As a gift to their fans they are giving away a new non album track "Barriers" here in exchange for your email. The track is a return to form for the band and it is a track they feel gives a good overall feel for what's to come on the new album. Cannot wait for this record! Fingers crossed that it is half as good as their legendary material.

In addition to their new album they are also going to be re-mastering all their classic albums and re-releasing them with bonus tracks in May. It's a great year to be a Suede fan!

David Bowie :: Where Are We Now?

David Bowie has been putting out music longer than most of our readers have been alive. In fact, his music has transcended over half a century. Collaborations with prominent era artists act as testimony to his longevity, influence, and prominent demi-god like figure. He has decided to give us a gift on his 66th birthday. "Where Are We Now?" is the latest single from the Ziggy Stardust. His album, The Next Day,  is slated to be released in March.

Chris Malinchak :: So Good To Me

Chris Malinchak's "So Good to Me" is such a smooth track. This is the track that sets the most poignant part in a movie. You know the one, where the two main characters are having a good time at a club. The background noise is muted and all you hear is this sweet track setting the tone.

Sweet lawd, I think I just described all independent films. Either way, Malinchak's house music is well known around the scene. He was also a part of the group French Express. I hope you guys enjoy the tale and the track.

Walter Sobcek :: Fleetwood Mac : Dreams (Remix)

Hope you all had a great New Year and enjoyed our favorite albums of 2012. To start the New Year right I wanted to share this excellent remix sent our way by one of our favorites Walter Sobcek. They remixed Fleetwood Mac's classic track "Dreams" into a dreamy disco incarnation that will fit nicely into DJ sets and a dance floor near you. Best part is they are offering the track as a free download. Can't beat that. Grab this baby and let the 2013 dancing commence.