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Drowners :: Luv, Hold Me Down

On a recent trip I had the pleasure of listening to the Drowners' "Luv, Hold Me Down." The post-punk band from New York have an early 90's indie rock feel to them that will make them airplay friendly across many university radio stations.

Check out the track/video below, and if you like what you hear they are offering the tune as a free download.

Reputante :: Deep Set Eyes

The other day I decided to take a coastal trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I decided to take the trip on my own to take in the scenery and the listen to the back logged music I had to listen to. One of the bands that stood out was Reputante. Their song "Deep Set Eyes" is a danceable ballad. The New York band states, "Reputante" is a tragic love story with an unreliable narrator." Interesting description.

Arcade Fire :: Reflektor ft David Bowie

As most of you probably already know, Arcade Fire has a new album coming out this year produced by LCD's James Murphy. The video for first single "Reflektor" was just released today. Really cool video starring disco balls and really cool band masks. It was directed by Anton Corbijn who is responsible for most of Depeche Mode's videos/visuals since the late 80's, as well as many other high profile artists. The track also features guest backing vocals from the legendary David Bowie in the last third of the track. You can definitely see this track going in more of a dance direction, which is probably inevitable with James Murphy behind the decks, but we shall see. Can't wait to hear the album.

The xx :: End of Summer RemiXX Compilation

Quite possibly one of the easiest things to do when it comes to remembering the year in music, is to overlook artists that have had milestone career breakthroughs in the late fall of the previous year. This came true for The xx when they released their sophomore album 'Coexist' in the fall of 2012, a foggy period of time was ages ago. I was compelled to come up with a way to revisit The xx's success without playing the records through once more. Twelve trusty edits and remixes are what I came up with. Some are old, some new, most are free.

Arctic Monkeys :: Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?

It seems quartet from Sheffield, England is at it again with the track "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?" It's nice to see Arctic Monkeys out with their fifth album, AM. If this single is any indication of what's in the album, it should be a good one.

The album also features guest musicians: Josh Homme, Pete Thomas and Bill Ryder-Jones. John Cooper Clarkes' lyrics appear on the track "I Wanna Be Yours".

Franz Ferdinand :: Love Illumination

I was pretty disappointed with Franz Ferdinand's first single "Right Action" from their upcoming album 'Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action' being released August 27th. I am such a big fan of theirs and after four years with no new material I thought that choice for a first single was rather weak. I hoped the rest of the album would be stronger and their second single "Love Illumination" has given me that hope. Much better/catchier track from this Glasgow band which I was obsessed with when their debut album arrived back at the indie rock peak of 2004. Let's hope the rest of the album goes more in this direction.

TV On The Radio :: Mercy

It wasn't till I heard the first few seconds of the new TV On The Radio single "Mercy" that I realized how much I missed them. This single, their first new music in a couple of years and a preview to their upcoming album, is fire! They say they are excited to get back to work and you can tell. If this track is any indication we are in for a treat with that new album. Taking some time off is often times a great thing when it comes to music. Good to have you fellows back!

Franz Ferdinand :: Right Action

The four lads from Glasgow are at it again. Franz Ferdinand premiered their new track "Right Action" on the Conan O'Brian show last night. The single is off their upcoming album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, which is expected to drop on August 27th.

Cayucas :: High School Lover

Cayucas is a band from Santa Monica, California. Their single “High School Lover” is a pretty catchy tune. It reminds me of an 80’s indie sound that was quickly eradicated by the Seattle grunge movement.

I'd advise you guys check out the rest of their album, Big Foot.

Modernage :: The Williams

Hard to believe our good friends Modernage have been rocking the Miami indie scene for 10 years, but that my friends is a fact. I know cause I was there, haha. To commemorate the occasion they have released a beautiful new tune called "The Williams" which we are glad to debut on OTR. One of the loveliest tracks I've ever heard from them.

Check out the track/promo video for it below and congrats on this notable achievement! Many bands would love to say they reached that milestone.

Gauntlet Hair :: Human Nature (Video)

Don't know much about Chicago duo Gauntlet Hair, but after hearing their new single/video "Human Nature" from their upcoming album Stills out July 16th I am a fan. What an amazing slow grooving jam! Reminds me of the vibe of bands like The Horrors. If dark shoegaze type jams are your thing, this should be right up your alley. Check it...

The National :: Trouble Will Find Me

Today one of my favorite bands The National release their new album Trouble Will Find Me. Been listening to it the last few days and I can safely say it is another master stroke from these amazing musicians. Gonna take a little time to see if it can topple 2010's stellar High Violet, which was my favorite album of that year, but if you are a fan of theirs you will not be disappointed. Ever since 2005's Alligator I have been a fan of this band and have been continually been impressed with each new release seemingly topping the last.

Check out their track "Don't Swallow the Cap" below, plus their video for first single "Demons" and second single "Sea of Love".

Superhumanoids :: Geri

As of late, I've been hooked on the new Famke Janssen Sci-Fi/Thriller show, Hemlock Grove. The show is ok, but the music up to now has been quite good. Superhumanoids is one of the bands that are played in the program and "Geri" is one of those songs that just stays in your mind as it plays in one of the scenes. The Los Angeles band is composed of three members: Cameron, Sarah, and Max. They are currently touring in the west coast and are worth seeing.

Snowden :: So Red

Austin band Snowden are getting ready to release their new album No One In Control May 14th on Serpents & Snakes Records. The first taste of the new record is first single "So Red" which is a super lovely. Gorgeous/catchy tune that really gets me excited to hear the rest of the album.

Check out the soundcloud for "So Red" below, as well as a teaser for their upcoming video.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs :: Sacrilege (Video)

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs just put out an amazing video for their new single "Sacrilege" that I've been jamming to for about a month now. The intense video/mini movie plays out in reverse as you get to see all the protagonist's exploits. Love can make people angry, especially if you piss off the whole town, haha.

The single is from their highly anticipated new album Mosquito being released April 15/16. Can't wait for that! For now check out their new video.

Theme Park :: Theme Park (Album Review)

There are few bands who could make their whole album into my MP3 player. Most of us, if anything, select a 2-3 tracks and move on. This, however, has not been the case with Theme Park's self-titled debut album. The British band's album has been on repeat ever since it came out 2 weeks ago, and up to now, it is in my short list for "Albums of the Year".

The trio has managed to compose 11 tracks that should provide a worth-while experience. They go from synth-pop to new wave to island-esque sounds effortlessly. The only drawback to the album was their exclusion of "Milk" and "A Mountain of Love", which are really good tracks.

Overall, this album gets a 4 out of 5.

Track Listing:

1. Big Dream -  has a good baseline and is just the appetizer, enticing the ears.

2. Jamaica - This perhaps has become my favorite track. It has this really fun, and summer vibe that I can't help, but want to dance.

3. Two Hours - has an 80's INXS vibe, but without the voice. It's just a nice song to spin around the room dancing.

4. A Place They'll Never Know - 80's synth-pop sound to it. It has a slow vibe, but could be an early morning track on the dance floor. The bridge of the song leaves the possibility for a remix.

5. Tonight - is just fun. This song has become the first song I play before heading out for the night. It should work itself into the dance floor in some clubs. I expect a remix of this song. It has limitless potential.

6. Saccades (Lines We Delay) - Every album has the intermission track. This one is it. It's the album's interlude. The track gets going around the 2:06 mark.

7. Wax - the first track I heard from this amazing band. How good is this track? Well, it made me want to get an RSS feed on them. For some reason, I like the single version better.

8. Ghosts - has a great Jamaican/funky riff. This is really a nice "romantic" song with a mid-afternoon pre-party vibe.

9. Still Life - The second slow paced song. This track is ok. It does have a good baseline. It should be a song they play at the end of their shows.

10. Los Chikas - grammatically incorrect in Spanish. At 2 minutes this track is really background noise and their weakest link. They could have added "Milk" instead.  

11. Blind - a down tempo song that, to me, has a similarity to "Ghosts". It is still a good track and definitely worth a listen.

Honorable Mentions

The singles of this album have some good B-Sides. These include:

1. A Mountain We Love - could be found on the Wax EP. It could have easily taken the place of "Still Life"

2. Milk - the second song I heard from this band. As stated above, it could have easily replaced half of the songs in this album. It is a really good track that got left out of the album. I guess something to get people to buy the singles.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs :: Sacrilege

2013 is shaping up to be an amazing year for new album releases. One of the biggest acts that has many people excited is the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. They are getting ready to release their follow up to their amazing 2009 album 'It's Blitz' on April 16th which they are naming 'Mosquito'. The first taste of the new album is first single "Sacrilege" which they just premiered today on BBC Radio 1. Loving the tune which features a 20 person gospel choir and Karen O's distinctive vocal stylings. Cannot wait to hear the rest of that album.

For now dig your teeth into fiery first single "Sacrilege".

The Strokes :: One Way Trigger

I was about to take it easy for the weekend, finished my posting for the week when I spot this amazing new track from The Strokes, "One Way Trigger" that was too good to pass up. It's the first track released from their upcoming album. Best part is they are offering the track as a free download in exchange for your email on their site here. Can't beat it!

Seems their official first single will be called "All the Time" and will be seeing the light of day very soon as well. Can't wait! Time to get excited Strokes fans.

Foals :: My Number

Foals is a fun band. You can tell by their awesome videos and photo shoot wardrobes. So it's only appropriate they come out with a song titled after two words mostly said at a bar or club, "My Number."

The British band has come out with solid albums before and this one looks no different. 'Holy Fire' is slated for release February 11th

Amercia :: Rushing Into You

What better way to kick off a new year than to dive straight back into that consistent treasure-trove of amazing music that is Sweden. Stockholm duo Amercia, consisting of Emelie Norenberg & Gustaf Törling, have started it off right by giving us this excellent little indie-rock single called "Rushing Into You", complete with a simple, sexy little video shot entirely with an iPhone.