BOO!!! DANDI WIND LIVE @ OFF THE RADAR (Friday, July the 13th)

We got a Spooky Show Lined up for you Friday, July the 13th at Off the Radar! We're bringing down Up and Coming Canadian Art Rockers Dandi Wind to Perform LIVE w/an Opening Set by Miami Electro-Rockers Animals of the Arctic! Fans of darker electro/goth bands like Adult, The Knife or She Wants Revenge will love Dandi Wind's sound/live show! A fun blend of dancey electro-rock and visual art! She is exciting to watch and sure to get you moving your butts... Don't miss em in their First Miami Show!

More tracks/info/pics on their myspace page HERE!

MP3: Dandi Wind - Balloon Factory

Here's a cool video I found for them on you tube...


The ever awesome 'Animals of the Arctic' will also be attendance to rock the house this night!!!

Here's one of my favorite tracks of theirs....

Also this Night we have Special Guest DJ Set by our homeboy Yamil who will be in MIA from NYC celebrating a Birthday and throwing down a dark electro set for us! He promises not to disappoint and get your asses shaking on the dancefloor!

Don't miss it!
C u there...

I'm on Fire!!

Ray just ran to the pharmacy to get my meds. He thinks I have gone cookoo. I set him straight though. He is still kinda nervous. Talking about taking away my access... sending me to the loony bin. Just wait until Friday night at Off the Radar!! THEN we'll see what crazy is all about. Don't forget to RSVP!

Hot Chip
is good. And their remixes are fun. Viva pop music!

Hot Chip
MP3: My Shit's On Fire
MP3: No Fit State (Audion Remix)
MP3: My Piano (Original Mix - Not from their DJ Kicks album)

MP3: !!! - Must Be the Moon (Hot Chip Remix)
MP3: Gorillaz - Kids With Guns (Hot Chip Remix)
MP3: Brooks - Roxxy (Hot Chip's Women of the World mix)

Night is falling...


AND NOW back to regularly scheduled programming...

Still on my power trip...

Sucks that my selection is limited while I am at work or it would get REALLY crazy in here.

Here is an underrated Klaxons track from their album Myths of the Near Future. Thankfully it is not Nu-rave.

MP3: Forgotten Works

That is my dog Renzo in the picture. You have no idea how cool he is. Definition of cool. Coolisimo. I also test drove a 2008 Audi TT today during lunch. Ees berry niiice.

I Never Lie

Wendy's Baconator

-Calories: 830
-Fat: 51
-Saturated Fat: 22
-Carbs: 35
-Protein: 57


Odd Music is like Bacon

Four Tet makes odd music. Like these odd posts I am writing today.

I like odd music similarly to how I like bacon. Except I like bacon more.

I also like how the song builds up.

MP3: She Moves She

I heard Wendy's has the Bacon-ator sandwich. Gotta remember to make a stop.

Dress for success!

I don't care if it's been over-hyped. And it's on Ed Bangar. And it's a remix of a 70's disco track. I like it. And it's my birthday. Mr. Oizo throws it down.

MP3: Patrick 122

And I like the Penguin clothing line too. Too much.

Rapid fire posts...

Taken from the bonus disc of the last album from alt-dance wunderkids !!! (for the last time, pronounced chk chk chk). They channel the Violent Femmes in this alternate cut of the title track.

Picture? Verner Panton's amazing interiors.

MP3: Myth Takes (Acouth Take)

Ain't nobody gonna breaka my stride...

It's my birthday today so I'm posting WHATEVER I WANT. I might not even give a description of it. It's a free for all and not even Ray can stop it.

Even posting random Star Wars pictures.

So there. First up Matthew Dear. Cannot stop playing the album.

MP3: Don and Sherri

What does the future hold?

Check out this little interesting tidbit from Weezer frontman, Rivers Cuomo, via the band's official website in their news forum:
"Hey Party-People,

Weezer is just polishing up a batch of songs for a recording session that is going to start at the beginning of July.

This will be the final recording session for our 6th album which we aim to put out in the first half of 2008.

We hope you are all having good times.



OTR :: 06.22..07 :: Gallery

(missed some pics the first time... my bad...)

Proof that it got physical that night. Thanks to everyone that came out and stay tuned for next week's installment of Miami's Dance Party for Cutting Edge New Music...

Off the Radar / The Lab :: 06.22..07