Seems like Van She will be releasing their debut album V October the 7th as an Import. Not sure when we'll see a Domestic release for it here in the U.S. Been digging this G.L.O.V.E.S. Remix for new single Changes.

MP3: Changes (G.L.O.V.E.S. Remix) - Van She (YSI)

While I was looking for pics for new band ELKE from Australia on Google I found tons of pics, except for them. Seems there's a porn star called Elke that they call the Stallion. Must be cause of her huge ASS!! She must be pretty famous too, cause there were a bunch of them! Finally found ELKE on Myspace, but even there there were a bunch of ELKE's. Bands really need to look into shit like that when they're figuring out names for themselves.

Anyways been loving this track from them called Till I'm Gone. Their music also reminds me of another band with a similar name/vibe from a few years ago, Elkland. Remember them? They had that big hit Apart towards the end of the Electroclash era. Even opened up for Erasure here in Miami. Funny how bands come and go so fast sometimes.

MP3: Till I'm Gone - Elke (YSI)

Here's the video for Van She's Changes.


Database from hot spot Sao Paulo, Brazil put out this sweet dancefloor number with Bonde De Role called Miami. I couldn't resist not putting it on since we are after all a Miami blog. I goggled Miami and got the same Miami picture they had on their Myspace player! Coincidence? I think not!

MP3: Miami - Database feat Bonde De Role (YSI)

Here's another sweet dancefloor number by New Zealand's Charlie ASH remixed by Module. Charlie ASH seem to be getting a lot of blog love lately. Seen them in a bunch of big blogs. Here's their Radar debut...

P.S. Chris has become a Twit, I mean Twitter!! Come back to the blog world Chris! We miss you! Everybody petiton Chris to see if he'll come back. Fuck day jobs! Who needs those?? >>> :)

There's a blue light special over at the Off the Radar Twitter account...

Special clearance on all Hot Chip items...

Night Songs (can be used days also)

Sometimes when I'm home at night I just need a dose of midtempo beats and beautiful vocals & melodies to soothe my nerves. Here's a few tracks that have been doing the trick for me lately...

First off here's a track from School of Seven Bells from Brooklyn, NY called Connjur. Love this track, so soothing.. Seems they are on tour opening up for another favorite M83. Not too shabby... If you don't know M83 what the hell??!? Here's a track from them called 'Skin of the Night' which is perfect for this post.

Next here's an amazing cover of The Stone Roses classic I Wanna Be Adored by Monsters Are Waiting from Echo Park, California. One of the best covers I've heard in quite awhile! Kinda reminds me of the vibe I got from The Stars cover of The Smiths This Charming Man a few years back. Great job! Hear some original tracks on their myspace page as well. I highly recommend Ones and Zeros their album title track as well! As a bonus here's The Stars Cover of The Smiths track I was talking about.

MP3: I Wanna be Adored (Stone Roses Cover) - Monsters are Waiting (YSI)
MP3: This Charming Man (Smiths Cover) - The Stars (YSI)

Here's a darker gothy, new wave type band from Chicago called Clique Talk. Love their vibe! My favorite track is Mutant Woman, but check out their myspace player. Lots of good tracks there, especially if you dig this one.

MP3: Mutant Woman - Clique Talk (YSI)

Finally I leave you with Lali Puna. Anything by Lali Puna usually does the trick for me. Doesn't get much more soothing than them. Here's a track off of their stellar debut Tridecorder. Seems they are back together after more than a year and a half break. Please get back to the studio and give us some new music pronto!!

MP3: Everywhere & Allover - Lali Puna (YSI)


Been anxiously waiting for Hercules & Love Affair (DFA) to come to Miami and the day is almost upon us! This Saturday, 9/20 Andy Butler the genious behind Hercules & Love Affair comes to MIA to rock Back Door Bamby/The Vagabond and Miami in general!

In the buzzing nu-disco scene that has been taking hold this year (particularly in NYC) Hercules & Love Affair have arguably had the biggest crossover success with the release of their critically acclaimed self titled debut, and by signing to DFA have only helped their cause. With DFA behind them they have extra help, push and credibility, especially if they keep making blistering hits like 'Blind' which has to be one of the most memorable tracks to come out this year!

It all goes down this Saturday 9/20 @ The Vagabond for their weekly Back Door Bamby party were I also happen to be a Resident ;) If you live in Miami you already know were the Vagabond is. If you live somewhere nearby (Orlando, Tampa, Gainesville, etc) this may be a good time for a week-end visit to MIA! Buy your advance tixs at a discounted price @

I'll be doing an Opening Set to warm up the crowd that night. Hope to see there!

Here's a Riton Remix for 'You Belong' that I play out all the time...

Also related here's a Modeselektor Remix off of Bjork's last album that featured Antony Hegarty who pulls vocal duties on many Hercules tracks, including 'Blind'. Mode did 2 remixes, a Girls and a Boys one. I liked this Girls remix better.


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Did you catch the MTV Music awards?

Always amazes me how few of the new artists I know and how bad so many of them are. I mean alot of the music is not even catchy or good (I try to be open minded and think I have a pretty good ear) yet they have tons of kids cheering these crappy bands/rappers that are not very good. Drooping pants/no shirt. Not very original. It's like an Alternate Universe! I already knew it was bad from previous years, but I forget how bad it is. Till MTV reminds me.. Thanks MTV!

What I do find odd is that in Europe (and I'm sure many other places around the world!) they are alot more open minded than us when it comes to music. They listen to tons cooler stuff on the radio and MTV than we do here. Just watch the European Video Music Awards sometime. I saw a live performance with Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) and the girl from The Gossip (Beth Ditto) doing a duet of an 80's new wave track last year. That kinda stuff just doesn't happen here.

Also bands like Scissor Sisters which are amazing are practically ignored here in U.S radio/MTV, but are huge in Europe. They love them there! So maybe it would be cool if US mainstream were to progress a bit and play more relevant artists. I mean I heard DJ AM mixing/scratching with an M.I.A. track. Why wasn't she at the awards? Not sure when that last album of hers came out, but it would be cool to see more artists like her on there, no? Her music is far more relevant and will probably stand the test of time better than many of the artists they are giving exposure to now. Didn't MGMT release an amazing debut album this year? Aren't they from NY? Aren't kids listening to them? How about Coldplay, Cut Copy, The Verve or even that Estelle American Boy track? Think that was from this year and was a huge hit! Gets played everywhere! Yet no sign of it anywhere. I did notice The Ting Tings there, which you knew they wouldn't win, but it was nice to see them even get nominated. The only part I liked was Katy Perry! Wow! How cute is she...

Anyways enough ranting about bad music! How about some good music!

Here's some new dance jams for all you people who like it slightly Off the Radar, like we do.

MP3: Goblin City (Holy Ghost! Remix) - Panthers (YSI)
MP3: Breaking it Up (Punks Jump Up Remix) - Lykke Li (YSI)
MP3: Nothing Hurts (Shane Fontane Remix) - Love Motel (YSI)
MP3: Half in Love with Elizabeth (Delorean Remix) - Mystery Jets (YSI)
MP3: Negative Thinking (Treasure Fingers Remix) - The Death Set (YSI)


Come play a show in Miami.


Off the Radar

For the past couple of weeks Ray and I have been DJ'ing on the D.L. at PS14 on Thursdays.

Last week I dropped the new TV on the Radio track and Ray summed it up perfectly, "It's not something I would expect from them. That's why I love them!" (Okay, honestly, I (we) were pretty blitzed so I cannot remember that's EXACTLY what he said, but that's the jist of it.) The track is from their soon to be released (9/23) full length Dear Science, that Rolling Stone dubs as an "art rock symphony".

Fitting words.

I'm listening to the entire thing right now, and it definitely shows the guys fine tuning their sound. I hear less of the soulful explosion we heard on their debut album (I miss it) but it also shows them evolving into a tight knit group with rolling beats(? hard to describe), and Tunde Adebimpe's unique vocals (one of the groups strongest points). Dave Sitek (keyboards, guitars) also produced the album.

In the end, it is a perfect follow up to Return to Cookie Mountain.

MP3: Golden Age (ysi)
MP3: Red Dress (ysi)

You can hear another track from the album, Dancing Choose, at their website.

I was able to check them out once when opened for The Faint in Miami (Ray was part of that show...). I just hope they come down again since it was waaaaaay back (2004 is a long time in bloglandia!) when they toured for Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes.

OOh, so another thing, if you want to hear music, some spankin' new music, come down to PS14 on Thursdays. It is probably one of the few (only) places you can hear it.


One of my favorite guilty pleasures Annie is set to release her sophmore album Don't Stop next month on Island Records. Most artists tend to have sophmore slumps, but from what I've heard so far it doesn't look like that will be the case with my favorite Norwegian pop princess. The tracks I've heard are great! They continue in the same dance tradition of her debut record 'Anniemal'. I'm sure we will be hearing many of these tracks as well as tons of remixes on dancefloors everywhere in the coming months. She made a great move in recruting Richard X to help her with this record. We're big fans of Richard here. Anybody who knows him knows he's got a great ear for dance music.

Here's what she had to say about her new release on MySpace::

'I wanted my next album to take the spirit of ‘Anniemal’ and take it up a step which is where I am now with my second album – ‘Don’t Stop’ –coming out on Island Records this Autumn. It’s taken me a while to put it together but I’m really pleased and I had some great help in doing so including Timo Kaukolampi and Richard X – who collaborated on my first album – and I also hooked up with amazing Xenomania, and did a duet with Mr Fredrik Saroea, who some of you might know from the excellent band Datarock. The album was produced by Brian Higgins who was great at understanding what I wanted, and has helped to shape ‘Don't Stop’. My first single from this album will be ‘I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me’ which is currently up on my myspace player and is out on 7th July. Watch out for some great ‘Girlfriend’ remixes from Timo, Richard X, Get Shakes, Section and FDZ - And there will be more!'

MP3: Song Reminds Me of You - Annie (YSI)
MP3: Bad Times - Annie (YSI)

Here's the video for First Single 'I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me'

The Twelves >>>

Been loving The Twelves from Rio De Janeiro a whole lot lately! From their awesome Remix of Black Kids 'Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance' which I prefer to the original and play out all the time, to their Remix of Zeigeist's Humanitarianism and now their own original material. I posted When You Talk not too long ago and included them in my T.S. Fay Mix. They have great pop sensibility and make amazing electro-pop a-la bands like Cut Copy.

Now they've released a great Mix called Episode II which features a bunch of their remixes as well as other artists they dig and it's pretty amazing! Their style of mixing and selection is kinda similar to the way I do it. Think you guys are gonna enjoy it! Great to dance to or listen while you're hitting the treadmill. It'll make those 30 mins go by in no time flat!

As a bonus here's a track from them called Works for Me which is a current obsession...


Episode II Tracklisting:: (38 mins.)

1 - Zeigeist - Humanitarianism (The Twelves Replay)
2 - Radiohead - Reckoner (The Twelves Replay)
3 - Mirwais - Naive Song
4 - Of Montreal - Gronlandic Edit
5 - David E. Sugar - To Yourself
6 - The Virgins - Rich Girls (The Twelves Replay)
7 - Daft Punk - Voyager
8 - Jupiter - CHIP
9 - Fleet Foxes - White Winter Hymnal (The Twelves Replay)
10 - Metronomy - Heartbreaker
11 - The Twelves - Works for Me (The Twelves Replay)
12 - Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance (The Twelves Replay)