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The Editors are back with a new studio album An End Has a Start which comes out June 25th in the UK and probably sometime in July for the States.

The new album follows their 2005 sleeper album 'The Back Room' which took awhile to catch on here in the US, but I think eventually earned them some accolades and positive reviews (despite contant comparisons to Interpol) This success was probably mostly due to their constant touring and great live performances.

I saw them perform Live here in Miami @ Studio A in 2006 and that was probably one of the best shows I have ever seen there. Before their performance I liked the band but it wasn't until after that show that I became a real fan.

You know studio records are great, but you get all the studio advantages. If you can perform the records out and sound just as good or better than the recordings, now that's hard to do. You don't see that too often anymore. Mostly live performances are let downs for me.

The Editors are the real deal though. They seem like they are reaching for something bigger (the heart mostly) with their epic music and you gotta love that voice.

Check out this new track from their forthcoming album...

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