Room8 :: No Hard Feelings (Rothchild Remix)

Digging this 80's/Kavinsky inspired remix sent our way by Rothchild for LA duo Room8's new single "No Hard Feelings" ft King Deco. Real solid dark dance jam that I can't wait to play out! Thought I'd share it with you fine folks, especially since he also happens to be giving away the track for free (in full wave quality), in exchange for a social media follow. Sounds like a deal to me!

Check out the goodness below.....

In addition to the remix, the original version for "No Hard Feelings" is a sweet piece of electro-pop candy. Thought I'd post it for you to check out as well. Enjoy!

Slaptop :: Away

Digging this tune I ran into the other day by San Francisco artist Slaptop called "Away". Real easy breezy fun electro-pop track, which is exactly what you need from time to time. Hope to hear more from this talented fellow soon.

Check out the goodness below...

The Chainsmokers :: Roses (ft Rozes)

Got this amazing new jam "Roses" ft Rozes by NYC duo The Chainsmokers. In the promo email they sent out they call it "their most important track yet", and I can see that. Amazing vocals, amazing music, amazing collab!

Check out the tune below, if you dig it, it can be purchased on iTunes.

ASTR :: Activate Me (Lefti Remix)

NYC's Lefti who we posted about before here sent us his latest remix for ASTR's "Activate Me" and it's another winner! Great dance floor jam that he also happens to be giving away as a free download! What's not to like?! Check out the goodness below... #summerjam

Class Actress :: Movies EP + More Than You

New Class Actress EP Movies is out June 23rd. Our first taste is the new single "More Than You", which is a sweet and silky electronic pop jam. It doesn't hurt having her strut her sexy self in the video as well. Check that out below...


I was on a bit of a Franz Ferdinand kick the other day when I discovered they have a new album about to come out (don't you just love when that happens), a collaborative album with LA duo Sparks which they have aptly named FFS. Heard a few tracks and I'm digging it! I like the dual back and forth vocals, and the sound which is a bit more theatrical. Two things that I like. They are streaming the entire self titled album on NPR with the record being released June 9th.

Check out the soundcloud/video for "Johnny Delusional" from the album below. Then be sure to pick this baby up.

Oliver Nelson :: Found Your Love (ft Heir)

If you're looking for a jam to get you in the mood for some weekend dancing, we got you covered! Check out this excellent sun drenched debut single "Found Your Love" by Oliver Nelson, featuring vocals by Heir. If this doesn't get you off your butt and dancing, we don't know what will. Great dance groove!

Enjoy, and have a great weekend!!