Justin Faust :: Spellbound

Justin Faust who we posted his excellent remix for Young Lover's "Leave Your Love" last week here is back with a new album 'Spellbound', which was just released Sept 19th on the awesome imprint Discotexas. The first taste of the new record is the album title track "Spellbound". An amazing nu-disco jam perfect for peak time dance floor play. Complete with laser effects it will surely get your heads and feet moving in no time. Preview the entire album on Discotexas soundcloud.

For now check out that sexy first single/video for "Spellbound" below. 

Gruff Rhys :: Lost Tribes

No matter how much you may be into music there will always be some things that slip through the cracks. Like that fact that one of my all time favorite singers Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals/Neon Neon) has a new album out 'The American Interior' that I was completely unaware of, until I received an email today about his new single "Lost Tribes". Loving the tune just as almost everything this man puts out. A true artist in every sense of the word. Music just oozes out of him all the time. I would love to be in the studio when he is creating, must be an inspiring thing.

Check out the soundcloud/video for "Lost Tribes" below which is inspired by 18th century explorer John Evans.

Kimbra :: Miracle (Bag Raiders Remix)

Bag Raiders are back with an excellent remix for Kimbra's track "Miracle". Amazing thumping jam that will easily get you off your seat and shaking it on the dance floor. Test her out for size below.

The Magician :: Magic Tape 45 (DJ Mix)

The other day when I was mentioning how there weren't that many great DJ mixes being sent our way is of course the day I run into the latest DJ mix by The Magician. Number 45 of his pretty regular Magic Tape series. Easily one of the best/most consistent mix series out there. We've been posting them for ages. Hard to believe he's 45 in already. Soon it'll be the big 5 0.

Just as always The Magician gives us the goods with his latest. Tons of amazing music by tons of different artists. Thanks for always spreading the amazing new music vibes to the masses. Check it below, I promise it will help your work week breeze on by, and as always it's free to download.

Death in Saturn :: Fool My Heart

The immensely talented lead singer for Miami band Kodiak Fur is getting ready to roll out a new project called Death in Saturn. We have a whole EP to look forward to, but in the meantime he's sent us the first taste in the form of debut single "Fool My Heart" which we are digging! It has a great shoegazey/lo-fi type of feel to it.

Check out the newness below and we'll keep you updated when the rest of that EP is released. Sure there will be shows to follow soon as well. 

Fleetwood Mac :: Everywhere (Afrobeta Remix)

One of Miami's best known and loved bands Afrobeta sent us their latest remix for the classic Fleetwood Mac tune "Everywhere" and we are digging the sounds. They did an excellent job! You can never have enough remixes for classic tunes to play out in your DJ sets. This one will definitely be making into my sets, especially since they are offering it as a free download. Check it...

The Magician :: Sunlight (Darius Remix)

Talk about smooth... The Darius remix for The Magician's new single "Sunlight" is as smooth as they come. While most remixers have been keeping the bpm up on this one, he did the complete opposite and slowed it down to perfection. So good! That plus it perfectly matches the dreary Miami weather we are having today. Enjoy!