Inspired & The Sleep :: In My Labyrinth Mind

It has been quite awhile since we posted about San Diego duo's Inspired & the Sleep. Since 2012 it seems. We were happy to see their new single "In My Labyrinth Mind" sitting pretty in our inbox today. Real catchy and lovely electronic/psychedelic jam. Check it out below and if you dig it they are giving away the tune as a free download. Amazing! Thanks fellas!

Oh, Be Clever :: River

Really digging this soulful tune "River" sent our way by Salt Lake City duo Oh, Be Clever. The lead singer Brittney Shield's voice is so good. Keep pressing repeat. Check out the tune below which they are giving away as a free download in exchange for a follow. Sounds like a deal to me.

Ryder :: Pretty Little Gangster

Digging this lovely indie pop tune "Pretty Little Gangster" sent our way by LA artist Ryder. Groovy little jam. Apparently she's amassed over 250k soundcloud plays already. Pretty impressive. Check out the tune below and if you dig it, it's a free download in exchange for a soundcloud/twitter follow.

Amtrac :: Hold On

Got sent Amtrac's new single "Hold On" which was premiered on Billboard. It's a great house anthem that I can see being played out at a club near you. Kinda gives me the vibe of a great Disclosure track, and we all know how huge those two got, so who knows what may be around the corner for Amtrac. Big things I'm sure! Just remember us little people who supported you in the formative years ;)

Check out the goodness below...

RetroWave :: Miami Summer Playlist

Here's a little RetroWave playlist we put together with some of the tracks we've been jamming to obsessively this summer. Thought we'd put it together on soundcloud so you can jam to it at work/home/parties as well ;)  Not all the tracks are new, it's a mixture of old and new jams, but we think they fit together nicely. If you dig it be sure to like/share it with your friends. Love OTR.

Eklo :: Feel So High ft Jordin Laine (Pegato Remix)

24 year old Norwegian producer Pegato contacted us with his latest remix for Eklo's "Feel So High" ft Jordin Laine and we are diggin' it! Great happy-go-lucky breezy summer house vibe. Check out the tune below and if you dig it he's giving it away as a free download in exchange for a soundcloud follow.

Grab it/play it. Keep up the good work Pegato ;)

Thames :: Internet Moms

Talk about smooooth. I was about to get offline when I got sent this master jam by Thames called "Internet Moms". So silky smooth and amazing. A jazz/funk hybrid of amazingness. Best part is he is giving the tune away as a free wave quality download. Snatched it so fast. I recommend you do the same.