A Tous :: Rise

Digging this club jam sent our way, "Rise" by Atlanta, Georgia's A Tous. Kinda has that Justice feel of which he/they describe as an influence. I can hear that and their own thing going on as well. Great track!

Ghost Culture :: Guidecca

We are lucky in Miami to have this really great college station called 90.5 WVUM. They play so much amazing music. You can always turn it on and get turned on to some really great stuff, (unlike most of the rest of the FM dial here, which is pretty crappy). Heard this great tune the other day on there called "Guidecca" by London artist Ghost Culture. It's got that dark electronic dance vibe that I love, so of course I was instantly attracted to it.

Seems he just released his self titled debut album on Erol Alkan's Phantasy label. Gonna have to check that out, but in the meantime thought I'd post the soundcloud and video for "Guidecca" to see if it would spark your curiosity as well.

Gosteffects :: Move You

Digging this dark sounding club jam sent our way called "Move You" by up and coming NYC artist Gosteffects. This track will work perfectly at those prime time DJ hours of say 12-3 AM as you are sweating it up at your favorite dance club. Best part is he is offering the tune as a free download in exchange for a soundcloud follow. I know I didn't hesitate to do that, added this baby to my playlist real quick. I recommend you do the same.

Check out the goods below...

I Still Feel It :: Perfume

Got sent this beautiful track "Perfume" by Miami artist I Still Feel It. He based the tune on one of his favorite haiku's by Mastuo Bashu.

the butterfly
perfuming its wings
fans the orchid

Here's what he had to say about his inspiration. "I love the simplicity of it and how it invokes the symbiotic nature of life. The side chain effect in the song makes me visualize the motion of the butterflies wings fanning the orchid."

Check out the loveliness below, which he also happens to be giving away as a free download. Thank you sir, thank you very much!

Noel Gallagher :: Ballad of the Mighty I (ft Johnny Marr)

Noel Gallagher & Johnny Marr collab?! Oh hell yes! Practically grew up listening to Oasis, The Smiths & Electronic. These two greats got together for the track "Ballad of the Mighty I" from Noel Gallagher's upcoming album High Flying Birds which is released March the 2nd and they rocked it! Prob one of the danciest tracks I've ever heard Noel do.

Check out the video for the tune below...

Astari Nite :: The Boy Who Tried

Our friends in Astari Nite released new single "The Boy Who Tried" on Christmas Day. I was supposed to post about it, but I got a little side tracked with the holidays and a trip to NY. It's a great sounding goth jam! Mychael's voice is sounding more confident than ever. They are offering the track as a pay what you like option on their bandcamp. In addition to the new single they will also be performing Live at The Kitchen Club event at The Garret on Sat, Feb 7th as part of their Release Party for their New EP Anonymous, which also happens to be where I will be DJ'ing! Come out and say hello. It's gonna be fun!

Krisp :: 167 (Premiere!)

Out good friends over at Gummdrops wanted us to premiere the new track "167" by Miami band Krisp and of course we had to oblige. Been a huge fan of this band for years! They always bring it, and this new track is no exception. Rocking indie jam with amazing riffs. Best part is they are giving away the track for free, along with a few more great tracks from other excellent Miami bands like Hunters of the Alps, Shanghai Meow and Bluejay. Check out the goods on Gummdrops bandcamp.

P.S. If you live in the South Florida area Krisp will be rocking the carpet at Bardot this coming Friday, January 16th. Best check that out!