Zoot Woman :: Solid Gold

Free new single by Zoot Woman?!?! Well if you twist my arm. Seriously, Zoot Woman is giving away their new single "Solid Gold" via their soundcloud. New album Absence is out June 16th.

The Khanz :: Be Somebody

I don't know if "epic" is still a hip word, but that's the vibe I get from Sydney, Australia's The Khanz new single "Be Somebody". A big pop tune with soaring melodies to inspire the soul. It is the first single from their upcoming album 'Mistakes That Nature Made' out March 7th.

Check out "Be Somebody" via their soundcloud below and if you like what you hear you can buy it on iTunes.

Memoryy :: I Thought You Needed My Love ft Odd Year

Got sent the new single "I Thought You Needed My Love" from Brooklyn/Albuquerque artist Memoryy, and it is fire! A great electronic pop track in which he collaborated with California producer Odd Year. His new album Skeletons is due out in March. After hearing this first single I can't wait to check that out.

Seems he worked with many of Brooklyn’s finest indie artists and producers for his new album including : The Golden Pony, Brothertiger, Brain Tan, Frances Cone, and Yeasayer producer Abe Seiferth. That and he wrote the theme song for Chelsie Handler's Netflix show, as well as being labeled "The Remix King" for his many remixes in 2016. Busy, busy and on his way.  

Check out that first single "I Thought You Needed My Love" ft Odd Year below which has already cracked the Top 20 on Hype Machine.

Los Colognes :: Flying Apart

Speaking of pop gold, got sent this indie pop gem called "Flying Apart" by five piece Nashville, Tennessee band Los Colognes. It is so breezy and smooth, it gives me the feeling of a warm summer day out in the park. It is their first single from their upcoming album The Wave being released May 12th, just in time for the actual summer. This track gets me real excited to check out the rest of that record. For now "Flying Apart" will hold us off nicely. Check that out below...

You can pre-order a CD/Vinyl of the album on their site.

The Fame Riot :: Heart Stray

Looks can be deceiving. I was totally expecting a different sound from Seattle's The Fame Riot with their flamboyant glam style, but their track "Heart Stray" is pure pop gold. Exuberant and catchy, I can't stop playing it. Can someone help,,,, me,,,, stop?!

Check out their soundcloud/video for "Heart Stray" below...