Jaialai :: Chariot

Miami band Jaialai who we wrote about their excellent debut single "Pink Motion" last year here sent us their new single "Chariot". It's a cool shoegazey tune and it features a sweet 360' video for it. They recorded the song earlier this year with Carlos Imperatori (Fabulosos Cadillacs producer) and it features Didi Gutman from Brazilian Girls on keyboards. Lead singer Oscar tells us "The song is about finding happiness after being disillusioned". You know, shit most people can relate too.

Check out that video/tune below...

Rainsford :: Intentions ft Twin Shadow

Got sent this sweet indie pop tune by LA artist Rainsford called "Intentions" which features the amazing Twin Shadow sharing vocal duties with her in the choruses, and even a bit of a verse for himself as well. Great pop tune! She describes the song's inspiration as coming from being in a couple of relationships in the past were neither of them really knew what they wanted and were scared to truly speak their minds, leaving her wondering "what are your intentions?". 

Check that out below...

The Presets :: Do What You Want

The Presets are back!! They just released new single "Do What You Want" yesterday on Halloween and it is classic high energy synth them. I remember seeing them play live in South Beach sometime in the 00's and they blew me away. So much energy! I kinda hope they push their comfort zone a bit on their hopefully soon to follow new album.

Franz Ferdinand :: Always Ascending

I know indie rock is dead, but I will always have a special place in my heart for Franz Ferdinand. I was obsessed with their self titled 2004 debut album which gave us the forever classic "Take Me Out" (which still works on the dance floor). I happy to report they are back! They just released new single "Always Ascending" from their upcoming album also titled Always Ascending being released February 9th 2018. It is everything I remember from Franz Ferdinand. Jangly guitars, catchy choruses, their lead singers amazing voice, but mainly just a whole lot of fun! You can find all those ingredients in first single "Always Ascending". Good to know they haven't lost it.

Lali Puna :: Two Windows

The amazing Lali Puna is back! Two Windows is their first new album since 2010's Our Inventions. I forgot how much I missed Lali Puna's gorgeous minimal electronic pop sound and lead singer Valerie's silky smooth voice. I can hear those bleeps and bloops with Valerie's beautiful melodies forever and a day. This new album is their best since 2001's Scary World Theory which is saying a-lot, because I LOVE Scary World Theory! This one's right up there with their best, and so many years into their career is very impressive. They have not lost a step.

Check out first single/video for "Deep Dream", plus their video for title track "Two Windows",  which if you like you should just run to get Two Windows. Sooo good!