The Jesus and Mary Chain LIVE at Olympia Theater Friday 10/2

Legendary alternative band The Jesus and Mary Chain will be in town this weekend Friday, October the 2nd at 9 PM at the beautiful Olympia Theater in downtown Miami. I was just at the Olympia Theater this past Tuesday to see the Kraftwerk 3D show and it's a lovely theater! I remember seeing Dead Can Dance perform there back in the 90's.

For this tour Jesus and Mary Chain are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of their amazing debut record Psycho Candy, so they will be playing that entire album, as well as an opening set of greatest hits! How amazing is that!? Can't wait to hear "Head On", and one of the prettiest songs ever made "Just Like Honey". My mind may explode!!! Check out those two videos below.

If you still haven't scored tix's there are some available on Olympia's site here.  

Trevor Something :: Summer Love (Official Video)

One of our favorite summer jams Trevor Something's "Summer Love" got the video treatment last week. We love the song so much, we couldn't resist NOT posting it.

Check out the vid below, which (spoiler alert) has an unexpected ending.

Clovis Points :: Razz

One door closes and another opens, that is the case with our buddy Oscar (formerly of Crown Company) and his new band Clovis Points which features Kasey Varga on drums, Roger Del Pino of Miami electronic duo, Monterrey on bass and Oscar Sardinia on guitar and vocals. They sent over their first track "Razz" and we are digging it! It has a distinctive 90's alternative rock sound like the one's we grew up listening to. It would be great to get a resurgence of that style. Love Oscar's vocals! Can't wait to hear what else they come up with. They are a brand new band after all.

Check out first track "Razz" which if you like, they are giving away as a free download.

Senf & Madrigal :: SM-001

Our friends are cooler than yours! Loving this amazing new electronic dance collaboration by two of our best buds Alex Senf & Aramis Lorie, which they are calling Senf & Madrigal. Their first release SM-001 was just released and it is deep dark pulsating deliciousness. Amazing minimal electronic dance music with a little darkness and just the right amount of samples, so yea of course we love it!

The three tracks from the release are titled "Beautiful", "Echoes" & "Kairos". So far "Beautiful" and "Echoes" are our early favorites, but don't make us choose from there or we might be awhile.

If you like what you hear you can buy the release on iTunes for $2.99. A bargain we say!

New Order :: Music Complete

Giddy to hear the New Order album Music Complete scheduled for release September 25th. It's produced by them with some additional production work by Chemical Brothers and Stuart Price. Not only is it a return to their more electronic sound, but it's also their first new album in 10 years! Boy does time fly!

They released first single "Restless" back in late July, and a couple days ago they released second single "Plastic". Loving them both! Check those out below...

#NewOrderForever #livinglegends

Oliver Sol :: After Dark

Sorry I've been a bit busy lately and haven't been able to post. Got a ton of backlog of amazing music clogging my inbox, like this debut single "After Dark" from Melbourse artist Oliver Sol. Such an epic sounding tune! If this is his first offering, he's got a bright future ahead of him. I'm glad to have him on our Radar, and hopefully now he's on yours as well. Check it...

Inspired & The Sleep :: In My Labyrinth Mind

It has been quite awhile since we posted about San Diego duo's Inspired & the Sleep. Since 2012 it seems. We were happy to see their new single "In My Labyrinth Mind" sitting pretty in our inbox today. Real catchy and lovely electronic/psychedelic jam. Check it out below and if you dig it they are giving away the tune as a free download. Amazing! Thanks fellas!