Lali Puna :: Two Windows

The amazing Lali Puna is back! Two Windows is their first new album since 2010's Our Inventions. I forgot how much I missed Lali Puna's gorgeous minimal electronic pop sound and lead singer Valerie's silky smooth voice. I can hear those bleeps and bloops with Valerie's beautiful melodies forever and a day. This new album is their best since 2001's Scary World Theory which is saying a-lot, because I LOVE Scary World Theory! This one's right up there with their best, and so many years into their career is very impressive. They have not lost a step.

Check out first single/video for "Deep Dream", plus their video for title track "Two Windows",  which if you like you should just run to get Two Windows. Sooo good!

Fever Ray :: To the Moon and Back

Oh, oh, oh, NEW FEVER RAY!!! It had been 8 long years since we heard new music from Fever Ray (aka) Karin Dreijer Andersson one half of electronic duo The Knife, and her excellent self titled debut album from 2009. Her new single "To The Moon and Back" is more Knife-like than anything we remember from her sparser debut album and reminds us how much we miss The Knife, but we also missed her and her unmistakeable voice. This new track has her talking about creamy kisses and rubbing her fingers up your pussy, plus the video for "To The Moon and Back" is super creepy! Straight out of a horror movie and just in time for Halloween. Can't wait to check out the upcoming album 'Plunge'. For now this and some teaser videos she's released will have to suffice.

Retrasoft :: Sun Daze (Premiere)

Miami's own Retrasoft just released a sexy vaporfunk track called "Sun Daze". It's got a great hypnotic grooving loop and some cool sampled vocals from an old japanese disco tune. Best part is he's letting OTR readers be the first ones to get a free download of the track! That's right, best grab that quick & press play... Stay in touch with him on insta or twitter. Happy Friday!!!

The Horrors :: V

Been a fan of London's The Horrors for many years. An amazing band that always seems to re-invent themselves from album to album. For their latest appropriately titled 5th album V they got a great new wave vibe going, especially for the first track that caught our attention "Something to Remember Me By". Then the rest of the album sucks you in. They incorporate many different tempos and styles. Some slow, some heavier like first single "Machine", but all excellent! Some of our other favorite tracks include : "Point of No Reply", "Weighed Down", and the majestic "It's a Good Life". Definitely their best and most accessible album to date! This should be making a splash on many best album lists for 2017 come December. 

Check out the videos for"Something to Remember Me By" and "Machine" below, if you dig these we recommend you delve deeper into the beauty that is V.

Gold Casio :: Fever Dreams EP

Portland, Oregon band Gold Casio are getting ready to release New EP Fever Dreams on June the 23rd. They sent along their single "Socialites and Singer Types" which will be featured on the EP and it is indie pop gold! Super catchy, dancey goodness! Can't wait to check out their EP. Till then get acquainted with "Socialites and Singer Types".