Paradis :: Toi Et Moi (Lifelike Remix)

It had been a minute since I heard something new from one of our old favorite's Lifelike. That is until I ran into this spectacular new remix he did for Paradis' "Toi Et Moi". Jesus Christ it is good! Full on 80's synthwave dancefloor deliciousness. I wanna be at a club playing this peak time on a Saturday night. Is that too much to ask?

Check out the goodness...

BONUS MATERIAL :: In addition to the Lifelike remix I spotted the official video for the original track "Toi Et Moi" by Paradis and it is phenomenal as well! More subdued/mid-tempo than the remix, but really lovely as well. Gonna have to look into these fellows. Check that out below.

Ladyhawke :: Wild Things

It had been awhile since I heard new music from New Zealand's Ladyhawke, an old time favorite of mine that I used to play out quite a bit in my DJ sets. Today I saw her new video for new single "Wild Things" and it reminded me how much I missed her brand of 80's inspired synthpop. Seems her new album Wild Things just came out last month and as I type this I am listening to it. So far, so good! Real polished record.

Check out her colorful roller rink video for "Wild Things" below, plus a couple additional tracks from her new album "A Love Song" and "Sweet Fascination". If you dig these and wanna grab the album, it's available on iTunes.

Heartracer :: Dream Girl

Got sent this really great track "Dream Girl" by Richmond, Virginia brother duo Heartracer. I am told they are obsessed with 80's culture/music, kinda like we are at OTR and it shows on this splendid subdued synthpop single. I will be pressing play on this one many, many times. You have been pre-warned, you may become addicted. Press play at your own peril.

If you like what you hear you can purchase the track on iTunes

Timecop1983 :: Lovers ft Seawaves

One of my favorites Timecop1983 released a new single "Lovers" ft Seawaves. It is from their upcoming EP of the same name being released July the 22nd which you can pre-order on their bandcamp.

This is some seriously beautiful stuff! A gorgeously contructed retrowave track featuring exquisite vocal work by Seawaves. Never heard of Seawaves before, but I sure hope to be hearing alot more from them in the very near future. This first taste of the new EP is too good, the rest of that EP can't possibly live up to the bar set by this amazing track, can it?! We shall see, but for now I will fully enjoy this one. Thank you Timecop1983 for releasing beautiful music like this into our world.

Love OTR

BONUS TIME :: While I was finding Seawaves links I ran into this great cover they did of U2's classic "With or Without You". Thought I'd post that up here as well. Enjoy!

James :: Dear John (Video)

My favorite track "Dear John" from the new James album Girl at the End of the World just got the video treatment and man is it good! An amazing animated clip for an amazing track! One of the most electronic tracks they've ever done. Check out the goodness.

The Strokes :: Threat of Joy (Video) + New EP

The Strokes (who I will forever love) have a new EP out called Future Present Past. They just released a video for the track "Threat of Joy" from the EP which is classic them and pretty entertaining.

Check that out below...

Death & Rebirth :: Lotus Eater + Debut EP

Got sent this excellent instrumental post punk track "Lotus Eater" by new Portland duo Death & Rebirth. It is a slow building tune similar to something Mogwai might put out. Love the intensity and power of it, we have had it on repeat at OTR headquarters the last few days.

Check out the tune below, which if you like they are giving away as a free download on their soundcloud in exchange for some social media love. Also be on the lookout for their Debut EP Taijitu which is being released August 15th on New Dawn Collective. Definitely a band to keep your eye on.