Timecop 1983 :: My First Crush (Video)

One of my favorite tracks from the latest Timecop 1983 album Reflections "My First Crush" ft Trevor Something just got the video treatment. Really glad they picked this one, cause it's such an amazing track! I can hear this track over and over and I pretty much have, haha. It's dripping in 80's synths and nostalgia, while the lyrics and vocals by the amazing Trevor Something take you back to those first crush days. Pure heavenly bliss from the very first beat.

Check out the soundcloud/video for it below, and if you haven't already scored this album I suggest you do so, especially if you are a synth lover like me.

Amtrac :: Lover

This Amtrac fellow is one prolific dude. Always sending us amazing music, like his latest single "Lover" which is featured in the New Kitsune Hot Stream Compilation. Great deep house/house jam! I can definitely imagine this tune will be getting plenty of play peak time at a cool club near you. DJ's out there might wanna cop this one. Check it...

Melf :: WAVES feat Rebekka Garden

When I do posts I usually play the track over and over for inspiration while I'm writing. On soundcloud when the track ends it usually goes straight to another track. As I was doing the last post for Opal Blue this track WAVES ft Rebekka Garden by Melf was the following track. After listening to Opal Blue's track several times I got hooked on this one too! Funny how many ways there are to discover new music.

Anyways seems Melf are from Norway and my wife says this track reminds her of the style of Erykah Badu. What do you guys think? Regardless it's a neat little track which if you like they are giving away as a free download. Gotta love that! Check it out below...

Opal Blue :: Way Down

Got sent this excellent dark electronic track "Way Down" by faceless London duo Opal Blue. It is made up of reprocessed vocals and out-of-tune instruments, and it is pretty amazing! It is their first track from their upcoming debut EP She Goes Deep. If this track is any indication of what's to come, we are in for a treat!

New Weezer :: Do You Wanna Get High? / Thank God for Girls

Grew up a fan of Weezer, so I was pretty psyched when I heard their new single "Do You Wanna Get High?" today. Reminds of those amazing 90's albums I grew up listening to of theirs. Seems they also released another track/video not too long ago called "Thank God for Girls". They say they are not actively working on a new album, “but are open to dinner dates with A&R representatives.” Someone take these boys to dinner!

Check out those new tunes below...

Ursula 1000 :: Voyeur

Our buddy and amazing NYC DJ/musician Ursula 1000 has just released his new album Voyeur. Just like all his other albums it is awesome! Lots of different influences and vibes on it. So far he has released two singles "Clap Your Hands" and "Faded Denim Wash". I am particularly digging the nu-disco goodness of "Faded Denim Wash". Such an amazing track which I have had on repeat for many days. Check out that track below, plus an excellent remix of the track by Abelard and the endless summer vibes video for it.

In addition I have included the soundcloud for "Blast Off", the upcoming third single from Voyeur which features legendary NYC drag queen Lady Bunny on vocals. Another amazing track that gives me the vibes of a track like "Blind" by Hercules and Love Affair and sounds like it could be a huge club anthem.        

Grimes :: Art Angels : Flesh Without Blood / Life in the Vivid Dream

Today Grimes released the first video from her upcoming Nov 6th album Art Angels called "Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream". I'm digging it. The first track "Flesh" is definitely more pop than we are used to hearing from her, and "Life" is more mellow. Really wanna check out the whole album to hear the tracks in context.

For now check out the first two videos (which feature tons of costume changes & color), plus the album track listing below...

Art Angels Tracklisting :
01 laughing and not being normal
02 California
03 SCREAM [ft. Aristophanes]
04 Flesh without Blood
05 Belly of the beat
06 Kill V. Maim
07 Artangels
08 Easily
09 Pin
10 Realiti
11 World Princess part II
12 Venus Fly [ft. Janelle MonĂ¡e]
13 Life in the Vivid Dream
14 Butterfly