Astari Nite :: Engagement Ceremony (Premiere)

Miami dark wave band Astari Nite sent us their new single "Engagement Ceremony" to premiere for you guys from their upcoming second album Until the End of the Moon which is being released on (lucky) Friday the 13th in May. It's a cool dark atmospheric track with a real nice break around the 3:24 mark.

Check out "Engagement Ceremony" below, and if you're in the South Florida area be sure to check out one of their two album release parties (both featuring a Live Performance). First one's on Saturday May the 7th at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach and the second one's on Friday, May the 13th at Kill Your Idol on South Beach. (The latter of which your humble author will also be DJ'ing at, OTR Represent!!!)

The rest of their tour schedule is as follows ::

May 18th- (Jacksonville, FL.) ASTARI NITE with special guests Ursula Ruffians at Jack Rabbits
May 20th - (Brooklyn, NY.) Astari Nite / Weep / Turbo Goth / Autodrone at The Gateway
May 21st- (Brooklyn, NY.) Dinowalrus / Heaven / Astari Nite / Baby Acid at SUNNYVALE
May 22nd- (Philadelphia, PA.) TBA
May 24th- (Virginia, VA.) TBA
May 25th- (Charlotte, NC.) ASTARI NITE + ASTREA CORP + TENDERLASH + IIOIOIOII @ The Milestone on WEDNESDAY, MAY 25th 2016
May 26th- (Grenville, SC.) Air Wolves w/ Astari Nite and People of Mars at The Radio Room
May 27th- (St.Petersburg, FL.) COMMUNION AFTER DARK presents ASTARI NITE with special guests GHOSTFEEDER & DJ MAUS at THE AMSTERDAM
May 28th- (Orlando, FL.) ASTARI NITE // Ars Phoenix // Ghostfeeder // DJ Nick M // DJ LAVIDICUS at Will's Pub

Holy Ghost! :: New EP Crime Cutz + Neon Indian/Eli Escobar Remixes

It had been awhile since I heard some new music from NYC nu-disco duo Holy Ghost!, 2013 to be exact. Well today I was happy to get an email saying they will be releasing a new EP Crime Cutz later this week on the 29th of April via their long term label DFA. That definitely brought a smile to my face, especially the remix they sent our way of the title track "Crime Cutz" by Neon Indian. It is 7 1/2 mins of nu-disco heaven that can be played on a continual loop.

Check out that deliciousness below, plus another excellent remix I saw for the same track on their soundcloud by Eli Escobar. Two jams for this lovely weekend. Enjoy!

Bella Luz :: Summer Breeze ft Maryell Epps

Miami's own Bella Luz is getting ready to release a new EP soon. They sent over the first track from it "Summer Breeze" ft Maryell Epps and it is excellent! A solid piece of dark synthpop deliciousness. Gil's vocals are on point and the beats by Jean Espiritusanto and pulsating synths are bumping, like totally jumping out of your speakers. Can't wait to play this out at one of the darker parties I DJ at. It will fit in perfectly.

Check out "Summer Breeze" below and be on the lookout for the video coming soon, plus the rest of that EP which I'm sure will not disappoint. If you live in South Florida I highly recommend catching one (or more) of their live shows. Totally worth it! Next one's on the 28th at Churchill's.

Ellis & Jinings :: Another Day

Portland's Matthew Ellis from the band Purse Candy that we really like and posted about before here, has a new side project with another Portland artist that goes by the name The Plain Ensemble. They are calling their new project Ellis & Jinings. The first track they've put out / sent our way is "Another Day" and it is a breezy deliciously tropical sounding electro-pop jam that reminds us that summer is right around the corner. I can picture myself listening to this pool side already. Can't wait to hear more from them.

For now get to know Ellis & Jinings. Check out their new jam "Another Day", plus their gorgeous video for it which seems to have been shot in Japan! One of my bucket list vacation spots that I have to see before I die. Good one fellas! Enjoy...

John Mark Nelson

Another excellent artist I came across in that NPR SXSW playlist is John Mark Nelson from Minnesota. John's voice and music reminds me a whole of the band Travis. Any other Travis lovers out there? If so this guy will definitely be your cup of tea. Sublime and lovely contemporary pop music for adults.

His album I'm Not Afraid is out now. You can sample the tracks on his soundcloud and if you like what you hear you can buy it on his site.

Check out "I'll Give You More" which first caught my attention, plus another favorite "Control" and his video for "Dream Last Night" also from the album.


Ran into the silky smooth goodness of LA trio King the other day on NPR's best of SXSW Austin 100 playlist they put together every year. "The Greatest" was the tune I heard and I was blown away. Smooth on the level of Sade smoothness. Soo good! Three talented ladies. Apparently Stevie Wonder was in attendance at a recent concert and asked to collaborate. How amazing is that? Their debut album 'We Are King' is out now.

Check out their 8 bit video game inspired video for the "The Greatest" below, plus their latest video for new single "Carry On" which is excellent as well, and a wee bit trippy.

Junior Boys :: Big Black Coat

Loving the new Junior Boys album Big Black Coat. It is their fifth album and their first new album since 2011's It's All True. That is way too long to not have new music from Junior Boys. At least it was not a let down. The record is fantastic and classic Junior Boys. Minimal electronic pop goodness.

Check out a couple tracks. Title track "Big Black Coat", "Over It", plus their stylin' new video for "Big Black Coat".