Kajak :: Gold Crowned Eagle

How about some international love today? Kajak is an electro-pop duo from Iceland featuring two cousins who have been getting a lot of love from their home country. They sent us their debut single "Gold Crowned Eagle" and I am digging the sounds. They have a very big/catchy sound. I am sure they will be going far. Seems they are working on their debut album, can't wait to hear that. For now check out their soundcloud/video for their excellent debut single. Good to have you guys on our Radar!

Faust the Man :: True Will

It had been quite some since we heard from Miami artist Hopeless who we posted about previously here. Seems he's been busy working on a new project called Faust the Man. The first single he is releasing is called "True Will". It's a great track that reminds of the days of 90's industrial music and artists like Meat Beat Manifesto. It features him rapping apocalyptic themes over cool beats w/samples, synths & scratching. Catchy stuff!

He's gonna be working on new material for a possible album to come. We'll keep you posted on that. For now check out the excellent first single "True Will" which he is giving away as a free download.  

Nightbox :: Burning

Loving this new track sent our way called "Burning" by Toronto band Nightbox. It's got that great electro pop dance sound that I love, plus you know steel drums. Their upcoming EP The Panic Sequence is scheduled for release on April 22nd and was mixed by the engineer for The Strokes, The Virgins and co-produced by one of the dudes from DFA 1979 who they've opened up for. Seems like things are falling into place.

Check out their soundcloud/video for "Burning" then be on the lookout for that EP later this month.

The Vacant Lots :: Mad Mary Jones

If you are into psych rock then you are gonna love this US band that was sent our way called The Vacant Lots. They are getting ready to release their debut album 'Departure' July 1st on Sonic Cathedral. Just thirty seconds into opening track "Mad Mary Jones" and I was instantly hooked! They have a great psychedelic rock sound that is intoxicating. Can a guitar revival be on the rise? One can only hope. It's definitely been missed the last few years as dance music and house sounds have taken the lead, but as we know with music and fashion, everything cycles back eventually. Here's to hoping for a revival of those lovely guitar sounds.

Check out their soundcloud/video for "Mad Mary Jones" below, then be on the lookout for their debut album 'Departure' come July.

Miami Horror :: Real Slow (Happy Accidents Remix)

Our friends over at Happy Accidents that we posted about previously here sent us their latest remix for Miami Horrors' track "Real Slow", and it is real good! A feel good midtempo dance remix that will work nicely whilst your hanging around poolside as summer slowly inches closer. Unless you live in places like LA or Miami, in which case that pool weather is already in full effect. Check it & enjoy!

The Lovers Key :: Do You Still Think of Me? (Ursula 1000 Remix) Premiere

The Lovers Key are a new indie pop/soul duo from South Florida featuring Christopher Moll of The Postmarks fame and Maco Monthervil. They are getting ready to release their debut album 'Here Today Gone Tomorrow' April 1st on Room Records which will be available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.

Before that and to coincide with WMC this week in Miami, they got NYC's totally awesome Ursula 1000 to remix their track "Do You Still Think of Me?" into a dance jam which we are happy to premiere today on OTR!

Check out that remix below, as well as the album's opening track "Saturday Night" to get you acquainted with their excellent soulful sound. Then don't be an April Fool and grab this excellent release next week.  

The Faint :: Help in the Head

Been a long time since we had a new album from The Faint. 2008's 'Fasciinatiion' to be exact. Well the wait is over, today I saw they will be releasing new album 'Doom Abuse' on April 8th. The first taste of the new record is first single "Help in the Head" which they released a video for that you can check out below. Laser pointer paranoia! Seems they will also be doing a tour to coincide with the album release including a show at the Culture Room on May 6th for us South Floridians. Good news all around! Viva la Faint!

Drowners :: Luv, Hold Me Down

On a recent trip I had the pleasure of listening to the Drowners' "Luv, Hold Me Down." The post-punk band from New York have an early 90's indie rock feel to them that will make them airplay friendly across many university radio stations.

Check out the track/video below, and if you like what you hear they are offering the tune as a free download.