Modjo :: Lady (Theater of Delays Remix)

One of our long time favorites Theater of Delays sent us his latest remix for Modjo's "Lady" and it is another winner! Great disco dance jam that I can't wait to play out, especially since he is giving the track away for free if you sign up to his mailing list on his soundcloud. Not only will you get access to this track, but all of his amazing remixes and originals as well! Best get in on that.

Cassian :: Running (Plastic Plates Remix)

Another stunner I ran into, is this lovely remix by the amazing Plastic Plates for Cassian's "Running". Maybe I'm getting older, but I just love these type of grooves. I can listen to this bpm all day. Whether I'm getting work done, on the treadmill or opening up a room for a DJ set. Just lovely stuff. Check it out below...

Clanch :: Autumn (Candidat Remix)

Today has been one of the most gorgeous weather days in Miami all year! A perfect 60's and sunny all day. Days just don't get much more beautiful than today, especially when the rest of the country is freezing their butts off. Perfect weather for a nice jacket or sweater. Somehow this Candidat remix for Clanch's track "Autumn" seems like the perfect track for a day like today. Smooth, midtempo jam that just flows. You can groove to it all day as you handle your business.

Check out the goodness below, and if you like what you hear it's a straight up free download. No liking of any page or anything. Just a click and it's yours. Enjoy.

Jack LNDN :: Don't Forget

Ran into this great instrumental dance jam "Don't Forget" by UK producer Jack LNDN. It is from his upcoming EP Summer Never Ends. I'm not usually a big fan of instrumentals, but this one keeps it moving, fun and fresh. Sure it will work great in a club setting. He is also offering the tune as a free download in exchange for a Facebook like. Hard to argue with that. Check it out below...

Wunder Wunder :: Midnight Hours (DWYR Remix)

Ran into this really cool remix DWYR did for Wunder Wunder's "Midnight Hours". Equal parts electronic, equal parts house = a winning combo! I can jam this at work, or use it to open up a room for a DJ set. Smooth vibes. Best part is they are offering the remix as a free download in exchange for a soundcloud follow. Done!

The Lovers Key :: Saturday Night (Elastic Bond Remix) :: Premiere!

What do you get when you get a bad ass South Florida band remixing another bad ass South Florida band? A bad ass remix of course! Check out this amazing remix Miami band Elastic Bond did for The Lovers Keys "Saturday Night". So smoooth, and they're letting us do the Premiere! We'll take it! Check out the goodness below...

Mighty Mouse :: See Through You ft. Ronika

Loving the new Mighty Mouse track "See Through You" ft Ronika that my buddy posted on my Facebook. It's like a super pop dance jam! So good! Only shitty thing is I wanna play it this weekend and can't seem to find it anywhere (sad face). Is it out yet? If it is and any of our readers can email me the mp3 or send me a link where I can buy it I'd be forever indebted.

Otherwise enjoy this stream as much as I am. It might break. "I got 20/20, I got 20/20 vision..."