I heart Disco

I will not lie. I like disco.

When I first listened, I looked around my speakers to see if Moroder was hiding there. This new disco (Nu Disco) is everywhere lately and I'm all for it. Lindstrøm has been doing his remix thing for a while (LCD Soundsystem, Roxy Music, Franz Ferdinand, Chicken Lips, Annie, Juan Maclean - list goes on for a while).

On this track he gets back together with Solale Christabelle as
Lindstrøm and Solale. The duo got together last for the 2004 single Music (in my Mind).

Now before you diss repetative music, consider the environment the music was made for. Dancing. So get out under that disco ball and DANCE. Okay this is dub version so might just chill by the pool with it with your favorite vice. But you can help if move a bit. (The dub is done by a friend of theirs that wishes to remain anonymous. I wonder who at Feedelity Recordings did it...)

MP3: Let's Practise (Mystery Dub)

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