Indie Cross Breeding...

The Microphones begat Khaela Maricich who hooked up with Jona Bechtolt (YACHT) to form The Blow.

So we got The Microphones, Get the Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano (Maricich), YACHT and The Blow. That would make for a pretty good 6 Degrees of Indie seperation game.

They also make some pretty good music. The music involved from a lo-fi indie sound, slowly adding electronic elements and sometimes just going for straight dance music.

YACHT recently opened for LCD Soundsystem in NYC and from the reviews it seems he killed it and did not disappoint. He is actually making a name for himself because of his life performances. He also remixed a couple of tracks for Architecture in Helsinki. He keeps a pretty detail blog called Team YACHT. (HINT: If you dig around there enough, you might find some freebies!).

MP3: The Microphones - Don't Smoke
MP3: The Blow - Pile of Gold
MP3: YACHT - I Believe In You

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