It Drives Me...

So I am leaving Miami Beach one evening (okay about an hour ago) and Lindstrøm & Solale's Let's Practise is playing in it's full 12inch glory. And the song just feels right. Then as I approach the MacAurther Causeway, Shit Robot's Triumph queues on the iPod. (Stay with me, it's going some where...) For those of you that do not know the Shit Robot track, it is basically what the theme of Miami Vice would be if it was reincarnated today. Even the synths evoke Jan Hammer's guitars from the original.

Okay, you understand the music a bit, now imagine that you are cruising (there is no better word for it) over the first bridge. Star Island is on your right, on your left is the Port of Miami. Up ahead the new Miami skyline (it is already in the top 20 worldwide in terms of height) is rapidly approaching. Further off, because Miami is so flat, the horizon seems to never end and we can enjoy a sunset at almost 8pm.

The music and the scenery began to form a Pink Floyd-Wizard of Oz moment for me (for the newer kids, it's like the Volkswagen commercial with the Stereolab song where everything from the windshield wipers to the clicking of the turn signals goes with the music).

I always felt that not all songs are meant for the dance floor, headphones, home stereo, and house party... Some songs are only suitable for one of those. Some are only suitable for driving.

The ones that make you forget that you live in a city with the worst road rage. The ones that make you want to take your car to the extreme. Or drive as slow as possible to see everything around you. Kraftwerk's Tour de France was practically orchestrated around bicycle race. I never said you had to drive a car... Listen to the breathing at the beginning of the song. For those that have cycled before you know that feeling. The song is a metronome for peddling.

These are some songs that drive me. What drives you?

From my recent drive home:

Lindstrøm & Solale - Let's Practise (12" mix)
Shit Robot - Triumph

I cannot stop playing this song:

Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life

Try this song on a bicycle:

Kraftwerk - Tour De France (Paris Live)

A 4 minute drive home lasted exactly 7 minutes and 11 seconds until the song ended as the gate to my garage opened:

LCD Soundsystem - Get Innocuous

(Yes, my driving soundtrack all sounds like disco. I already told you I liked disco. Oh and what did you guys think of the season finale of Lost? I have my theories so do others.)

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