Tracey Thorn is not Missing...

You may have thought Tracey Thorn had gone missing considering her last studio album was about two decades ago. Well there was that little stint as the vocal half of Everything But the Girl but who remembers that?

Everything But the Girl is a funny group. The first half of their career veered towards acoustic folk albums. It was not until Todd Terry's remix of Missing (do not even pretend to not know it, it was a mainstay on WVUM AND Power 96 in the mid 90's...) that the group changed their style.

They continued that sound in 1996's album Walking Wounded and their last album Tempermental. After EBTG went on hiatus, Ben starting up a hugely popular London Sunday deep house party (I heard the parties were literally in houses throughout London). He is still is an active producer (he showed up on Respect is Burning's 2005 Ete D'Amour). Well what does this have to do with Tracey?

Well it seems the Ben's projects have influenced her latest album (after all, the two are married). It is not a house album. But it is far from her acoustic sophisti-pop beginnings.

The following IS a house remix. Suitable for the upcoming Sunday afternoon BBQ's.

MP3: It's All True (Escort Extended Remix)

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