Music from The Eames Era

Not exactly music from the mid-century modern furniture period (even though I have thought about digging into music that was played during that time of Verner Panton living environments and Palm Springs getaways).

An indie pop band from Louisiana called The Eames Era. I have been sitting on their music for a couple of months. Sometimes it takes a while to warm up to a band. Well in this case, I did not even realize that I had it in my library. Short sweet pop songs, with plenty of females vocals, jumpy drums, and la-la-la's (I think I even heard a hand clap in there). Their music has been featured on a few TV shows (tell me a successful indie band that has not these days...).

This is from their current self released album, Heroes and Sheroes.

Music courtesy of The Eames Era website. Like what we have here? Go to the site to get a few more tracks!

MP3: Last to Know
MP3: When You Were a Millionaire

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