So excited to hear about The Verve
Reunion! Glad they didn't wait till they were 50 either. NME just reported that one of my favorite all time Brit-Pop bands The Verve will be reuniting for a European Tour and New Album!

Back in 97' there were 3 albums that I couldn't stop listening to. One was Radiohead's 'OK Computer' the other Pulp's 'This is Hardcore' and lastly The Verve's 'Urban Hymns'! All classic albums that I think will hold up well to the most important test of all, time. But The Verve were at the time my absolute favorites. So much so that I went out and bought every import single they put out for Urban Hymns. 2 import cds for every single.

I remember driving all the way to Sawgrass Mills (about 45 min drive from were I used to live) to go buy them at a Specs they had there. Which at the time had alot of great stuff, especially hard to find import CD's. I spent a crap load of money on those import CDs, but it was well worth it. Each CD had 1 or 2 bonus tracks that weren't on the album. By the time you added them up you had another albums worth of new Verve music in b-sides. Not bad for a die hard fan.

Anyways right at the peak of their success they broke up! Damnit! I was so pissed as I'm sure a lot of their fans were. Apparently the guitarist Nick McCabe and Richard Ashcroft couldn't get along. It was pretty frustrating to know that was gonna be it. To break up at their creative peak. To this day I still play 'Bittersweet Symphony' to close out a lot of my parties. It's a perfect come down song to mellow out the night/crowd and those strings and lyrics are untouchable. 'Cause it's a Bittersweet Symphony, that's life....'

I'm just glad their back to give us some new music! Richard Ashcroft tried to do a solo thing for the last 10 years or so and it wasn't bad. The first solo album and last one were good, but it didn't reach anywhere near the popularity of Urban Hymns, especially here in the states.

I hope it goes so well for them and a tour of the States ensues... ;) That would be magical!

Anyways here are some of those b-sides off of Urban Hymns that many of you probably don't have. So it'll be new music for you...


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