We like Goodbooks

I am day late with this one. Sorry, I was a bit busy at work. (Lies! I was just being lazy).

Yesterday The Goodbooks released their "first full and proper single", at least according to their website. I first heard of them because of the remix of Leni by Crystal Castles. When I listened to The Illness, I was surprised to not hear any electronic elements. I just had assumed from the remix that most of the songs were similar. The Leni remix is pretty good. The synths seem to have been possessed by the ghosts of Yazoo. (I am no way saying they are as good as Yazoo/Yaz/whatever country you are from, so chill...).

The Illness has the pop sensibilities of Hot Hot Heat minus the annoying vocals. Actually much better in all accounts.

Mp3: The Illness
Mp3: Leni (Crystal Castles Remix) 2006

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