Dark Disco

A little no-wave action for you from Portland. Glass Candy has been around for a bit. Even playing a show in Miami back in the day... This summer they are playing P.S.1's Warm Up on August 11 (one of the many reasons to visit NYC in the summer) as part of the Trouble Man Unlimited/Italians Do It Better label showcase. (Anybody else notice the heavy disco line up for this year's Warm Up?)

Anyways, Glass Candy is evolving their sound from the post-punk garage sound to a darker more minimal disco sound (a la the Italians and Germans). The newest single I Always Say Yes has a balearic beat to it (think heavy, slow, 90–110 bpm). Okay maybe a little faster.

We have an older track of theirs Love Love Love where lead singer Ida No channels Siouxsie when she sings (Karen O anyone?). And a newer track where her vocals sounds like galactic purrs. Nice.

MP3: Love Love Love
MP3: I Always Say Yes (12")
MP3: Computer Love (Kraftwerk Cover)

One more. It is so good.

MP3: The Chameleon

Also out is a comp album out on Italians Do It Better called After Dark that showcases contemporary artists embracing Giorgio Moroder-styled synths. Incredible how long disco has survived. Electroclash who? NuRave what? (yeah that died already - how much more of fluorescent colors can you take?) All good music but a little short on the longevity.

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