Ease into the week...

I just scooped up the second release for Air from their album Pocket Symphony. Placed near the end of the album Mer Du Japon is soaring landscape of sounds backed by the ever present whispy vocals of Nicolas Godin and Jean-BenoƮt Dunckel. It is the only track that seems to want to break free from the somber mood of the album.

The Teenagers and Kris Menace take notice and bump up the track to almost club ready form (maybe the track is better suited for a lounge instead...). I am actually pleasantly surprised with The Teenagers version. Kris Menace has the whole Daft Punk/One More Time build up perfected. The single also has a new vocal mix done by the boys.

MP3: Mer Du Japon (Kris Menace Remix)
MP3: Mer Du Japon (The Teenagers Remix)

The video for the track is a full on interpretive dance (you know the one your friends think is hilarious at 3:00am after a few tequila shots and everyone whips out their camera phones to capture it only to realize the next day that there wasn't enough lighting and the microphone just picked up alot of screaming and laughing... forever lost).

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