La Musique, La Musique, La Musique....

Australia once again showing their dominance in the dance music world at the moment with Riot in Belgium. These guys are incredibly/deliciously/infectiously catchy! Even though it looks like they've been around since 2006 I'm just catching wind of these guys recently thanks to my Attic partner Jonathan who's been playing their track 'La Musique' for awhile now at our Tuesday Night Party.

The band comprises of 2 members. DJ Damage of Bang Gang and DJ Belgium one time member of Cut Copy. Together they are one of the closest examples of the Nu Rave sound. Except they do all the right things.

They do their own original music 'La Musique', which is spectacular! The song just keeps pushing and pushing till that climactic 'La Musique, La Musique....' chorus which kicks in about 3:50 into the song and explodes.

They also do amazing remixes for other artists such as K.I.M. (from Presets fame). The remix they do for his song 'Wet N Wild' is hot! Makes you 'Wanna Party....' under a disco ball in your room, car, club, wherever! Dance music at it's best!

Check out some of their tracks and remixes. All Highly Recommended!!

We also recommend the volume be turned way up!

MP3: Riot in Belgium - La Musique
MP3: K.I.M. - Wet N Wild (Riot in Belgium Remix)
MP3: Sneaky Sound System - I Love It (Riot in Belgium Forest Rave Mix)


Unknown said...

love the wetnwild remix, good stuff OTR

Ray Milian said...

thanks for listening bryan...