Preview of Toronto: The Cansecos

So in preparation of my trip to Toronto coming up, I decided to post some music from a band I just discovered from there. Honestly, I just really like the song and it has nothing to do with my trip. But maybe I can see one of their shows if our schedules align.

Anyways, The Cansecos, they are difficult to describe. They are dance friendly (despite the image to the right-I think that was the baseball game in the 80's where they burned disco records a huge mob rushed the field but that's for another post...). The Cansecos do a good job of pushing pop music further than it has gone before (I would say similar to Hot Chip).

They release their self title debut album in 2003. And they are set to release its follow up this year entitled Juices!. It was self-produced and recorded by Adam Nunn (Radiohead, Air) at Abbey Road Studios. You can get a taste of it via their just released remix project called Juiced! You have to check it out. Within the first few minutes of Side A, you hear the familiar (hopefully) baseline of Supernature by Cerrone but with their vocals on it. They do the track justice. The rest of it is just fun.

Scoop it up. And let it ride.

MP3: Juiced! Side A (web release)
MP3: Juiced! Side B (web release)

From their self title debut:

MP3: Faster Than You Go

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