Super Early Release

The Super Furry Animals are releasing their 8th studio album on August 27th. Continuing their tried and true blend of pop, folk, psychedelica and eccentric lyrics. Check out the song titles...

1. The Gateway Song
2. Runaway
3. Show Your Hand
4. The Gift
5. Neo Consumer
6. Into the Night
7. Baby Ate My Eight Ball
8. Carbon Dating
9. Suckers
10. Battersea Odyssey

Yes you read correctly, Baby Ate My Eight Ball. Here's to hoping they go back to their "Rings Around World" days. Their last albums have been a little ho-hum. Not horrible but not "Slow Life".

MP3: Neo Consumer
MP3: Into the Night

The bassist from Super Furry Animals is the next person chosen to handpick the tracks from Trojan Records vaults for a dub compilation. Furry Selection: Luxury Cuts of Trojan by a Super Furry Animal is out now. Excellent series. The last one was curated by Jonny Greenwood (Jonny Greenwood Is The Controller) and is up for a Mojo award for best compilation of the year.

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