We've Got You Covered: Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer left the world a fantastic catalog of music before he passed away in 2003. This blue-eyed soul singer aged gracefully in the pop world over 3 decades. From his jazz and reggae period (he lived in the Bahamas in the mid 70's) to his synth-friendly nu wave albums in the 80's. He was known for his near-perfect pitch and heartfelt delivery.

His album Clues was produced by Gary Numan and Chris Frantz (drummer for the Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club) and produced the track Johnny and Mary. Radio friendly, this track gave him a newer younger audience and paved the way for his late 80's success on MTV with Addicted to Love and The Power Station.

Along with the original, we have a version from Placebo and a stream from The Notwist.

MP3: Robert Palmer - Johnny and Mary
MP3: Placebo - Johnny and Mary

Stream: The Notwist - Johnny and Mary

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