*yawn* streeeetch We're back!

We never went anywhere. Sorry for the delay but it has been a BUSY week. Not just socially (birthday, holiday, summer...), but even WORK has been crazy.

No fear, it was just a brief hiatus. And that only means the new tracks have just piled up and are itching to make it on to the blog.

First up, a party promoter from Berlin turned DJ turned remixer turned artist turned producer, Phonique. He regularly works with Alex Krüger (of Krüger and Dorfmeister fame), producing new tracks for Morcheeba's former vocalists solo release, and his own 2007 release Good Idea on Dessous Recording Germany.

Phonique frequently teams up with Erlend Oye. Erlend has been a guest vocalist on Phonique's previous albums and Phonique remixed Erlend's version of Fine Day for his DJ Kicks compilation.

Here is the newest single from Good Idea.

MP3: Casualities (Feat. Erlend Oye)

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