Raiding My Music Files

I have been fruitlessly searching for something to post and was about to give up when I heard this track by Bag Raiders. I had absolutely no idea who these guys were/are. A little digging and I discovered they are signed to Modular and have remixed the Modular gang (Sneaky Sound System, Muscles and KIM (The Presets), etc...).

Well they just dropped their first 3 track EP. And it seems the Aussie duo of Christopher Brave and Jack Sabbath have a few tricks up their sleeves. Both are classically trained instrumentalists (sic), I am still trying to figure out which classical instruments they are since the tracks they released are synths galore.

So far it seems they touring their island continent but I have a feeling they will be touring stateside soon.

Oh so the track. I like the build up, it does not seem like it is going anywhere, but then it soars. Nothing crazy, but it has momentum. It is Monday, gotta take it easy.

MP3: Punch Reprise (YSI)

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