Remember when Off the Radar first started?

I distinctly remember listening to a lot of Moving Units during that time. There are definitely songs or soundtracks for periods in my life (I am sure yours as well) that you just happen to associate certain songs. It happens with prom songs and trips to Europe and summers renting on the beach. A couple of years ago (coincidently when Off the Radar started at Buck 15) Moving Units was all over my playlists. From that little bar upstairs at Miss Yip's to hanging out at the Tribeca Grand in NY (craaazzzzy weekend).

The Moving Units seemed to accomplish what many bands were (still are?) trying to accomplish. Take an older sound (in this case 80's new wave) and update it without sounding like you are trying. (Remember the song Anyone? How about when the synths kick in for the chorus?). On this attempt they have added a new guitarist lending a more mature sound.

Music Snobbery has the opening track to stream.

And we have two choice cuts from the album. Hexes for Exes will be released on Metropolis Records on October 9, 2007. (I am digging the black and gold for the album cover too...)

MP3: Crash 'n' Burn Victims (YSI)
MP3: Dark Walls (YSI)

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Here are three tracks from the new album of the Moving Units:

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