There Is The Theory Of The Mobius...

UPDATE: Just got another email from the band and it seems they will be coming down in November. We'll keep you posted.

There is the theory of the mobius... A twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop... (Orbital)

I have been a longtime fan of Mobius Band so I was very excited to get this email from them this morning!! (They were the band that opened for The Editors that everyone was asking their name after they performed.) Anyways, they are Ghostly (you can basically trust anything that comes out of there) but now Misra Records based out of San Francisco.

The new single sees the trio try a few new things (with strings, guitars) while maturing their familiar electronic flourishes.

And now a word from the band:
So we can tell you a bit more about our second LP, Heaven.
It will be out on October 2nd on Misra/Ghostly.
That's right, now we have two labels instead of one.
Our new partner Misra is based in San Francisco and run by the same team as Absolutely Kosher Records.

Heaven is 10 songs long, and looks like this:

01 Hallie
02 Secret Language
03 A Hint of Blood
04 Leave the Keys in the Door
05 Friends Like These
06 Control
07 Tie a Tie
08 Under Sand
09 Black Spot
10 I Am Always Waiting


The more interesting news is that you can hear the first song on the album, "Hallie," at our myspace page:

Or here:

MP3: Hallie

Check out a track from their previous album (there is a great Juniors Boys remix of this on the 2nd Ghostly compilation):

MP3: The Loving Sounds of Static

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