There's A Place Called...

So Black Dice have signed onto Animal Collective's Paw Tracks label. (WHAT?! They left DFA? Blasphemy! snicker Still love you Mr. Murphy!) They are planning to release their next album entitled Load Blown on October 23rd. And have released a nugget from that album a bit early for us.

About the new album, there are rumors of more accessibility, shit does that mean they have gone soft on us? Not likely, from the press release, "this is a work of over-stimulation, a product of frenzied media culture, a sonic sifting of the gratuitous amount of “stuff” out there."


The track sounds like a dub track that has been sent out into space, done a few laps around the milky way before crashing somewhere in the Caribbean, downing a couple of Red Stripes before showing up at an after hours show in Downtown.

MP3: Kokomo (courtesty of Paw Tracks)
(And please ignore the reference to the The Beach Boys most forgettable song ever -- they are in my top five favorite bands ever... except for Kokomo and John Stamos playing the congas in the video. I forgave them already.)

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Andrew McLees said...

really liking what I hear so far.