Here is the New...

Wow, what a great time at Apt 407 last night! Champagne flowing all over the place and amazing international beers and music! Chris killed it, so did Jonathan and Tom. Then I came on and gave the crowd the classic sing-alongs. Great to see drunk people singing to Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd at 4 in the morning... All in all a very successful debut. The only complaint I got was that it was a bit smoky and hot so we're gonna hook it up with fans for next week and we should be straight. Thanks to everyone who came out! We hope to see you back again, and again. This place is so sweet and the owner is super nice (a rare thing in Miami!) This venue deserves some good exposure.

Anyways it's Friday and it's time for business! Weekly Mixtape Time!

Here are some sweet tracks I came across this week....

I got this older track by Electric Light Orchestra called 'Here is the News' which is the inspiration for the title to this post. It's a great song and should appeal to fans of Midnight Juggernauts. The keyboard riffs are identical to the riffs of Into the Galaxy. They must have been listening to ELO when they made that song. Amazing how a song so old holds up so well. It's 26 years old but still sounds fresh, like it was released yesterday.

Here's also a new-ish track by Cut Copy called So Haunted from their upcoming album which I hear is being produced by DFA, so you know the beats are gonna be great! Give us a new album already! Chris doesn't think this one's that great, but I think it's worth at least posting and letting you guys decide.

Also check out the track by Big Face called My Body Moves Faster. It starts out slower but when it kicks in about halfway in, it's amazing! Kinda reminds me of early Nine Inch Nails, except dancier.

The track by Gucci Soundsystem is solid as well! Good stuff!

Anyway's enjoy and have a great week-end!

P.S. The artwork from this post was taken by my girlfriend Li, as are most of the cool photographs I use for the dance posts. The second one we took the other day of some street art here in Miami as we were driving around. We took it right from my car. It was raining as you can see on the right hand side of the windshield, but I still love the way it came out. There's a few of these by were we live in the Miami Design District and they're huge, they must be over 20 feet tall. Their done by an artist called Santiago I think. Hard to make out the name on there. He has a bunch of these Goth girls all around Design District and we always marvel at how great they are.

UPDATE: The artist's name is Santiago Rubino. Thanks to Kristine for the info!


Kris said...

Santiago Rubino

Ray Milian said...

awesome thanks for letting us know... thats the artists name people just in case you wanted to find more stuff from him. cheers!