On A Friday

So everybody cannot get In Rainbows out of their CD decks (I felt like I just typed 8 track) and rightfully so. The album is amazing and I have not heard any negative comments about it.

Anyways, how about some vintage Radiohead? Circa 1991, Courtyard Studios, Oxford. Recorded on cassette (now it seems I am trying to use every music medium out there...).

Technically this is not Radiohead's music but the group On a Friday, whose members included: Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood, Ed O'Brien, Colin Greenwood and Phil Selway. Okay fine, that is the current Radiohead line up. On a Friday was their college band before the name change and subsequent world wide blog domination and DRM free mp3 tracks. They took the name because they met for band practice... you guessed it... on a Friday.

Interesting to see bands of this size and how they started. Thom's voice sounds so young. The music sounds out of control. On the verge of something big. The other tracks hint of future albums. I hear Kid A voice samples and Creeps guitar licks that was released a few short years later.

Can you believe this is the same band the recorded Paranoid Android?

Here is an excerpt from the magazine above that nabbed the first interview with this new band:
At the end of October Oxford’s thinnest band (The Wild Poppies split up ages ago), On A Friday, played at the Jericho Tavern to a good sized crowd and there was a man from EMI there. A mere two weeks later they play the Tavern again and the place is heaving. There are twenty-five record company A&R men there and they all paid to get in. To put it bluntly, On A Friday are HAPPENING. Good job we chose this month to put them on the cover.
Read the rest here.

(Dang, after hearing the album again, I guess EVERYBODY loved their 808 in the early 90's.)

MP3: Everybody Lies Through Their Teeth (YSI)
MP3: Give It Up (YSI)
MP3: How Can You Be Sure? (YSI)