Thy Kingdom Come....

Dave Gahan the enigmatic Depeche Mode frontman will be releasing his second solo album later this month (Ocotber the 23rd) entitled 'Hourglass'.

After the release of his first solo album 'Paper Monsters' and some critical and commercial success a couple years ago he managed to earn enough leverage with Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) to write his first three tracks for DM in their 25+ years of existence on 'Playing the Angel'. Hard to believe that all the songs Dave has sung throughout the years have been written almost exclusively by Martin Gore. Except for of course their first album 'Speak and Spell' which had songs written by Vince Clark of later Erasure fame.

Anyways I kinda liked Dave's first album. It was more mellow, guitar driven and atmospheric. It filled in nicely between Depeche Mode albums and I can never get enough of Dave's voice which seems to be getting better with age.

The first single from the new album is called 'Kingdom' and its a bit more electronic than anything from the first album. I hear thats the direction with this new one, so I'm pretty excited about that. He enlisted some heavy hitters to remix the first single, Digitalism & Booka Shade. Check them out below...

The video for Kingdom is pretty sweet also, so I'll post that and a great slow atmospheric track from Paper Monsters called 'Stay' as well.

On a side-note Alan Wilder former member of Depeche Mode from 1983-1995, and one of the main people responsible for that amazing DM sound for which he got very little credit for and eventually left the band, has recently released a new Recoil album called 'Subhuman'. I haven't heard it yet, but the artwork is amazing and I'm sure it's great! The reviews are saying for fans of bands like Massive Attack and such with a blues singer on vocals for like 5 of the tracks. Gotta check that out. You should too!


MP3: Stay (YSI)

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