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So, I am recovering from the party last night at Apt 407. I am not as young as used to think I was. (?!?) I realized that this weekend is the first party weekend of the holiday season. And also Miami's "season" which is basically when the weather drops to a comfortable 70, humidity is gone (even though it's friggin still sticky as shit outside - damn global warming), hotel prices skyrocket and there is something to do every night of the week.

Last night was an awesome time, and if you have not gone by you need to make a point to get your ass over to our place. Unbelievably chill vibes, great bartenders, (and I heard pretty good music too). If you have MySpace, add us friend.

As great of a time I had last night, it also got me very tired this morning. Since I need to have energy for tonight (3 to 4 scheduled party appearances - I told you it's the start of the season), my iPod (reading my mind as always) jumped to Modeselektor and one of the most appropriately named songs I can think of, Hyper Hyper featuring Miami's own king of IDM and hardcore, Otto Von Schirach.

The track is from Modeselektor's latest release, this year's Happy Birthday. It's fast and loud like a (pardon mon francais) dick slap in the face. I highly recommend either release Happy Birthday or 2005's Hello Mom! out on BPitch Control from Berlin. It's the perfect rude awakening for a Friday morning.

MP3: Hyper Hyper (featuring Otto von Schirach) (YSI)

*Please note: This song MUST be played on a huge system. Don't even bother with headphones. Massive subs are imperative.

And check out what Thom Yorke has to say about the band:
drink down in one go. then go out. for conspicuous consumers everywhere. 'should a known he'd leave you for that little hooker heather.' oh yeah. Modeselektor are genius. no-one has ever cut up a voice like this.
The song he is referring to is Silikon featuring Sasha Perera from Hello Mom! and I have to agree with him about the vocals. It seems he was impressed enough to make an appearance on Happy Birthday on the much blogged track The White Flash.

MP3: Silikon (featuring Sasha Perera) (YSI)

Happy Halloween!

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