!!! (chk-chk-chk) Member Gone AWOL!!!

Time for some new music today. First up, Free Blood. This is the side project turned full-time project of ex-!!! (pronounced Chk-Chk-Chk for those out of the indie circle) drummer John Pugh. He describes the band , “the Fifties idea of what a band does, which is simply to soundtrack the party,” and “manic background music for ensuing debauchery.”

The music is definitely a notch up in intensity compared to !!!. Louder, in your face, and ready for the dance floor. Their first EP is only two tracks with two accompanying remixes. It is called Part 1, well, because Part 2 and 3 are still in the works.

As to why he left !!!, Pugh makes compares it to an army and he's gone AWOL.
!!! was like the army,” laughs Pugh. “We were all having fun but it was really intense and there was a lot of discipline involved. With Free Blood, I was interested in moving away from the space jam ethic and more into really mean pop songs we could flesh out with noise and chaos and our own emotion. There’s a certain freedom there – it definitely feels like I’m out of the army. After eight years, I’ve gone AWOL .
So here is one of the remixes off of the EP by Adventures Close To Home.

MP3: Never Hear Surf Music Again (ACTH Remix) (YSI)

Hear some more original tracks on their MySpace profile.

(Not sure about never hearing surf music again though. I kinda it sometimes... Oh and !!! really are awesome so go check them out too. I always have at least one of their albums on my iPod. In fact I think I'll play A New Name this week at Abraxas on Thursday.)

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