Ghosts and Skeletons

I admit, the name Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities drew me to the band. Currently this Brooklyn based band is signed to Ghostly Records. The Skeleton project started off as solo effort of Matt Mehlan (founder of Shinkoyo Records) and picked up a slew of members from classically trained trombonists to punk rock drummers. They have played CMJ and SXSW. And have toured with TV on the Radio and Animal Collective. It is hard to pinpoint their sound, Can, Prince, Sonic Youth, some even say Boyz II Men?

Their latest album Lucas, was recorded in the band's studio (the Silent Barn) in between scheduled shows. It sees not only a name change (they were known as Skeletons and the Girl-Faced Boys for the last release), the album also reflects more of their live experience, more guitars , two drummers, and a trio of horns.

Yet for all the oddness they are known for, they keep their pop sensibility intact.

You can download the web-only album Deity of Hair from their site

MP3: Git (YSI)
MP3: What They Said (YSI)

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