Kid Robot Miami Beach Grand Opening

This is a very good thing for the town. The arrival of Kid Robot, indicates to the world's growing attraction to Miami. While it seems many residents are tired of the city, the world keeps flocking here. Yes, the city is young, and there a gazzillion anonymous commentors that try to compare it to NY and indicate how the "scene" doesn't exist or it is lame or the people do not support. That nobody comes out and blah, blah.

Well, they came out yesterday for the opening of Kid Robot. Hundreds of people lined Collins Ave hoping to get one of the limited edition Miamified 305 Skullhead Dunnys designed by Huck Gee and get a sneak peak of the store. I spoke to one guy at the front of the line (he had #49 of 250 reservations for the figure) and he had arrived around noon. AND from New York. Just to get the Dunny. He had a determined look on his face and anxiously kept an eye on the door to see when he would be allowed i, making sure no one sneaked by. A few minutes later, I saw him get his Dunny, tear open the foil and walk over to Gee to get it signed.

But the store, that's why I went. Inside, Kid Robot style colors exploded everywhere. All of the toys methodically arranged on the outer walls, with clothing and bags in the back of the store. They have a similar strategy like Base on Lincoln Road where the stock is stored in the back of the store and if you would like to purchase anything (minus a few products) a sales rep needs to go to the back and get it. Smart move, it allows a lot of products with minimal floor space taken up. If anyone has been to the closet of a store they have in Soho, you will feel like you walked into an airplane hanger when you go to the new beach location.

We jumped in line which conveniently moved as a snail's pace along one of the display walls and I picked up a few Smorkin' Labbits and T-shirt I have had my eye on. After chatting with some friends that were there and headed off to get ready for Apt 407.

Here are some photos of the night. I couldn't take any photos outside because I only had my camera phone with me and they would not have come out too well (and because I forgot). Tom (Grizzle) from Ocean Drive was there taking photos so I'm sure there will be some better quality ones soon.

Appropriate tune for toy shopping.

MP3: Alphaville - Forever Young (YSI)


marya said...

i love this song so much.

Victor Castro said...

Can't believe I missed this! Have to go during the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us about this and the Iggy Pop concert and the skateboard demo and for sharing all the great music -- I really like your site!

Gus Moore