Parrillada Mix

My sister just got back from Buenos Aires visiting the in-laws and after hearing this mix, I kinda wish I had gone with her and hunted down where this guy plays at (Zizek Urban Beats Club @ Niceto Club).

Dave Refusenik, grew up in Boston (from Moscow) but is currently living in Argentina. His mix features a bunch of artists from the emerging electronic/experimental cumbia scene in Buenos Aires, along with some of his favorite producers from Boston (DJ C, Baltimoroder) to Argentina (Oro11, El Hijo De La Cumbia, El Remolón, Daleduro). Honestly, any mix that throws in Shannon's Let the Music Play is alright in my book.

While we are on the topic of mixes and since holiday (house) parties are beginning to ramp up slowly, let me STRONGLY suggest to hosts if you do not have a dedicated playlist for the party and are letting iTunes Party Shuffle decide for you, play a mix like this instead. You are more likely to keep the party going instead of bringing it to a screeching halt when a guilty pleasure track (Shakira's Hips Don't Lie or Maybe Mark Anthony and J.Lo's latest duet) comes on and the crowd gasps and proceeds to file out the nearest door (drinks in hand of course). Leaving you to sort through the empty bottles, half drunk beers and used lime wedges sitting on your kitchen counter.

...And I'm on tonight... You know my hips don't lie...And I'm starting to feel it's righ...


Please. Be safe. Use a mix.

MP3: Refusenik - Kold Krussian Mix

More info on Refusenik.

Kold Krussian TRACKLIST:

Cheba Fadela - N’Sel Fik
Refusenik - Bring Your Bomb On (Los Palmeras vs. Daleduro vs. Missy
Elliot vs. Baby Cham & Majic Massey)
Bassnectar - Bomb The Blocks (Ghislain Poirier Mix)
Santogold - You’ll Find A Way (Switch and Sinden Mix)
Refusenik - Miss Bichera (El Remolón vs. Million Stylez)
Alika & La Nueva Alianza - Para Bailar Cumbia (El Hijo De La Cumbia Mix)
Refusenik - Long Time Tomaza (El Hijo De La Cumbia vs. Capleton)
Funk E aka El Buki - Tussle
Ratatat - Lex
Krames - How We Do It Over Hur
Baltimoroder - Wile Out (VIP Mix)
Refusenik - La Danza De Dizzee (Dizzee Rascal vs. Oro11)
Lil Mama - No Music (Starkey Refix)
Shannon - Let The Music Play
Rihanna - Don’t Stop The Music (Rock Steady Drew MJ2 Mix)
Rammstein - Sehnsucht
Scottie B - Niggaz Fightin
DJ Tameil - Throw Some Deez
Diplo - Put That Pussy (Remix Instrumental)
Mavado - Weh Dem A Doo (Vin Sol Remix)
DJ C and Zulu - Body Work (Murderbot’s Britny Work Refix)
Daft Punk - Around the World (Killdahype Remix)
Refusenik - Bamboo Vegas (M.I.A. vs. Mr. Vegas)
DJ Luciano Olivera - Culo (This One Too - Funk Carioca Remix)
Refusenik - Lick Italiano Lento (20 Fingers vs. DJ Sandrinho)
DJ Sandrinho - Medley Yazoo
DJ C and MC Jorge Stylo - Juce
Math Head - Drop It (Drop The Lime Dynasty Of Fury Remix)
Prodigy - No Good For Me
Cuizinier - No Good
Refusenik - March With My Feet (Dude N Nem vs. Virgo)
Siddhartha - Polarity
Earlybird - Never Let You Go, Laura Palmer (Elvis vs. Angelo

That reminds me, I have a some mate at home (mate cup and all) that I have never drank (drunk?) it. Here are some pics from around the city. Oh and I just realized that most of the visitors to the site might not know what the beauty of a parrillada is but it's basically an Argentinian barbeque (pic below). Everything from churrasco to chorizo to blood sausages (morcilla) to grilled chicken to sweet breads (trust me, it's not bread) is all grilled on an open flame using specific Argentinian firewood.

Parrilla = grill
Parrillada = meat on the grill

And then there are the desserts. Let's just say three words: "dulce" "de" "leche". Okay I am beginning to sound like a travel guide.

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