Basel's Over! Time for New Music...

Wow! Art Basel is over! Such a crazy long ass weekend! I'm beat! Haven't spun that much in, uuuumm ever!! By Sunday night I was mixing with my eyes closed... One good thing about spinning so much. You only get better. Spinning at different venues with different monitors (or lack of) and sound systems only helps make you a better DJ. I have to say the sound system at Set was the best of all. Me and Mike Deuce were oohh and aawing the whole time at how good the music was sounding. Even with our shitty mp3's. Also now I will have like 3 months worth of great art to accompany the great music on our blog. Pretty happy about that! :) Check the pic on top. This guy does little miniature cut outs maybe only 6 or 7 inches tall and their amazing!

After we left Set we finished of the night @ Purdy for Chocolate Sundays and got our asses wasted! Justice was in town playing some not so secret gigs last night at Shoreclub then Rokbar. When we passed by Rokbar after Set they were still playing at Shoreclub and there were big signs saying private party and you couldn't get in unless you were on the list. Typical South Beach. So instead of jumping fences to get into Shoreclub we decided to just head over to Purdy. Probably best decision, I can't imagine how many snobby people were at these exclusive VIP gigs. Purdy was out of hand fun, like always! It's not the classiest place but everyone just goes there every week and lets loose. Always refreshing.

Anyways the last few days on MySpace Zoot Woman has been posting that you can download a New Track of theirs 'We Won't Break' for Free and today they posted a video for it also. I love Zoot Woman. This song and video don't disappoint! Can't wait for the new album.

With no further ado here they are.


MP3: Zoot Woman - We Won't Break (YSI) (link removed by request, but you can still download the song directly at RCRD LBL....

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