Get Your Itinerary Ready

Worm-Hole Labs does it better than I do, so here is a listing of all (most?) Art Fairs taking place this week in Miami via Worm-Hole Laboratories (20+ fairs!!)

Here is my tentative schedule. Subject to ridiculous change as the evening progresses. In fact, you can take this with a grain of salt...

NADA Opening @ Ice Palace (Deerhoof!)
Takeshi Murakami @ Prive

Iggy Pop & The Stooges
Cocorosie @ The Raleigh Hotel (good luck)
Jorge Sanchez Gallery
DJ Language @ White Room

Generators ABMB @ Upper Eastside Garden - High Places performing hosted by Dublab and P.S.1 Art Radio
SCOPE Opening @ Opium (Ray will be DJ'ing with Induce)
APT407 @ Abraxas Lounge (Where I'll be DJ'ing with Ray and Friends...)

SCOPE Art Fair
Bridge Art Fair @ Catalina Hotel
GenArt Vanguard Exhibition Opening @ Palm Court (Ray will be Dj'ing)
Glass Candy @ Studio A
Italians Do It Better @ PS14

And that's only through Friday and only the evenings (except Friday, got the day off!). There are so many things to check out. Le Baron throws THE party to go to every year but I think this year they missed the mark by choosing Rok Bar as their venue but don't blame them, everything was booked by the time they started looking! That place will reach capacity in ... oh wait, it's already full. Private parties on yachts and million dollar homes. After parties for the after parties... and the art, welcome to CostCo for billionaires!

The best part of Art Basel week(end) are the surprises, you have no idea who you will meet, what you see, when you will be at a certain place, but the experience is unforgettable.

Postings will be a little sporadic this week. Back to our regular scheduled programming as soon as the writer's strike is over or Art Basel. Whichever comes first.

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