Moby's Last Night

Here is a track off of the new Moby album Last Night. He has been making a stir lately, coming out to DJ a bit more and getting his name back into people's mind. Doing so, his album reflects that nightlife culture a bit more than his last few albums.
"and it has some interesting guest vocalists. my favorite guest is the rapper on
'i love to move in here'. his name is grandmaster caz, and he was one of the writers of 'rappers delight'. he's been rapping since 1975, and i'm really happy to have him on the record."
Check it out right here. (Windows users: right-click -- > save as)

Below is the video for the new track Alice. It was directed by Andreas Nillson (who's directed videos for The Knife and Jose Gonzalez). The rap at the end of the song is pretty slick. I admit it though, the intro kinda annoys me. I'm expecting some relevant indie remixers to tackle this song promptly.

Have you guys ever been to Moby's website? He obviously has had it up for a long time, but he updates it often to keep it fresh and even takes an active in involvement by updating a journal regularly.

Moby recently DJ'ed here in Miami and was later caught hanging at the local indie haunts until the weeeeee hours in the morning. Gaining street cred? Nah, I don't think he needs it.

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