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Just heard this great new track called 'Elvis' by U.K.'s These New Puritans. Loving the lyrics! They blend politics, spirituality, danciness and aggressiveness all with one punch. 'We're being watched by experts', 'I'm gonna tell you my secrets'. Reminds me of the illegal wire tapings and such that have been occuring since 9/11 and probably were our society is heading in general. You know, to stop terrorism. Cameras everywhere watching our every move, just like in the George Orwells classic '1984'. It also deals with spiritual issues like the religious rapture and agnosticism when it says' and if there is a god, then he'll take me up', and 'we're all waiting'. The album is out in the U.K. already. Should be out in the U.S. sometime in March on Domino Records.

Here's another track from the Neon Neon (Gruff Rhys from SFA/Boom Bip side project) The first single is called 'Trick for Treat' and features vocals by Har Mar Superstar and Spank Rock. It's pretty irrisistably catchy. The way a Gorrillaz track can mix dancey grooves & hip hop. Should be pretty big hit for them this year. Go to their myspace page and check out the other 2 tracks 'I Lust You' and 'Raquel'. Both great songs as well! There's also a video of them doing another track Live in the studio for BBC. Can't wait till it's released, March the 18th. Birthday present anyone? I'm a March 14 baby.

Here's another great band from Paris called Das Pop (great name!) Loving their track 'Fool for Love'. 'I just can't get enough, cause I'm a fool for love'. Great pop song filled with hooks and melodies and we can all relate to those lyrics, no? Go their myspace page for more.

Finally here's a band called Private from Copenhagen, Denmark. Found out about them through my friend Liz from Freezepop and it looks like they were formed after Superheroes broke up and features the lead singer and a couple of Superheroes members. It's definitely more of a mainstream pop feel, like classic 80's Micheal Jackson/Prince or even Justin Timberlake or Annie, but it's a guilty pleasure, I can't help liking it. Apparently their pretty big in Denmark. Their single 'My Secret Lover' went Platinum. The albums not available on itunes or the US yet. Gotta get it through an international internet store or as an Import. I'm thinking of ordering it. Check out the video 'Crucify My Heart' below with a little nod to Micheal Jackson's Thriller in some of the dance moves.


These New Puritans - Elvis

Private - Crucify My Heart

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Victor Castro said...

These New Puritans are a great band with original sound. They were one of my last post. Look them up in Hedi Slimane's website. I have not had a chance to listen to the other 3 bands (been reading from my phone). But what ever you mix with TNP, I'm certain for a treat. Can't wait! To add to "We're being watched by experts", I highly recommend the movie "The Lives of Others".