Dance, Dance, Revolution...

Dance, Dance, Revolution!!!

First saw this game in that movie Grandma's Boy (check the 1st youtube clip above) and it cracked me up, still does. Never played it, but it's so funny to watch people play it. Just saw a Youtube video of a kid playing it at home (check 2nd clip above). Awesome!! Not that I could play it right now, my back sucks! It gives out like once or twice a year for no reason and pretty much puts me out of commision for a few days. Just happened again! So painful any movement and I get a painful spike up my spine. Feel lucky if you've never had one.

Anyways since I'm home doing nothing but watching CNN (Go Obama!) and resting, thought it'd get on here to post some new dance tracks for you guys. I always notice the Dance Mixtapes usually get the most views. Spikes our hits everytime they come out. Either way our little blog here is pretty steady. Thanks for listening! It's great to know there are people who dig new music as much as we do. What's funny is that our blog is a pretty International affair. The top cities that look at our blog are Miami, London, New York, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin and Hialeah! Ha, love that last one..

Anyways here's some new dance tracks I've been digging...

The first one is from Sydney duo WOW. Seems their pretty new. Their Myspace says they were invented on November 2007. That would make them a whole 3 months old. This track of theirs 'When Your Dead' is pretty sweet, albeit with not too many lyrics. 'When you expire, you'll be on fire' Wonder who they could be talking about? We'll be keeping an eye on them.

The next one is from Philadelphia band Hail Social. They're a pretty cool Indie Rock band, but here they get some great dancefloor remix treatment by Designer Drugs for their track 'Heaven'. I could totally picture this one being played on a dancefloor near you, the way Shout Out Louds had 'Tonight I Have to Leave It' turned from a rock track to dancefloor stomper by Kleerup. Gotta love that. Life for the rock fan and under the disco ball as well.

The Slips
from the UK put out a great dance track called 'This Time is Not Your Own'. Love jamming this on the treadmill (when my backs not screwed that is!). Won't be too shabby on the dancefloor either!

Poney Poney are from Paris France! Nice place to live, no? I need to go visit one day. They've got some great music and have some famous friends like Justice who has helped produce some of their music. Here their track Junior gets remixed by Chateau Marmont and he did a great job. Really beefs up the original for dancefloor annihilation. Check out more on their Myspace page as well as a remix of The Teenagers 'Love No'

Like 90's house? Then this track 'Love' by Frenchman Thomas Bangalter (or is it Louis La Roche, check out comments) will have you feeling nostalgic and wishing there was more of this being put out today! I was never a big house fan back in the day (alternative rock kid here), but I can totally appreciate and dig something like this nowadays. A Classic!


MP3: Wow - When You're Dead (YSI)
MP3: Hail Social - Heaven (Designer Drugs Mix) (YSI)
MP3: The Slips - This Time Is Not Your Own (YSI)
MP3: Poney Poney - Junior (Chateau Marmont Remix) (YSI)
MP3: Louis La Roche/Thomas Bangalter - Love (YSI)


Victor Castro said...

All great tracks! Especially 'When Your Dead'. The bass reminds me a bit of New Order (some would say The Cure). Also enjoyed The Slips' track! I can also appreciate a good house track when I here it! Hope your back gets well soon... CNN is good medicine! Thanks for the new music!

Anonymous said...

"Love" is not a Thomas Bangalter track. The original post that was linked to the track was a hoax. It's not a bad track, but it was created by Louis La Roche. Although, some people think that Louis La Roche is actually Bangalter.

Read more here:

Ray Milian said...

hmmm thanks for the info on that love track asher. guess I'll just put both their names next to the track and thanks vkstro feeling better ever so slowly. cheers!