Jim, the Jimmeister , Jaiminator, Jimbo, Jiiiimmm...

Sometimes you need a break from the 4/4 beat and the electro-crunchiness that is sweeping across "indie" dance floors. You need something you can groove to, sing along too, that's where Jamie Lidell comes in. He some how manages to distinct himself from more mainstream modern blue-eyed soul acts similarly to how Jamiroquai did it (shall I say?) at the turn of the century. Perhaps it is the influence of his label Warp Records (Aphex Twin, Autechre, Sabres of Paradise) that helps him push the envelope in his genre. You gotta admit his voice is smooth, and his production is near flawless; yet it still feels like he is performing right next to you. Did I mention the hooks? You cannot have good pop music without a good hook.

So, he is back with a follow up to 2005's Multiply, JIM - the new album - is in stores April 28/29, 2008.

Get a free MP3 of the unreleased track 'Figured Me Out (LA Garage Mix)' by signing up to the newsletter now. The track is not a full on club remix (thankfully) but definitely a jam.

From Multipy and Mutiply Additions (remix album):
MP3: When I Come Around (YSI)

These next two tracks really showcase Jamie's voice.
MP3: Mulitply (In A Minor - Piano by Gonzales) (YSI)
MP3: A Little Bit More (Herbert's A Little Bit Less Remix) (YSI)

Only Jamie could pull off the moccasins with no socks look with class. hahaha...

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Anna Shambleceno said...

I just rediscovered Jamie Lidell (I previously only knew "A little bit more"). I can't get over "Multiply (In a minor key)". It's absolutely perfect-- both piano and vocals. Gives me chills. Thanks for posting!