WARNING: Flashing Lights and Patterns Ahead

I am not particularly a huge fan of Gnarls Barkley. I will listen to their music and jam out here and there on the dance floor, but the package just looks a little forced. Anyways, I DO find the story about their current single's video interesting.

It seems the video will not be shown in its current state on MTV in the UK. According to a Billboard report, "Because of its strobe effects, the video failed the Harding Test, which is used to tell whether or not televised images might trigger epileptic seizures." The video is being modified so that it can premier on the British version of the extremely relevant show TRL.

Hold up? So only the UK cares about its citizens? Does this leave Gnarls Barkley open for a law suit in the sue-happy US? I did not even know that they even had a test for that on TV. Anyways, the OTR blog is not TV but do advise you that if you have any seizure history please refrain from watching this video.

I have to admit the song is infectious but just not on a "Crazy" level. I do not think it will have the same mainstream success as their previous hit single but you can tell they used the same formula.

(Random post, I know... whatever... And Justin's cameo is also just about as forced as Kanye's attempt to be relevant. That guy just annoys me. Stop telling me you're cool. I get it.)

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