I Can't Swim To Japan

So I think I have mentioned that I am going out of the country later this week. That is of course if the US Passport Agency can process a replacement for my passport in time (they promised 2pm by Wednesday and I leave at 8am on Thursday). There is no reason for me to be worried but this trip isn't exactly a commute to NYC if you know what I mean.
Osaka Castle
(minus the Cherry Blossoms which I missed by about 3 weeks).

Oh so what happened to my brand new passport? The one that was less than 2 months old? Let's just say that I have a very... um... anxious dog that doesn't like it when I leave him alone.
So before I leave, I will leave you guys with some new music. Courtesy of Adult Swim and Ghostly. This is similar to their last comp almost a year, Warm & Fuzzy.
This one features Ghostly artists exclusively including some unreleased tracks.

Matthew Dear
FLYamSAM (Flying Lotus and SAMIYAM)
School of Seven Bells
Kill Memory Crash
Osbourne (I have been playing this guy out a lot lately... new EP out)
(and Miami's own Egg Foo!) Michna

You can download the entire thing here.

MP3: Michna - Triple Chrome Dipped (YSI)

So if you see a post from me after Thursday, then you know why.... otherwise SAYONARA bitches!!

(Ray will take good care of you guys while I'm gone!!)

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Ray Milian said...

don't go chris, no!!!! ha, have fun buddy. take lots of pics and i hope you meet lots of hot japanesse girls!