Indie Pop MIX TAPE

Just saw some of Chris's pictures from Japan and all I can say is wow! Pretty amazing place... Can't believe Chris actually came back. Here's a couple pics I'm stealing from him. Shhhh don't tell... Pretty amazing huh. He has over 1000! Lucky bastard! I told him to post some of the best ones on here so you guys can check them out as well. Let's keep our finger's crossed..

Anyways last week I did a Dance Mixtape so this week I'm doing an Indie Pop Mixtape for you guys. I don't get to play out too much Indie Pop anymore. It's all about the dance stuff nowadays, but I still love the jangly guitars and mellower stuff when I'm home and in the car.

Here's some cool tracks I've gotten recently, including new My Morning Jacket, Cinderpop, We Are Scientists, Electric President, Soundpool and more! Lots of cool stuff here, I'm sure there'll be something that'll tickle your fancy.

Enjoy and have a great week-end!

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